Invoice & Payment

Finding Invoicing Options That Make Organizing Easy

Gone are the days that you need to have a huge filing cabinet with loads of dividers to organize all your paper invoices. There are now invoicing applications that can make your accounting a whole easier. With apps, you can quickly filter between companies, dates, and categorize which invoices need to be paid and which ones have been paid. In addition, apps can create an invoice for small business system so you can send invoices to your customers. Having your invoice system in the palm of your hand means you can send and receive invoices anytime, anywhere, and stay up to date on the outgoings and ingoings of your business. Furthermore, invoices apps can send you notifications when you receive a new invoice, so you know what your budget is on a daily or even hourly basis. For example, if you are out shopping for your business and away from your office, you might need to know when a particular invoice comes in and when it needs to be paid. If you have plenty of time to pay, then you might be able to spend a little more shopping to improve your shopfront. 

Invoices Apps That You Can Send Easy to Customers

Coupled with staying up to date on incoming invoices, apps can help you send your invoices with ease to customers. The best free invoice app can send invoices to a customer's email or messaging app that features a link to different payment portals. This seamless solution for sending invoices and getting paid can ensure that invoices get sent out immediately and even allow customers to pay quicker via their smartphone. There are apps out there that let you have the best of both worlds. Together with your billing software in Excel at your office, you can have an app that links to the software so you can access it anytime. You can import or export from your app to your software program and save loads of time not having to manually enter the data from one to the other. Most importantly, an app that sends invoices to customers ensures that the customers get their invoices immediately and no matter where they are. 

Find Payment Apps That Are Easy to Use

In addition to invoicing features on apps, you can enjoy the mobile payment technology they offer by allowing customers to pay from their smartphone. So, instead of waiting until the customers come to the store or having the headache of dealing with a complicated system, they can send money instantly from your payment app. Most of these apps include options to pay via credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer. The technology is really handy for you as you get payments in real-time, but it is also great for your customers as they can pay in what way they prefer and from anywhere they want. Comparatively, you don't own a business but you do a lot of spending, work from home, or planning a trip with friends. You can use payment apps to split the vacation costs evenly between your friends or pay your utility bills from your home office. Payments apps can be used for a wide variety of needs. Ultimately, no matter what you need to buy or pay for, payment apps make it simpler and easier to manage and spend money. 

But if you do own a business, it's really important to have your payments and invoices linked so you can stay organized and on budget. Even small businesses can acquire a lot of invoices, so being able to keep track of each one and pay them all in one place is a great advantage. There is a list of payment apps online that feature options to link invoices to payment portals. As discussed before, you can even link your accounting software to your payment app so you can see what bills need to be paid. On the other hand, as a business owner, being able to send invoices and receive payments from the same app can be a huge time saver. Equally, this app combination can keep you up to date on your current invoices going to customers. You can easily look up which customer still needs to pay an invoice. Some apps will even set you up with reminder notifications or emails to your customers politely letting them know they still owe you money. Alternatively, most apps will notify you immediately when you have been paid via invoice and that invoice can automatically go to the paid section on your app. 

Find Apps That do Both Payments & Invoicing

Let's paint a picture of how much easier a business can be with an app that allows you to do your invoicing and payment in one place. So, you have a furniture store where you build beautiful wooden pieces. With an app that lets you receive invoices from your wood provider as well as lets you send invoices to your customers, you have a clear and simple view of your daily outgoings and incomings. Even better, once you send an invoice to your favorite client that orders a lot of furniture pieces, the client can immediately pay you via their smartphone. You can create simple but informative invoices with free invoice software on your phone or tablet. Then you can send due invoice immediately to your customer. Many of these apps are cloud-based as well so you can retrieve the information on any device for the utmost convenience. Having all your invoices and payments in one place makes it almost effortless to manage your money and improve your company's overhead. 

By and large, apps can make your business run a lot smoother. When you start searching for the perfect app to improve the financial end of your business, take into account what is important for your business goals. You may be focused more on payments in and out than to invoices or you may be interested in having full control and transparency over your daily budget. Check out the link below to some great invoice and payment applications to see if any of those tick all the boxes and get you simply organized today.