No matter what sports you follow, finding time to watch every game can be a challenge. But with these great live sports apps, you can watch your favorite games wherever you are with live sports streaming. You can even watch game highlights if you only have a couple minutes to catch up. 


ESPN is synonymous with sports, so if you're a sports fanatic looking for the best way to keep up with all your teams, the ESPN app is the way to go! You can stream games live, watch video highlights, and check out live scores, all from the app. It's easily organized, so all you have to do is tell it your favorite teams and leagues, and ESPN shows you just what you want to see. You can listen to live ESPN radio or its wide selection of sports podcasts when you can't watch a video. nd with ESPN+, you can stream games from around the world, even on-demand, as well as all of ESPN's TV shows and films. No matter your sports, ESPN has you covered!

ESPN has lots of great notifications to keep you up-to-the-minute with your favorite teams, but depending on how many teams you follow, the notifications can be overwhelming. But if you never want to miss a play or a headline, ESPN is for you!

NCAA March Madness Live

If NCAA basketball is your thing, there's nothing better than NCAA March Madness Live! The only NCAA app that lets you build your bracket and watch live games, you can watch games, listen to the radio, and check out video highlights for all 67 games. You can even see live scores and the official tournament bracket. NCAA is the app for you if you love college basketball!

While you can stream every game during its trial period, to keep watching, you'll need to have a home TV package with the necessary channels, and sometimes, the app can struggle with entering your TV package information. But once the app has accepted your info, you'll be able to watch every game you want!

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports is a great way to access live scores, stats, and updates about all your favorite teams, right in one place, no matter what channel they play on. It's like having CBS Sports live, Fox Sports live, and more, right in your pocket! It covers NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, college sports, soccer, tennis, NASCAR, and even cricket live streaming, all of which have live scores and breaking news updates. With your Yahoo account, you can select your favorite teams and sports, get access to Yahoo's exclusive sports journalism, and even watch other news sources like Fox News live streaming and CNN live streaming, so you'll never miss a play!

Yahoo Sports is a totally free app, but it does have ads which help support all of the fantastic features. And with so many sports to follow, and a very helpful support team at your disposal, Yahoo Sports will keep you up to date and in the know about all your favorite sports!

With so many sports to follow, having all the scores for your favorite teams in one place is a real boon! With apps like these, you'll never miss a game or a score again. If you're looking for more, especially if you're looking for live cricket streaming, check out our Best 10 Apps for Streaming Live Sports!

Keep up with your favorite sports teams anytime, anywhere! Watch live games, get instant play-by-plays and receive real-time updates in the palm of your hand!

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