💪 Learn the Right Way to Get a Six Pack with The Best Ab Workout Apps

It’s tempting to do as many crunches as possible since that means you’ll get a six-pack faster, right?

The truth is, the number doesn’t matter if you’re doing the whole exercise wrong. You can do hundreds of them every day and the only thing you’ll get is back pain.

To quickly get nice abs (hopefully before summer), it’s important to do it correctly.

So to make your workout count, we researched the proper way to get rock-solid ab muscles. In the end, we ended up with 4 tips that will not only help you tone your ab muscles but keep you healthy as well.

1. Prepare Your Core

Before you start shaping the abdomen muscles (that’s your future six-pack), it’s essential you build strong support first.

People don’t realize muscles need a strong base or your belly will stay wobbly forever. The easiest core exercise is planking - a push-up without pushing up or down.

If you need more core exercises, apps like Daily Ab Workout include many other useful core exercises.

2. Save the Calories

There’s just something about the word “calories” that has a bad ring, right? That’s another misconception as you need a certain amount to build muscles.

You still need to burn the fat, but by overdoing it, you’ll end up with a skeleton-like abs, not a six-pack.

The key is to balance the workout with a cardio workout like jogging and cardio apps can make it super easy.

With fat-burning and endurance training benefits, cardio workouts are among the top-rated exercise programs. Explore cardio apps and choose the best for you!

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3. Stack up on Protein

Proteins are for your muscles what sand is for building a sand castle - in other words; you can’t build muscles without protein.

To reference the previous tip, instead of food rich in fat, you should aim for food rich in protein like lean meat, nuts or milk.

Another app you’ll find useful is MyFitnessPal. You can track not just protein intake, but calories, carb, sugar as well.

4. Perform a Perfect Crunch

Now that you have the easy basics, it’s time to explain how to do a proper crunch. Start by doing the obvious - lie down and bend your knees.

Slowly pull up not with your head but by contracting your ab muscles. Finally, keep your chin forward as if there’s a billiard ball under. Do this 20-30 times a day.

Here’s a video to help you visualize how to do crunches that won’t damage your back.

Feeling your ab muscles getting stronger just by reading this? Ok, probably not, but going through the 4 tips is a great way to start.

Although you’re likely trying to sculpt abs for the looks, sticking to the process will result in a better food diet and overall health.

If you need more helpful information, The Best 10 Ab Workout Apps are rich in helpful info on ab workout. We highly suggest you give one of them a try.

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