Ludo Game Apps Not as Easy as it Looks

Ludo Game Apps Not as Easy as it Looks

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Ludo is a simple yet fun game. You would think that choosing the right app would be easy. Not quite. There are so many of them that you are bound to feel overwhelmed. We have assembled a few pieces of advice that will make your search for the perfect game so much easier.

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  1. Find an Easy App & Roll the Dice
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  3. Consider New Themes & Make Things Extra Fun
  4. Use Multiplayer to Enjoy the Game With Your Friends
  5. Join a Championship & Win a Prize

We live in an age with more ways to have fun than ever before. Countless games are practically at our fingertips but, sometimes, we simply have to go back to basics and experience the thrill of winning a good old-fashioned party of Ludo. This strategy board game is an amazing way to spend time with friends or even play against the AI of your smartphone. Still, with a surprisingly large number of apps devoted to Ludo, you'll need to adopt a good strategy in order to pick the best one.

The first factor to consider is your level of experience. Have you played Ludo before? Or would this be your first venture onto its board? If the latter is the case, you should, at first, gravitate toward a game that is easy to play. Free from extra options, it should be as straightforward as possible and allow you to practice before moving on to more challenging levels.

While this game is commonly considered a lot easier than chess, certain developers have made sure to spice things up with unique boards and extra rules the player ought to follow. If you stumble upon such an innovative approach, always make sure that the app has a tutorial built-in. With such a walkthrough, you should be prepared to roll the dice and have loads of fun.

Ludo is often considered a cost-effective form of entertainment even if you have to buy the actual board for it. Luckily, there is then absolutely no need to spend a huge amount of cash on an app either. You can easily find one that will allow you to play for free and have just as great a time as you would with a more advanced version. Granted, you might have to sit through an animated ad or two, but it will still be a price worth paying for saving some of your hard-earned cash.

There is, however, much to be said in favor of some premium apps. They can often offer the best experience to the player, even if you have to make a small investment. Games that operate using an advanced 3D engine will take quite a bit of time and effort to make so it is only reasonable that you pay a dollar or two for such an experience. It is not much but it can help independent developers keep making interesting new titles.

For some players, the simple premise of this board game can feel a bit restrictive, especially when played on a smartphone. This is why many creative teams have made sure to spice things up. Plenty of more recent games will have fun new themes - from crazy cartoons and different historical periods and nods to certain Hollywood blockbusters. A sci-fi Ludo party taking place in outer space will also be a perfectly realistic possibility. If this sounds like an amazing idea, you might want to look for an app that offers this sort of experience.

Another way to spice things up is to indulge in some crossover creations. These apps will combine Ludo with other styles of play - often with unexpected and hilarious results. Have you ever thought about what a mix of chess Ludo would look like? What about a bit of mahjong thrown in for good measure? Whatever you can think of, someone has probably already made it and it might be well worth giving it a try.

There is no denying that Ludo is best enjoyed with friends. In our day and age, we don't always have time to get together for a game night. This, however, does not have to be an obstacle to having fun. More than a couple of apps on the market will allow multiple players to join in and have as much fun as they would if they were all in the same room. Picking one such piece of software could help you reconnect with old friends and strengthen the bonds with those that live far from you.

Some apps will even allow for a voice chat option, making the whole experience even closer to a real-life session. Before you organize such a game night, make sure that the app you have chosen does not have too much audio lag and you should be set to go. The same rule applies if you want to join a competition and play with random strangers from across the globe.

When it comes to multiplayer board gaming, there is one other purely technical factor to consider. You have to make sure that everyone involved can indeed play the game on their device. Every player will need to download an app that is made for PC, Android, and iPhone so that each participant will have equally reliable access at all times. The last thing you'd want is for someone's software to get glitchy mid-session.

Speaking of multiplayer, you might be surprised to know that online tournaments are a comparatively common occurrence when it comes to Ludo. In fact, it is quite a vibrant and lively scene that gathers together the most diverse kinds of people. In most cases, the prizes don't amount to more than an honorable mention on a virtual scoreboard but the thrill of beating some of the best players in the world could be enough to get the adrenaline pumping. A good tournament definitely adds a whole new layer of excitement to the play.

There is, however, a very small number of games that will let you take part in a championship and even win a real cash prize. Yes, even that is possible if you look hard enough for it, that is. Reading the reviews will help guide you in the right direction and help you decide whether an app may be offering such an option. Granted, such pieces of software will come with a price tag so you can consider them an investment, especially if you are very confident in your skills. They may not be for everyone but are a great way to turn your favorite pastime into something mildly profitable.

Once you've given our 5 Tips to Find the Best Ludo Game App a chance, you are ready to hop over to the Best 10 Games For Playing Ludo and roll the dice.

  • 1 ranking-icon-1 Ludo Club - Fun Dice Game

    The best Ludo game of 2020 is here! JOIN THE CLUB and play with friends!!


    688K+ Reviews 50M+
    • 249 users said "nice time killer"
    • Free
    • Fresh
    • In App Purchases
    • Editor's Choice
    • Need to add choice option the colour mode in messenger. Each player can add his own picture. Need to control of invited guests approving by game stater. Guest need to allow message each person separately. Reaction need more warning ⚠️ sound. Need allow bot option on manually.
      Atiq (Atiqur Rahaman Teto)


  • 2 ranking-icon-2 Ludo Classic

    Ludo Game in classic wooden board with sketched colors to feel our child days

    Sudhakar Kanakaraj

    158K+ Reviews 10M+
    • 70 users said "nice time killer"
    • Free
    • Editor's Choice
    • Great game, love the online gaming experience, connecting with people around the world. I'm currently addicted lol.
      Samukelisiwe Patience Lembede


  • 3 ranking-icon-3 Ludo Star

    Most Authentic Online Ludo Classic, Quick, Arrow and MORE ..Best Ludo Game Ever!

    Gameberry Labs

    311K+ Reviews 10M+
    • 295 users said "good experience"
    • Free
    • Fresh
    • In App Purchases
    • Hello,I like the game so much,But I have some suggestions for the Developer .The First thing is that,This game has only one Way to save your gameplay,and that is you have to log in with your Facebook account.I know that It is a very common thing,But some of us ,they don't feel easy with this Method ,So can you add another option for saving our gameplay? Like Log in with Email ?? Like other Gaming apps ? I like your Game so much ,So this is my suggestion.Thanks
      Midnight Moon


  • 4 Ludo Neo-Classic : King of the Dice Game 2020

    Ludo game with both classic & modern new design + Nepali/Indian/Int'l rules.

    Neoclassic Tech Pvt. Ltd.

    89K+ Reviews 10M+
    • 74 users said "easy to play"
    • Free
    • Editor's Choice
    • It would be great if it can be played with friends online. I am requesting the developer to kindly consider this point and hoping for positive and quick response. Otherthan that feature given in this app are superb.
      Santosh Sah


  • 5 Ludo King™

    Ludo is board game played between friends and family. Best casual dice game!

    Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd

    5M+ Reviews 100M+
    • 1,562 users said "too many ads"
    • Free
    • Fresh
    • In App Purchases
    • 1M+ Reviews
    • Editor's Choice
    • The awesome game to play with your families and friends in your leisure time. This makes one refresh and also is a source of improving his game skills. The best part is that this game can be played with your friends even if they don't live in your homes by creating or joining a room. I have played this game with friends and that really makes me feel very happy. The game also is a combination of both ludo and snake and ladders which is a very good feature. This game really deserves 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐💖


  • 6 Ludo Mania : 2019 Dice Game

    Ludo the most played dice board game with both multiplayer and offline mode.

    Teen Patti Rummy Ludo by Banyan

    7K+ Reviews 500K+
    • 75% positive reviews
    • Free
    • In App Purchases
    • This ludo app is very good app because this is the best app for ludo playing that is clear my theme for all people should be perfect for all person all people download this app.
      Nirmal Narwal Nirmal Narwal


  • 7 Ludo All Star - Play Real Ludo Game & Board Game

    Play the best ludo game & be a ludo star. Create a club & be a king of ludo.

    Yoozoo Global

    91K+ Reviews 10M+
    • 294 users said "challenging"
    • Free
    • In App Purchases
    • Initially I liked this app and later found out that it extremely favors PAID users in an unjustifiable way. I played with a group and one guy among them got a six LITERALLY in all his turns. That is so unfair. There isn't really a chance to show your skill of decision making. So you get this game you will have fun for a while but if you accidentally put up with a paid user you are absolutely doomed. I changed my rating to 4 stars in response to the reply given by the developer. Sry 4 not givin 5
      Saurabh Singh Parihar


  • 8 Ludo Family Dice Game

    Ludo is a popular family Dice Game. Play Ludo Dice Game for Free now!

    DroidVeda LLP

    6K+ Reviews 1M+
    • 72% positive reviews
    • Free
    • Love it! Play with my family and my girls! I even like playing random ppl online. I don't keep many games. Always want you to pay for stuff. This is just fun!
      Vick Val


  • 9 Ludo

    Ludo game is free to play with your friends, family, and kids.

    Yarsa Games

    52K+ Reviews 10M+
    • 25 users said "boring"
    • Free
    • Fresh
    • It is very handy and easy to add and remove the participants. I have been using itfor long and advice all to use it .
      Uday Tantwa


  • 10 Ludo लूडो - New Ludo Online 2020 Star Dice Game

    A ludo is addictive and challenging board puzzle game.
    लूडो cluedo game .

    Knockout Classic Board Games

    2K+ Reviews 1M+