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Using apps is not going to replace the classroom, but it does give a teacher and student ways to communicate,
- Trent Kelly, director of operations and technology
for a Midwest public high school

Working on school assignments from home or any location other than a classroom presents its own unique set of challenges. From having to figure things out without supervision to maintaining a disciplined schedule or regimen, the atmosphere can seem daunting and even overwhelming to navigate.

As a senior forced out of the classroom by the coronavirus pandemic, Caitlin Tibbs understands well the challenges of staying on top of her studies away from the campus. Active in high school rodeo in both barrel racing and pole bending, she strives to keep up with her classroom workload while holding down a job caring for horses. Saddling such responsibility can be a rough ride at times.

“Time management is a really big issue for me,” she said. “Having to manage my time between work and schooling and keeping up with my animals and riding horses, I’ve had to manage my time really efficiently.”

Where Apps Come Into Play

Apps like Asana, Goodnotes, Notion, Audible, Focus Plant, Quizlet, and Kahoot! help her keep a handle on her juggling act by making her schoolwork seem more like fun than work.

Tools offered by Asana help students stay on track by breaking down scheduling into tasks and subtasks, empowering them to set deadlines and invite friends along for the ride. With Goodnotes, highlight tools help the student keep tabs on notes and homework assignments, allowing the addition of photos to notes and side-by-side note-taking while watching videos.

With Notion, templates and custom tools make it possible to store multiple files and organize thoughts, while Audible brings written text to life with the spoken word. Focus Plant makes learning fun by making the caring of plants the incentive for retaining information.

“I love using apps, especially when they have a game-like structure,” Tibbs said. “They are a fun interactive way to keep your mind interested in what you are learning and a really easy way to study and get ready for your next test or whatever you are trying to learn.

“They are very accessible and make it a lot more fun and provide an incentive to get better and beat your best score. With more and more technology being used in classrooms, there’s no doubt we’ll be using apps well into the future.”

Using Apps as Tools for Students

As director of operations and technology for a Midwest public high school, Trent Kelly doesn’t see apps taking the place of classroom education anytime soon. Nevertheless, he sees them as valuable tools for students to enhance their overall learning experience, giving them tools that allow their parents and them to better connect with their instructors online.

“Using apps is not going to replace the classroom, but it does give a teacher and student ways to communicate,” he said. “To me, learning is about communication between students, parents, and staff.

“You’ve got to have a conduit that’s easy to use that will make people manage their time better and create more independence for students and staff. Apps can make people more technology-literate. Technology doesn’t replace face-to-face, but it can bridge a lot of divides.” 

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