💪 Lead a Healthier Life with Best Habit Tracking Apps

On average, it takes around 21 days to build a good habit or break a bad one.

You might ask yourself - why should I build habits? Aren’t habits the reason we get stuck in not-so-productive cycles of sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating?

Well, the fact is, habits make everything super easy - and we’re guessing you know how hard it can be to switch to a healthier diet or daily exercising.

Bad habits like drinking can make you unhealthy, but good habits can help you get healthier. But first, you need to throw the old out and replace with good ones. Here are 4 tips to help you out.

1. Focus On One Thing

Do you know what humans are bad at? Trying to cook, work, exercise, meet people and change the world - all at the same time. Trust us, we tried.

On the other hand, humans are excellent at doing one thing at the time. And if you want to create healthy habits, start with one.

Not fun you say? Then Habitica might be for you as it turns healthy habit-building into a fun game - monsters included.

2. Make It Easy - Not Hard

Ok, small steps - but how small exactly? One professor at Stanford University decided to do 3 push-ups every time he went to the bathroom, ending with 30 push-ups a day.

We don’t know what he was doing in the bathroom 10 times a day, but by doing this 10-second, easy task, he created a healthy habit.

If you’re busy, SuperBetter makes it easy even if you’re a full-time university professor.

3. Reward Yourself - Not Punish

Do you remember the last time you succeeded at something you hated? Neither do we and that’s probably why it's hard to stop eating chips.

Write down the benefits of what will happen if you create a good habit. Will you become stronger, sexier, healthier? All 3?

If you need motivation, Way of Life helps your future sexy-self to remind you what will happen if you do 3 push-ups in the toilet.

4. Habit Tracker, Not Slacker

You may not think much of numbers, but they tell us how awesome we’re becoming.

And going back to the 3-pushups-in-the-toilet strategy, it’s hard to track numbers after 30 days of daily “bathroom work”.

But knowing precisely what you did keeps you motivated and Habit Tracker (no pun intended) does the tracking so you can marvel the numerical fruits of your labor.

Our mobile phones have the notoriety to make us lazy, unproductive slouches just like fast food make us unhealthy and feel bad afterward. But, the good news is it works both ways.

Well, ok, it’s unlikely fast food will make you healthier, but good habits can.

You can become a healthier, productive and all-around more functional person with a little help from one of the Best 10 Habit Tracking Apps. Try them out!

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