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International Calls & Texts: Connect the World With These Apps

App No. 1: WhatsApp

Never underestimate a Facebook-owned app that harnesses the power of instant messaging and Internet-based calls. WhatsApp remains the globe's most popular messaging app. It boasts of over 1 billion active users as of early 2016. The app allows users with smartphones to send texts and multimedia files like videos and voice notes over their Internet data. WhatsApp saves the cost that comes with international calls and SMS charges. It offers a robust calling feature that delivers voice and video calling across various country codes.

However, the recent security vulnerabilities recorded on WhatsApp has led the company to tighten its security checks. Users' messages are now protected with end-to-end encryption to ensure hackers and third parties are unable to access them. They have the power to block and report spamming and unknown numbers. While WhatsApp is great for calling and sending text messages across the globe, user privacy has been an issue. Hence, the app owners have devised stiffer measures to curb spam.

Users reserve the right to accept or decline any call (video or voice) from unknown caller IDs. Likewise, they can block text messages from unknown numbers. You must inform your receiver to avoid getting reported.

App No. 2: WeChat

WeChat has been compared with WhatsApp for its growing popularity, teeming user base and texting functionalities. Although many app enthusiasts tend to see it as the next alternative, WeChat enjoys an unwavering acceptance in China. More users keep testing the app daily and they leave good reviews.

The texting app offers a wide range of communication features from chats, calls, payments, and even business. You can send international messages from WeChat. Interestingly, the app has an added feature that helps you connect with users that are in your present location. It has successfully shown its potential to connect not just regular users but also business persons. It's also one of the best messaging apps that started allowing the integration of third-party services. The app has grown to be the platform for social, business, marketing, and other purposes. 

App No. 3: Skype

Skype has endured the test of time in the business of international calls and texts.

The services deliver effectively for the business professional on the move who has to stay on top of project dealings or join an urgent conference call while abroad.

Skype has included a mobile phone app to its list of Internet communication services. This development has upgraded the seamless call and texting experience for travelers, residents, and international business professionals. Now, you can explore features on video calls, group/conference video calls, voice calls, chats and instant messaging, file sharing, and screen sharing.

If you're in the corporate world, you and your team can maximize the call features for free professional international calls like interviews and even team meetings. It's also free. But you may have to pay to access specific service features, especially if you intend to make international business calls or to reach particular country codes. 

App No. 4: Rebtel

Rebtel has crafted a niche for itself as an almost free WIFI international calls app. The Swedish app gives users the power to make unlimited international calls for free in some cases. They can reach mobile devices with WiFi, and make landline calls from its app.

The app has seen more users from the youth population due to its flexible internet connection. 

App No. 5: Viber

Viber wants you to save your money while you call more landline receivers on their platform for free. Similar to WhatsApp, the Viber app aggregates basic messaging features to send texts and files. Vibers can also call international users and send multimedia messages for free. It adopts the flexibility similar to Skype so that users can call landline and mobile numbers. Even if your receiver doesn't have a Viber app, you can still talk for as long as you desire. 

Worthy Mentions

We've added these mentions to present you with more options in also local calls and texts.

Google Voice

Although this service is only available in the U.S, Google users can perform essential phone functions like calls, texts, and voicemails on their devices with Google Voice. Google Voice is an excellent tool if you wish to save more on local calls and texts.

Moreover, users outside the United States can call and text numbers with the Hangouts service and app on their computer and mobile devices.

Again, more social apps are also upgrading their functionalities to deliver international calls and text. This example includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and most social media apps. While these apps are for social sharing, video call features are becoming a norm now. For example, you can make video calls on Facebook messenger, send instant messages to friends coupled with multimedia files.  

We hope this article helps you get more out of international calls and texts with just your app and the Internet. Nothing can stop you now. Choose from our list of Best Apps for International Calling and Texting to get started.