Learn How to Find the Best Animal Simulator App

Take Your Age Into Account for the Best Pick

People have always kept a keen interest in animals, either as beloved pets, subjects for scientific study, or simply something beautiful and fascinating that can never be fully understood. Certain species are not particularly easy to keep as pets so lions, sharks, or elephants will always remain at arm's length for most. Still, that does not mean that we are forever banned from trying to understand them and learn more about them. A recent addition to our little scientific arsenal has been animal simulator apps.

These little pieces of interactive software are structured as games but are, at their core, so much more. They enable the user to explore the world in which these creatures live - sometimes with the animal in question as a playable character, and others assuming the guise of their carer. If you are out looking for one such app to download, perhaps the first thing you ought to consider is your age. Roughly half of them are made with adults in mind, offering a good deal of interesting information, along with some more gruesome facts about their daily lives.

If, on the other hand, you are looking to teach your child a thing or two about nature, a more innocent app aimed at kids will be a much better choice. Presenting everything in a very playful manner, it will keep them entertained for hours yet still give them a few great ideas on how the giraffe or the lion lives. For particularly young kids, a game that has a strong tutorial and teaches them how to play will be your best bet.

Consider a Free App & Save Some Cash

Needless to say, some apps will come with a price tag. The sum won't by any means be substantial and will range between $1 and $5 in the majority of cases. In exchange for this little investment, you will get complete freedom from ads, as well as a decent number of added features that will keep you occupied for a while. Better graphics may also be a realistic possibility, along with better overall performance.

Still, not everyone looking to get an animal sim will be ready to spend actual cash on such a game. In fact, most users will gravitate toward free apps first, only exploring the premium option once they become certain they need it. Luckily, a wide selection of software exists which doesn't require you to spend a single dime on it. You can very well manage without bonus levels or picture puzzles, so why bother for now? The best strategy is to download a free one, give it a try, then decide if unlimited added features are worth your money.

Focus on Your Favorite Animals

A very obvious criterion most users will want to apply is to stick to their favorite animals. Most simulators will offer a few to choose from so it is always good to check out the reviews and see what each has to offer. If you love domestic animals and are interested in playing with a virtual pet, you will be able to find such a game easily enough. This will keep you amused until you have the conditions to keep a real cat, dog, or even a reptile of your own.

A substantial number of animal sims will focus on the wild - from the African savanna to the depths of the rainforest. A cheetah, a polar bear, or any member of the elephant family will be well available for you to play within the virtual world. Simply pick an app devoted to these creatures and get ready for the ultimate adventure in the wild.

In fact, some games will even let you plunge into the depths of the ocean, allowing you to play with sharks, dolphins, or even one of those odd-looking deep-sea creatures most people don't know the names of. If this sounds like an attractive prospect, by all means, catch the opportunity to explore the waters of the Pacific.

Opt for an Educational App to Learn More

It may be worth mentioning that there will always be two types of animal simulator apps - ones that will be structured like regular games, and the others which will have a strong educational segment. If the latter is of particular interest to you, there are two additional factors you ought to consider depending on how you like to enjoy your content.

One type of learning app will push all of the information into the interactive segment, allowing you to learn through play, but never giving you a chance to flip through a virtual book or read more about a certain phenomenon. Instead, everything will be presented in multimedia form, never breaking the illusion of being immersed in the wild.

A few apps, on the other hand, will be structured like a digital encyclopedia. These games steeped in zoology and biology will often have a huge reference section with hundreds of useful articles which will outline every single situation you may find within the app. Such a thing will allow you to learn about the creatures of the sea as well as the inhabitants of the rainforest on your iOS or Android device. Simply log in, play, explore, and read as much as you like.

Choose Between Animal Care & Pure Action

Now, we must return to proper games. These offer less of a focus on education, instead of making a point of providing the user with exciting gameplay. For many passionate gamers, this will be exactly what they're looking for - hours of fun and total immersion. Normally, this sort of software will come in two different forms.

One will be an animal simulator focusing on care. Giving you full control of a virtual pet, it will let you play with a creature that would normally be too dangerous or too demanding to own. Not to mention that, in the real world, most of these will come with an enormous price tag. If having a pet tiger, rhino, or baboon sounds like a great idea, this will be the perfect option for you.

The other kind of platform will be geared more toward gaming in the traditional sense of the word. Most such apps will resemble 3D action games, letting you play as the wild animal of your choice. You will find yourself in situations a hippo, a lynx, or an eagle may encounter in their lives - avoiding predators, fighting rivals, and hunting for food. Many of these games will also have a strong multiplayer option, allowing you to interact with other users online.

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