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Best Personal Budgeting Apps of 2023

Budgeting apps can help you save money and take control of your finances. But are the potential savings greater than the cost of the apps? We tested some popular free and paid apps to find out.




Best Personal Budgeting Apps of 2023

If the point of a budget app is to help you save money, it seems like choosing a free one would be a clear first step. After all, free apps like Mint offer high-quality services. But while Mint is an excellent spending tracker (with some budgeting features), the apps featured here offer a little more help for the beginning budgeter.

We found that EveryDollar offers excellent support for zero-based budgeters, while PocketGuard helps you keep tabs on exactly how much you have to spend. Honeydue helps you budget with a partner, and Simplifi offers budgeting and spending tracking in a user-friendly interface.

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Apps We Selected
  2. Our Pick EveryDollar: Budget Tracker EveryDollar: Budget Tracker Runner Up PocketGuard: Bill Organizer PocketGuard: Bill Organizer Also Groovy Honeydue: Couples Finance Honeydue: Couples Finance Also Groovy Simplifi: Budget & Savings App Simplifi: Budget & Savings App
  3. 2. Everything We Recommend
  4. 3. The 411 from our Appventurer
  5. 4. Other Apps Considered
Our Pick

Best Zero-Based Budget App

  • Track spending, pay off debt, and hit your savings goals with this budgeting app
    4.5 Ratings 72K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads
    Free Feature Rich Fresh In App Purchases
    Free In-App Purchases
    Free In-App Purchases


If you've vowed that this is the year you'll get your finances under control, EveryDollar can help. By planning out where every dollar you earn is going to go, this app helps you gain control of spending ... and even start saving. 

Why we chose EveryDollar:

  • The app has a free version, but if you want to link your bank accounts, you'll need the $129/year premium upgrade.
  • With this app, you assign every dollar you earn to a category (broken down in great detail). As you spend money, you assign your transactions according to their category, so you always have a clear sense of how much you’re spending on what and how much you have left.
  • Some other apps automatically assign transactions to categories, but with EveryDollar, doing it yourself makes you more aware of your spending. And the mechanism for categorizing transactions works smoothly and can become a daily ritual.
  • The granular view of your finances provides peace of mind and helps you save money.
  • Especially useful for beginning budgeters.

Best for: control freaks and people who need to start taking control of their finances. 

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Runner Up

Best Simple Tracking App

  • Budget Planner. Personal Finance. Money manager. Subscription, Expense Tracker
    4.6 Ratings 9K+ Reviews 100K+ Downloads
    Free In App Purchases
    Free In-App Purchases
    Free In-App Purchases


You know that cliche about how young people could afford a house if they cut back on coffee and avocado toast? This app will help you decide whether you can afford the coffee this month. (Although it won't have much effect on the housing market.)

Why we chose PocketGuard:

  • Free basic version, with a $7.99/month($2.99/week) Pocket Plus upgrade.
  • This app is great at answering the question “can I afford that?” PocketGuard takes into account upcoming expenses and tells you how much you can spend for the rest of the month (it shows a daily figure too). That single piece of information makes small spending decisions much simpler.
  • Tracks your accounts and categorizes spending accurately, so you can see where your cash is going.
  • Although it doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, the interface is clean and puts your balance front and center. 

Best for: when you need to know how much money you can actually spend.

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Also Groovy

Best for Couples (and Best Name)

  • Honeydue is the simplest way for couples to track and manage money, together.
    4.3 Ratings 10K+ Reviews 100K+ Downloads
    Free In-App Purchases


Sharing finances with another person can be difficult. If you and your partner are struggling with financial communication, Honeydue can help.

Why we chose Honeydue:

  • Free app to help couples share expenses and financial information.
  • The app links to accounts, but each person controls how much the other can see. That makes this a great app for people who are not sharing all their finances — it might be useful for roommates, for example.
  • Chat feature allows partners to ask each other questions about purchases or other financial matters in-app, so money talk can be kept in one place.
  • The ability to create budgets, view bills, and split transactions makes Honeydue a central hub for a couple's financial life. 

Best for: creating financial harmony. 

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Also Groovy

Best Hybrid Spending Tracker and Budgeting App

  • Reach savings goals, easily track budgets & effortlessly manage your finances
    3.6 Ratings 3K+ Reviews 100K+ Downloads
    Free Fresh In App Purchases
    Free In-App Purchases
    Free In-App Purchases


Simplifi offers robust features at a low cost and with a well-designed and informative interface.

Why we chose Simplifi:

  • While Simplifi doesn't have a free version, at $3.99/month or $39.99/year you get a lot of features for your buck, and the app might help you save more than its cost.
  • Simplifi combines spending tracking and budgeting features in a clean yet powerful interface. A great choice and worth checking out for both new and experienced budgeters.
  • The app's spending plan helps you stay on top of how much you have to spend, taking into account bills and other upcoming expenditures.
  • Simplifi links with your accounts and categorizes expenses so you know how much you’re spending on different categories. Clear graphics give you a visual representation of your spending.

Best for: experienced and new budgeters who want a lot of features displayed in a simple way.

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Everything We Recommend

  • Our Pick
    Budgeting doesn’t have to be boring and tedious. Seriously. You just need a
    budgeting app made with you in mind. That’s where EveryDollar can help.

    EveryDollar has helped over 10 million people learn to love budgeting by taking the stress out of planning and managing money.

    Create your first budget in about 10 minutes. Then customize categories, track
    spending, set up savings goals, and more! You can also pay off debt faster, build
    lasting wealth, and plan for your future.

    Tell Your Money Where to Go
    EveryDollar is built on zero-based budgeting. You give every dollar a job to do (see
    where we got the name?) before the month begins—so your income minus your
    expenses always equals zero. No complicated percentage-based or “month
    ahead” planning required—just simple budgeting that puts you in control of your
    Spend Smarter
    Worried about overspending? Wondering how your cash flow looks throughout the month? Want to see where all your money really goes? You can address all of that and more by budgeting. For real. You’ll see how you really spend your money now and how to make smarter spending choices in the future.

    Find and Save More Money
    When you start to tell your money where to go instead of wondering where it
    went, you’ll feel like you got a raise. In fact, budgeters find an average of $332 in
    their first month using EveryDollar.
    Start budgeting with the free version of EveryDollar or unlock the
    premium features with a free trial.

    What’s included with the free version of EveryDollar?
    - Create unlimited budgets on the mobile app or on desktop.
    - Sync budget data across all devices.
    - Personalize categories and line items in a way that makes sense for you.
    - Adjust or reset your budget throughout the month.
    - Split expenses across multiple budget lines.
    - Stay on top of spending.
    - Manually track transactions.
    - Set up savings funds and track progress along the way.
    - Check your budget from anywhere.
    - Sign up for our monthly newsletter with budgeting tips and articles.
    What’s included with the premium version of EveryDollar?
    - Everything in the free version, plus:
    - Connect to your bank so transactions automatically stream in straight from your bank account.
    - Avoid overspending throughout the month with the paycheck planning feature.
    - Stay on top of your goals with the goal setting feature.
    - Learn all about money from certified financial coaches.
    - See custom reporting on income and spending habits.
    - Get one-click transaction tracking suggestions (desktop only).
    - View all your connected account balances in the app.
    - Export transactions and download as CSV (desktop only).
    - Fast-track your debt payoff with automatic balance updates.
    - Get priority callback support from our customer success team.
    - Set due date reminders three days before a bill is due (mobile app only).
    Download EveryDollar and start budgeting today.

    Privacy Policy:
    Terms of Use:
    In-App Purchases
    $7.99 - $129.99 per item
    $7.99 - $129.99 per item
  • Runner Up
    PocketGuard is a free budget planner, bills organizer and debt payoff planner for people who want to be on top of their money. Personal finance made simple by smart algorithms, which means budgeting with PocketGuard is so easy that you don't have to spend your entire life crunching numbers. We take care of all the routines like subscription, expense tracking and bill monitoring so you can clearly focus on money management operations.

    Always know what's in your pocket!
    Basically, a budget is a difference between income and expenses. If it's positive - you're doing well. In any other case, the budget is unbalanced and needs attention. This is where the "IN MY POCKET" feature takes action. How much disposable income do you have after paying your bills, saving for your goals, and setting aside enough money for needs and wants? PocketGuard budgeting app does those calculations for you! Always know the actual safe-to-spend amount so you can fit your monthly budget.

    Comprehensive analytics!
    Budget and expense tracking are just a part of the story. If you wanna do money management the right way you need to learn from the data you track. PocketGuard free budgeting app provides you with various reports to let you see personal finances from different angles. Learn about your spending habits, make necessary adjustments, optimize your monthly budget.

    Bill tracker and subscription manager!
    You can use PocketGuard as a bill organizer. Once you connect bank accounts the app starts working as a finance tracker. All your bills and subscriptions will be identified automatically and included in your monthly budget. The bill organizer will help you never miss the due date again.

    Do you want to lower your bills? Of course, you do! PocketGuard bill organizer gives you an easy way to negotiate better rates with your provider. So you can optimize your budget by cutting costs on services you use. PocketGuard subscription manager will help you to find subscriptions you might have forgotten about. This is another money management trick - stop paying for services you no longer need.

    Set and reach your financial goals!
    Goals are a key concept of budgeting. As was mentioned before, expense tracking is just a part of the story. Personal finance is made of goals. Let's say you want to spend less on shopping or to save more for vacation. These are financial goals. PocketGuard budget app gives you all the necessary tools to set them properly.

    Set up your debt-payoff plan!
    Nobody's perfect and almost anyone has debt to pay off. The question is: do you have a plan? Connect all your credit and loan accounts and we'll show you the way to a debt-free future. Our smart algorithm calculates the most profitable debt repayment strategy so you'll save hundreds or even thousands by paying less in interest!

    We use the same 256-bit SSL encryption as all major banks to ensure your sensitive information is safe and sound. The PocketGuard app also uses PIN code and biometrics, like Touch ID & Face ID, as an additional security layer.

    Currently, PocketGuard connects to U.S. and Canadian financial institutions only.

    PocketGuard offers a premium subscription - PocketGuard Plus - which gives you access to additional features and not required to use PocketGuard.

    If you choose to purchase PocketGuard Plus, payment will be charged to your iTunes account. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase.

    PocketGuard Plus subscription lengths and prices:
    - Monthly - $7.99* / month
    - Annual - $34.99* / year
    - Lifetime - $79.99* one-time purchase

    * Prices are in U.S. dollars, may vary in countries other than the U.S., and are subject to change without notice.

    Privacy Policy:
    Terms of Use:
    In-App Purchases
    $0.99 - $99.99 per item
    $2.99 - $79.99 per item
  • Also Groovy

    Honeydue: Couples Finance

    4.3 Ratings 10K+ Reviews 100K+ Downloads
    Honeydue is the best personal finance app for couples. Track your bills, bank balances and spending together, and engage in meaningful dialogue about your goals and habits.

    • Mission Lane recently acquired Honeydue to support couples and families in their credit journeys.
    • Introducing Joint Banking, a modern bank account designed for modern couples. Each of you and your partner gets your own account number and debit card on top of a shared balance. Track your budget in real time and get on the same page. Reserve your cards today.

    • Choose how much you share with your partner.
    • See all of your bank account balances in one place, neatly organized.
    • Set monthly household spending limits on each category, and get notified when you and your partner are nearing it.
    • Add your own custom categories
    • Get reminded you when it's time to pay your bills.
    • Send a thumbs up to encourage your partner's spending habits, or choose from 6 other emojis
    • Ask your partner if that mysterious purchase was theirs
    • Divvy up expenses, and square up balances with your partner when the time is right
    • Automatic categorization of all your spending
    • Support for over 10,000+ banks (US, Canada, UK, Spain & France)
    • Bank level security for your peace of mind:
    Your data is encrypted in storage and in transit.
    • SSL/TLS, passcode & TouchID, and multi-factor authentication.
    • See the big picture and argue less about the little things
    • Free up your time from financial chores and go enjoy your day!
    • It's FREE!

    Any questions or feedback? Reach out to us at

    Thanks for using Honeydue :)
    In-App Purchases
    $0.99 - $9.99 per item
    Effortlessly manage your finances and track your spending all in one place with Simplifi by Quicken, a convenient and easy-to-use budgeting app. Tracking expenses, managing budgets, and keeping tabs on your finances can be a challenge. Simplifi by Quicken makes it easy to see your monthly bills, set goals, and grow your savings in less than 5 minutes a week. Don't let your finances hold you back; take control of your finances today!

    Whether you're new to budgeting, a seasoned budgeter, or a finance manager, you'll love the simplicity and convenience of our user-centric interface. Managing every bill, every expense, and every subscription can be overwhelming. Make it easy with Simplifi. Leave the Excel spreadsheets in the past and track your expenses, save more money, track your bills, pay off debt, and take control of your finances once and for all with Simplifi's easy-to-use budgeting app.

    We know that every budget is unique. That's why Simplifi's budgeting and money app lets you customize and track your budget based on your specific needs. Get customized alerts and always know where you stand with one personalized, use-anywhere budget app. Join the thousands of people already using the Simplifi expense tracker and budget planner app to manage bills, save money, and take control of their finances.

    * Automatically sync all of your financial accounts in one easy-to-use expense tracking and budgeting app
    * Connect with and view all your accounts in one place so you know exactly what’s happening with your money, budget, and finances
    * Effortlessly identify changes in spending, income, net worth, budget, finances, and more
    * Find places to save more money and reach your financial goals with confidence

    * Whether you’re saving money for your dream home, a vacation, retirement, or your child’s education, Simplifi by Quicken helps you achieve life’s most important milestones and meet your budget requirements.
    * Adjust your budget based on goals and watch your savings grow.
    * Set custom financial goals and get personalized financial insights.

    * Feel confident that you’re covered to spend on the things you care about.
    * Create a simple budget based on your income and finances to make sure you aren't spending more than you make in a month.
    * Categorize and monitor spending so you can get ahead and stay ahead.

    * Discover key insights about your money and finances so you can make smart decisions.
    * Stay informed about how each financial move will impact your future so there's never any surprises.
    * See how much money you’ve spent this month, excluding bills and subscriptions, so you know if you have enough left in your budget or need to cut back.

    *For over 30 years, customers have relied on Quicken to help manage their complete financial picture, so they can live their best lives.
    *Simplifi by Quicken is the newest solution in the Quicken portfolio to help customers make the most of their money.

    We're serious about protecting your account and privacy. Visit to learn more.

    If you’re a California resident, please refer to the new privacy guidelines set forth by The California Consumer Privacy Act on information sharing. If you’d like to opt out of the sale of your personal information as defined by these new guidelines, please go to
    In-App Purchases
    $0.99 - $47.99 per item
    $5.99 - $47.99 per item
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Best Personal Budgeting Apps of 2023



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