Make Learning Fun With Counting Games

Make Learning Fun With Counting Games

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Tablets and phones are regarded by some people as huge wastes of time since we seem to spend a lot of time playing games on them. But what if we told you that some of those apps and games could help your child in school and maybe even help them get ahead? Read on to find out more and you might just be surprised. Perhaps you won't think that apps are such a waste of time anymore and that you may see a whole new side to learning.

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When you have a child, you want to know that they are ready for school. Sometimes toddlers and young children are sent to preschool. But when you have the right app to help your child learn numbers, they can learn counting and numbers even before they are ready to go to preschool.

Now, apps aren't going to take the place of learning in a classroom environment. However, they can be used alongside being taught by a teacher. Little ones will always see their older siblings and parents on their phones and tablets, and they love having screen time of their own.

When you download an app that can help your child learn counting and numbers, not only will they learn through play but they won't even know that they are learning.

Now, say you have a child who hates math. Maybe they find it boring and they just aren't doing well in it in school. If this sounds like your son or daughter, why not download an app on their phone or tablet to help them see how much fun it can be?

There are rarely boring topics. It's all in the presentation. If a child thinks that the topic is boring, they are not going to be excited about going to class and they are likely not going to do their best. However, if they find fun math apps to play on, they might change their tune while learning a few things.

Think about what makes your child excited and find the right math and numbers app for them. With so many options, there's a good chance you will find one that your child will love.

Furthermore, the right apps can help your child learn how to trace the numbers. People who were in elementary school back in the 70s and 80s likely remember the struggle of learning how to write numbers and letters on those papers with all the lines on them. What a pain that was! Your brow furrowed, your tongue probably stuck out the side of your mouth and you did your best to make the shapes just right.

Fortunately, for children today that's no longer a problem. They can trace the shapes of their numbers right on a tablet. This means that when children are struggling to make the shapes, they can practice over and over again without using a lot of paper. Or, if they want to impress their teachers about how well they can draw their numbers, they can practice on the phone.

For practice or for fun, games that let children trace their numbers are the perfect choice.

In addition, since we know that not everyone has unlimited data, you will be happy to know that there are games that your child can play either offline or online. This also means that they can be playing these games anywhere and anytime. 

Are you at your older child's soccer game and your little one is bored? Give them the tablet to practice their numbers. Are they with you at the doctor's office and you have a while to wait? With one of these apps, they can have fun and learn at the same time.

Whether you are in the car, on the beach, or even at the airport, with the right app, your child can learn anywhere you are. Mobile learning is right in the palm of your hands, or in the palm of your child's hands. 

Finally, once your child has started learning with apps, you may discover that they are ready to learn even more. Fortunately, there are a lot of great apps that they can use to learn things like spelling, history, ABCs, science, and a lot more. 

We have to warn you, though, that they might have so much fun learning that you may have to get them their own tablet if they don't have one already.  One thing that apps have taught us is that learning and school don't have to be boring. When something is a game, learning can be a lot of fun.

When your child is beyond the preschool and grade school age, there are even apps and games that can help older children with their studies. So there's something for everyone.

We encourage you to download the apps yourself and try them so that you can answer your child's questions if they have them. Who knows? You may just learn something yourself while trying them out. 

We hope that you found this guide helpful and that you can find the right app for your child. If you need some suggestions, we have listed some of our favorites below to help you get started. 

If you have an app with a certain feature that you are looking for, or you need suggestions for an app, please feel free to ask a question and we will do our best to help you find the right one. We are always adding new guides to our site, so please bookmark us and come back often.

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