Live BIG on a budget?

You don't have to scrimp and save. A little planning and some really great apps can give you a little "money freedom".

1. Apps for Awesome Eating Strategies 

Plan your meals! Save time, energy, and money by planning and prepping your meals in advance. It’s a great way to keep costs low and motivation high when you’re on a budget. Mix things up and explore fun, new recipes with ingredients you already have in your kitchen.

Don’t have time to go shopping? Get the items you need sent right to your doorstep! Grocery delivery is the hip new way to shop when you’re on a budget and a time crunch. No window shopping means no impulse purchases! Buy just what you need with these Top 10 Grocery Delivery Apps.

Grocery shopping for the multi-tasker! Shop for your groceries, grocery delivery services near you, have your order delivered, and save tons of time!

Grocery Delivery

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Best 10 Apps For Grocery Delivery

See a sale? Make sure to stock up. For items you use every day, it’s a great idea to buy in bulk when you see them at discounted prices. Ensure you never run out of your favorite things and save money in the process - what could be better than that?

2. Shopping Apps That Save Your Wallet 

Remember: coupons make all the difference! You can live carefree while still on a budget. Search discount coupons for your favorite brands and save money while you shop. Then earn bonus rewards that you can redeem for extra goodies along the way. Get coupons with the Ibotta app and save big!

Keep your wallet satisfied by comparing prices across stores and brands all in one place with the awesome apps like Smartprix! By comparing prices, you can find the best deals on the items you want and need in your life. Don’t hesitate to explore these shopping apps that let you jump from one store to the next - after all, you might just hop into a great deal.

Want to get paid to shop? Get cash back on your purchases with awesome apps like Dosh that give you an extra bonus every time you shop. Earn free money for purchases you make regularly and get easy cash that you can use to treat yourself.

3. Apps That Let You Explore 

Looking to go on the perfect vacation or just get away for the weekend? Either way, it’s important that you plan ahead. Find awesome travel discounts and tips with the Best 10 Trip Planning Apps and get started right away!

Don’t hunch over your computer for hours hunting for travel deals. Save time and search quickly and successfully to find and compare the best vacation deals.

Trip Planning

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Being kind to your wallet doesn’t mean you have to miss out on something great! Explore the local bar and restaurant scene for tasty meals you can definitely afford. Check with restaurant reviews with a great app to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

You don’t have to stray far from home to have a good time. Utilize movie and TV apps to relax and unwind after a busy day as you catch up on your favorite shows. Catch the latest big blockbuster movie or Netflix original, and enjoy a stress-free night that you and your bank account will be happy about.

Make the money you work hard for, work for you!

With a little know-how and these great apps, you can compare, save, earn some cash back and enjoy life.