Increase Your Access to Women's Health & Newborn Care With Apps

The Importance of Women's Health

Women must access all there is in ensuring their emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing. For this reason, the World Health Organization is at the forefront of women's health advocacy. Unarguably, gender has a significant impact on health. This outcome is partly due to the differences in male and female biologies.

The WHO points out gender bias, inadequate education, and gender stereotypes as factors limiting women's access to healthcare. Therefore, nothing should deprive today's woman access to all the tools that can facilitate her health education.

We can't sidestep the relevance of technology in progress so far. The smartphone age has accelerated the spread of information. Apps simplify the complexities of health education by displaying health information in user-friendly formats. There are home workout apps and female health apps to promote women's overall health in their comfort zones.

Some include the best pregnancy apps and maternal health apps that inform expecting mothers on reproductive health practices. Interestingly, there is even a period tracker to help track menstrual cycles. For example, users trying to conceive or track their period can get accurate predictions from the app Ovia Fertility.

Understanding Newborn Care

Newborn care highlights the importance of optimal care for nursing mothers and babies. The delicate state of babies after birth, and mothers after delivery increases their vulnerabilities to infections. Inadequate access to healthcare can pose life-threatening health challenges. 

The W.H.O identifies inadequate care as some of the reasons for newborn deaths. According to the global health authority, access to basic technology could have averted most of these tragedies. They include health tips and support resources that skilled birth attendants can quickly provide. Thankfully, some of the best baby care apps provide supplementary knowledge on newborn care.

You can always follow tips and even reach babycare experts on babycare apps. The newborn care health app Daily Connect boosts interactions between parents and childcare centers. Some of the best parenting apps also help log breastfeeding and other critical milestones in newborn care.

Apps That Promote Women's Health & Newborn Care

There are few things to consider before getting that app. Firstly, health includes several aspects. It takes physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing and other areas for one to be wholly healthy. Therefore, apps that promote women's health and newborn care must address the mentioned areas.

Some apps provide more knowledge on reproductive health, sexual health, and other critical areas of female wellbeing for women. There are also weight-loss and fitness apps to lose weight fast and get your body back in shape.

Likewise, some of the best baby apps now optimize newborn care on smartphones. By using the best baby tracker apps, parents can log milestones and track baby growth.

Some, however, do an excellent job of tracking both women's health and newborn care. Examples are period trackers and pregnancy apps that provide insights on menstrual cycles, ovulation, and pregnancy. The app Flo Period Tracker, Ovulation & Pregnancy Tracker combines all functions into one. Its ideas are valuable for period intelligence and conception.

Benefits of Women's Health & Newborn Care Apps

According to Chinese philosopher Confucius, real knowledge is about knowing the extent of our ignorance. Adequate health education can help reduce the human-made factors that limit women's access to quality healthcare. Some of them include gender bias, stereotypes, and sociocultural barriers. In this case, apps can provide reliable health news and tips, recommendations, and even fast track connections with healthcare experts.

Technology may not outrightly remove these blocks, but it can help women, both young and old, surmount them. Owning a smartphone today opens a portal to apps that increase healthcare access. This innovation eliminates the downtime associated with physical interaction. It also combats the ignorance and the consequences that come with delay in accessing healthcare advice. Apps for antenatal education do well in furnishing expecting mothers with healthcare tips and trends.

Note: Apps aren't substitutes for expert health advice and appointments.

Best Women's Health & Newborn Care Apps

There's a variety of apps that revolve around female health and newborn care. Some apps major in core female and sexual health intelligence. Others may harness different tools to track reproductive health information like ovulation, conception, and pregnancy.

However, the primary concern is to find one that provides accurate or near-accurate results. But you have to be specific as there are apps for tracking period, ovulation and pregnancy, and baby growth. Importantly, the app should resonate with your needs. Are you trying to get pregnant, avoid pregnancy or baby planning? There are period trackers, maternity apps, baby planner apps, and IVF pregnancy apps.

Additionally, there are baby learning apps that primarily focus on child development. They provide learning and educational resources for child mental development.

So, your first step would be to read user reviews before making your selection. This case is also applicable to female health and maternity apps that bring health tips and information to expecting and nursing mothers. 

Now you see that apps can play extraordinary roles in women's health and newborn care. Put them into productive use today. Check out our review of the Best Apps for Women's Health and Newborn Care to get started