👶 📖 Improve Child's Reading Skills with The Best Games for Learning to Read

According to studies, the key to successful learning isn't how actively you push your child, but how much you manage to spur the child's enthusiasm.

When it comes to reading, force learning can result in child memorizing words instead of understanding and mastering the skill.

So, we bring you three tips to make the learning process fun through reading games for kids and making it fun for both of you.

1. Blend The Letter Sounds

If you have a 3-5 years old child, you can introduce words with simple phonics games.

You can teach them to master sounds by using 2 to 3-letter words. Start by pointing each letter and say the sound.

After, slide across the word, connect the sounds and ask them to repeat. You can mix in more fun by using apps like ABC Spelling.

2. Ask Kids For Feedback

After your child masters the basics, the best step you can take is to read with them, not to them.

Find a book that's not just fun for them, but for you as well. An extra tip is after taking a break, ask your child where you left off.

This will spur fun conversations and if you need help with finding mutually fun books, you can use ebook apps for a quick find.

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3. Use Comics

When teaching to read, parents usually ignore comics, but research shows comics are one of the best ways to ignite the child's interest.

Comics require that the child connects words with fun images. Also, you can read comics that are interesting to you as well.

This way you'll make sure you're reading together and you can find appropriate comics with various comics apps.

Read countless comics online by virtually every publisher. Find a great comic reading app with an elegant and straightforward interface.

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Ensuring you're having fun together while reading is likely the best parenting tip you can get. Kids can feel the parent's enthusiasm, and this feeds their interest.

After you manage to kindle their love for reading, you can use one of The Best 10 Games for Learning to Read and allow them to learn by themselves.

As long as you take part in the initial learning process and ensure it's fun and not a chore, your kid will quickly catch up and create a healthy habit.

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