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Improving Your Bible Study With Translation Apps

The Good News in God's Word

Much of the Christian gospel centers on sin and redemption. Sin takes man away from his love. It’s for this reason that Jesus Christ, who is the Son of God, has come to make things right.

The Old Testament of the Bible shares prophecies of Christ’s coming with the good news. He is to make things right between man and God. Now anyone who believes in Jesus will become a child of God. This faith in Jesus gives man a place in God’s kingdom. Also, every believer of Jesus is to share this good news with the rest of the world.

Smartphone users aren’t left out. The good news becomes more accessible with Bible apps in any language. Today’s Christians can use daily Bible study apps to study God’s word on the phone with family and friends. You can download the Bible for Android and iOs and share the good news with your community on social media. Easy-to study Bible translations are getting more popular. The New Living Translation Bible app brings this good news in straightforward English. There are also Bible translation apps that render the scriptures in just any language you prefer. 

Bible Translation & the Good News

The great commission is a fundamental concept to the Christian believers and missionaries. Matthew 28:16-20 NIV narrates how Jesus instructs his disciples to spread his gospel to all nations in the world. This commission is a significant pillar for many Christian missionaries and gospel outreaches. It’s also a drive for Bible translation.

In John 3:16, God’s love is for all humankind, and Christ came to demonstrate it by dying for man’s redemption. Hence, Bible translation helps to spread the gospel across the world. Everyone needs to experience Christ’s promise of salvation and his good news of love. Prophets and apostles originally conceived the Bible in Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic. Currently, the Bible is available in over 600 languages, and more Bible translation projects are still in the works. The intention is to make the good news more available and easy-to-understand. Language shouldn’t be a barrier.

Bible translation apps make it more comfortable to read all Bible translations. For instance, the Hebrew Greek and English Bible app offers a multi-parallel translation. Readers can study the old testament in both Hebrew and English. The New Testament translation is available in Greek and English. Some Bible verse apps allow you to study Bible verses in all versions available. Popular ones include the KJV bible apps and New Living Translation Bible apps.

Bible Study Today

Christians hold the Bible in high reverence. It’s divinely inspired and contains God’s revelation. Studying the Bible is a path to waxing strong in the Christian faith. The Bible is available in printed forms. But like everything today, even apps can improve your Bible study. The need for mobility and accessibility highlights the importance of bible apps.

Apps are here to make life more comfortable. Your Bible study can also get a boost when you download the Bible on your phone. The apps provide Bible scriptures in mobile phone versions. They’re easy to move and access for scriptural confirmation and revelation.

So wherever you go, you can study the world in a very portable form. You may be in transit, on a flight or in a new location. With the best bible study apps, you can share Bible verses on the go. There’s the assurance that comes with knowing you can experience Gods’ revelation anywhere you go. The app Bible (Offline, Multi-version, Full-Text Search) is a multi-version Bible app. It supports both offline reading and complete text search.

Benefits of Bible Translation

Translating God’s word is an essential mission for many Christian missionaries and Bible societies. Again, it seems to be fulfilling the instruction of the great commission, but language can be a barrier. The many world languages and nationalities call for Bible translation projects.

These projects help in rendering the Bible in many more languages. The principal purpose is usually to spread the good news of Jesus. In this way, you can truly study the Bible in your language on an app. For instance, the New Testament of the Bible focuses more on Jesus’ ministry and teachings. While many Bible translations cover the entire Bible, some Bible translations focus on the New Testament. The New Testament has over 1000 translations, while the full Bible has 698.

The app The Passion Translation (TPT) with audio offers a free download. It allows users to listen and read the Bible without the Internet.

The Best Bible Translation Apps

The focus of the best holy Bible apps is to make the gospel available to you. You should be able to study and share the word in any form and language you choose. Many now include social media buttons to help you share inspiring verses.

There are many Bible translation apps. Some major in translating older language versions into easy-to-use forms. Examples are the New Living Translation Bible Apps.

These apps contain scriptures in simple language, available in offline and online forms. There are also audio translation versions if you prefer listening than reading. Audio bible apps like Bible App Free + Audio, Offline, Daily Study organizes all needs into one.

No matter your expectations, there is always a Bible translation app to meet them.

No matter your expectations, there is always a Bible translation app to meet them. All you need is to make a choice. Check out our review of the Best Bible Translation Apps to get started. 

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    NLT Bible

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  • Bible New Living Translation (NLT)

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  • New Living Translation Bible Free(NLT): Audio, Reading Plans, Daily Verses!

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  • Offline Holy Bible in the Young's Literal Translation (YLT) for free in English

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  • NLT Audio Bible Free - New Living Translation
    Bible - NLT Bible Offline Free

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  • Bible The Passion Translation (TPT) English

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  • Now you can read and Listen to the Words of God without needing Internet

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