Location Awareness: Benefits of GPS & Navigation Tools

Location Awareness: Benefits of GPS & Navigation Tools

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Let's make a quick time-travel to the past. It's the year 1980, and there are no smart devices of today. It's just simple telephones and massive computers. You've just landed in the middle of nowhere and you have 1 hour to make it to your wedding. Remember, you're from the future. And right there, you have no smartphone with the GPS apps to direct you.

How do you begin?

Below, we discuss the benefits of having GPS and navigation tools.

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  1. Travel Navigation
  2. Surveillance Intelligence
  3. Real-Time Updates on Weather & Traffic Situations
  4. Improved Military Activities
  5. Route Alternatives

GPS stands for the Global Positioning System, and it's gained prominence in travel and navigation systems. Interestingly, we can attribute its popularity to the evolution of new technology products. For instance, modern cars, travel vehicles, boats, and even mobile devices rely on GPS technology for location finding. Currently, today's GPS maximizes map technology to deliver direction-pointing results for land and sea travelers.

How is GPS able to achieve this result? A GPS, through satellites, can identify the location of a device with precision. The GPS uses coordinate information to determine the direction of your movement and speed. This data intelligence guides travelers to move from one location to the other.

The information technology of the GPS runs with the support of satellites. The US Department of Defense handles the funding and maintenance routines of these satellite projects. Hence, GPS is a free access service. However, the devices capable of sending GPS signals like your smartphone are not free. You'd need to purchase them and install GPS and map apps to access the GPS services. Google Maps, for example, incorporates GPS in its map technology. The fun side of it also is that Google Maps is free.

Most crime and detective movies have shown us the potential of technology in crime-fighting. We see law enforcement agencies uncover criminal plots and schemes through a simple GPS leak off the perpetrators' devices or vehicles. Sometimes, the criminal is on the run and a chase ensues. Here, a GPS tracker can make the neighborhood search easier for the police.

Unarguably, GPS has improved surveillance intelligence and security monitoring. It's no longer exclusive to law and defense agencies. Diverse industries and businesses are expanding their information management systems to include GPS technologies. It's interesting to see logistics and delivery companies, employers, and every day people utilize them for different purposes. For example, GPS tracking devices can be planted on company assets/properties to discourage theft.

Moreover, employers who handle mobile assets would find the vehicle GPS a valuable tool to keep tabs on asset location. Logistics and delivery businesses would also be able to determine drivers' or bikers' traffic behaviors. Supervisors can stay on top of deliveries to know why drivers are delaying, taking a specific route, or even making stops. For bikers who need to make regular deliveries, the bike map app would prove more efficient when cars are stuck.

These GPS-driven insights go a long way in improving customer service for delivery firms. It's efficient to know the location of orders when customers call.

A few decades back, we relied heavily on traditional media to keep us informed on weather conditions and traffic situations. During severe weather situations, we either waited for a meteorologist or hoped for a smooth ride. But traffic is not rocket science. It's never predictable. It could take a funny turn when you've got deadlines to meet.

Imagine getting stranded in a strange environment, and you haven't the slightest clue of your location? Just bring out your phone and launch the GPS map.

Undoubtedly, the GPS has eased some of our stress. What makes it an advantage is that it is real-time. You receive immediate traffic updates, and tips for alternative routes when a severe weather event ensues in your location.

Road accidents, traffic situations, or unexpected incidents can create road blockage. But you may not always learn about them on the news. A smartphone map or GPS app can quickly provide you options and estimated time of arrival.

Nothing restricts the GPS to mapping and navigation purposes. World militaries have discovered its relevance in warfare and defense.

Once again, the movies win in exposing us to warfare technologies. Some have shown us scenes with warring forces launching guided missiles and hitting targets without missing. The missile launchers provide a specific set of coordinates that drives the rocket to its target. The GPS tech is responsible for the missile accuracy. These scenes are not plain fiction or fantasies from the movie producers.

In reality, the US military employs GPS tech in guiding missiles to set targets. This choice reduces the extent of collateral damage. 

Have you considered using GPS navigation for road trips? Your journey could be by private vehicle, public transport, or foot. GPS app features are flexible to the circumstance. With the right app, you'd reach your destination in time.

Most maps and GPS apps use voice prompts to inform users on route alternatives. Thus, you can enter your destination on the app and get route suggestions. So once you make a detour or a wrong turn, the app would calculate new routes immediately. In situations where the way isn't free or might cause delay, the app provides an alternative path beforehand. 

With extensive usage and versatility, the GPS is genuinely an extraordinary and transformative invention. While this article focused on five benefits, there are more you can enjoy with GPS and Navigation Tools. All you need is access to the right tools, and you can start navigating your world. Choose from our list of Best GPS and Navigation Apps.

  • Sygic GPS Navigation offers reliable offline maps and real-time traffic info.

    4.6 Ratings 2M+ Reviews 50M+ Downloads
    • Don’t buy it. After buying this application I learnt that voice instructions isn’t included... now every ride starts with nodding: buy premium. By premium, buy premium. I will not buy premium. I will not use it. Leave alone that when I know that the way is right the stupid map is directing me left. I want my money BACK! What can I do to get my money back???? Help! Any help???
      Dr. Eilam


  • FREE GPS Navigation - offline maps from OSM & TomTom. Go from here to anywhere.

    4.6 Ratings 978K+ Reviews 10M+ Downloads
    • How do you adjust the voice to announce the streets when you navigate?? That’s the only problem that I’m encountering right now otherwise I would give this app five stars


  • Offline GPS Maps & Navigation app with offline mode

    4.5 Ratings 14K+ Reviews 500K+ Downloads
    • Great offline gps. All function You need. You plan trip somewhere? Just download the map and here You go. This is app I was looking for!


  • Download maps & get offline directions & voice navigation with GPS route finder

    4.2 Ratings 31K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads
    • C


  • GPS, voice navigation, directions, offline maps, traffic & speed camera alerts

    4.0 Ratings 161K+ Reviews 10M+ Downloads
    • I have owned every, yes every nav app in the Apple store. This app has reached the point where it outclasses them all. Several other apps rely on TomTom for their traffic data. Most all apps, except for Waze, actually consider and use carpool lanes correctly. And this app, like Waze, tracks traffic data in carpool lanes independent from normal traffic lanes. Most car nav apps don’t even recognize carpool lanes (Apple and Google). Other apps have carpool lanes as an option but they don’t have accurate maps or ever use carpool lanes. The large buttons on the app make adjustments easy. The map has really well thought out colors along with auto switching to night. You can option to route automatically around traffic or have the app advise you of faster routes and you can decide. The traffic is about as accurate as I’ve ever found. I travel through Los Angeles and Orange Counties. The new lane guidance is the best I’ve ever seen. iCloud syncing is a nice feature. My suggestions to developers would be Apple Watch integration, trip tracking, and weather routing.


  • Voice GPS App offers driving directions with voice navigation live traffic

    4.4 Ratings 6K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads
    • C


  • Drive, ride, bike or walk

    4.3 Ratings 477K+ Reviews 10M+ Downloads
    • I’ve been using HERE Maps for over 10 years now. Nokia developed the maps and Nokia phones were all the rage everyplace except USA. I could bicycle through Thailand and not worry about network availability. My Nokia 630 was very robust and ahead of its time. HERE Maps are compact and they reside within your phone. Goog Maps are good, yet network and battery intensive. Gimme HERE Maps! HERE Maps sip battery power, not so with Goog Maps. Nokia is now making Android-based phones in China, so who ends owns HERE Maps now? VW / Audi / Porsche bought HERE Maps for a cool $4billion. These maps are what all auto GPS’s employ. I guarantee if you are south of Atar, Mauritania, anywhere except on Mars or the Moon, or anywhere in Baja California, HERE Maps are a natural ice breaker. Everyone uses them for daily commutes and adventure/explorations. Load them up now, while you have fast WiFi. Next trek out to your favorite boonies, open them up and become a convert. Run them hard, then sign on and write your own Review.


  • Free GPS Offline Maps app with realtime navigation, traffic, transit & direction

    4.3 Ratings 6K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads
    • C


  • GPS for marine, hiking, off road, trail navigation. FREE offline maps and charts

    4.5 Ratings 38K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads
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  • Offline maps, Travel, POI, Transit & Navigation based on OpenStreetMap data

    4.7 Ratings 83K+ Reviews 5M+ Downloads
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