How to Track Your Medications Safely

Importance of Tracking Your Medications

With over 30 million Americans taking five or more prescribed medications - also known as polypharmacy - there is an increasing need for a better way to track them. It is also a notable fact that the baby boomers tend to place more importance on it than the younger generations. With more medications prescribed to a particular individual, chances are that new symptoms could be due to a side effect of the prescribed medication. As such, it's important to record and keep track of all medications prescribed. Not only will this make sure you don't take in more than the recommended dosage, but it would also prevent you from the drugs interacting with each other.

Maintaining a healthy routine of medication requires one to constantly track and record what each medication is, its dosage, its purpose, and the frequency. Luckily, many medication tracking apps can help you do the same. It will also help your family be aware of your medication schedule to ensure you take the right medicines at the right time.

Tips on Creating a Medication Schedule

One of the biggest issues with people with polypharmacy is the inability to take in the right medications at the right dosages as prescribed by the doctor. Medication tracking can indeed be a daunting task when you are prescribed to take five to six medicines a day. This can sometimes lead to detrimental effects on your health, and can also have many side effects. As such, in addition to using a symptom checker app, it's also important that you create a personalized schedule that is easily accessible, not only to you but, also to the ones close to you such as your family or caretaker.

You could consider creating a running list of your prescriptions such as the drugs you purchase over-the-counter, vitamins, and any herbal supplements that you consume. This could be maintained in a way that can let you easily take them to your doctor's appointments, next visit to the hospital, or even to your pharmacy.

Tracking Your Medications to Stay Safe

Playing an active part in managing your medications may not be the easiest task, but you could always seek help from your local pharmacy, nurses, and doctors to ensure you stay safe from an overdose. There are several variants of the same generic medicine which can lead to confusion. So, if you want to safely track your medicines, a simple step would be to maintain a list that details the medication name, strength and dosage, directions of use, and the name of the doctor that prescribed the medicine. Conversely, creating this list and accessing them could be a nightmare if done on pen and paper.

Fortunately, there are medication tracking apps to conveniently track your medications, which can help you overcome any problem relating to taking the wrong pills. For instance, Medica serves as a reminder and pill tracker that gives you notifications when any medication requires refilling. It also gives you an option to populate a personalized list. This safety measure can most definitely be helpful in the long run.

Setting up a Personal Medication Tracker

There are various combinations of the medications that one would have to take and as such, setting up a personal medication schedule can be useful. With the help of your doctor, you would have to set up a tracker that would help you easily plan your medication. It will also have to take into account any pre-existing medical conditions that you may have.

Surely, maintaining an up-to-date and running list of your medications and supplements is one of the ways to keep your healthcare team well informed. With the help of medication tracking apps, this can be done seamlessly and any changes or additions to the list can be shared in real-time. These could include any specialists you consult, pharmacists, or general physicians.

Apps & Tools to Track Medications

In the age of digital media, using modern-day tools and apps to track your medications has made it so much more convenient than before. From the simple tasks of creating a list of medications as mentioned above, there are other useful apps such as Drugs.com which serves a drug guide for you to easily make references when adding them to your list.

Similarly, you could opt for reminder apps that notify you whenever your medication is due. This can be especially useful when you have multiple medications prescribed at different times during the day.

Whatever approach you may take to track your medications, it is important that you do so in an organized manner as it could otherwise have serious implications on your health. From creating a list, right through to maintaining a log of medicines that you have missed or taken can be extremely crucial as you would want to provide as much information as possible during your next visit to the doctor.

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