🚴 Improve Physical & Mental Health with The Best Cycling Apps

You heard it a million times; benefits of riding a bicycle are endless. You build muscles, your bones get stronger, and you can brag how much money you save on commuting.

And you don't even have to cycle for a long time - regular short rides are more than enough.

Finally, what better time to start cycling than spring? With the weather getting warmer, you can get the most out of this super healthy activity.

Still not convinced? Ok, we bring your three benefits of cycling that might just make you want to jump on your bike.

1. Great For Your Heart

There's no denying that cycling is good for your muscles and what's the most important muscle you have? That's right, heart.

Regular cycling can decrease heart disease risk and blood pressure and the best way is by mixing your speed under and above 10 mph.

This way you'll get the most out of a daily bike ride and apps like Strava can help you see how fast you're riding.

2. Improve Mental Prowess

Besides making your heart healthy, regular cycling can also benefit your brain. 

A study showed that elderly who cycle regularly between 6 months to a year have between 15 to 20 percent increase in problem-solving skills.

You might think that you're not old enough to worry, but it has the same effect on people of any age, even children. And we all have problems we need to solve.

3. Makes You a Happier Person

Besides a healthy heart and a productive brain, what's the next thing you want? You probably want to be happy.

Good news! Another research showed that people who ride a bicycle to work are far happier than car drivers or people who use public transport.

That might be because they don't have to deal with annoying people every day. Nevertheless, cycling to happiness does sound like a good idea.

With the days getting longer and the temperature getting higher, there's absolutely no excuse not to take a bike ride.

Benefits are endless and The Best 10 Cycling Apps can help you get the most out of them and make it even more fun.

Not all things in life are easy, but staying healthy can be as easy as riding a bike.

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