How to Sharpen Your Mind With Griddler Puzzle Games

How to Sharpen Your Mind With Griddler Puzzle Games

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The Griddlers are just another interesting set of logic puzzle games belonging to the Nonogram group. The Griddlers puzzle requires players to create or determine a picture pattern by coloring a specified number of cells in a grid or leave them blank. Griddlers offer exciting mental exercises for adults and kids alike.

Right here, you can discover how to sharpen your mind when you experience the Griddlers puzzle games apps on your smartphone.

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Traditionally, the Griddlers puzzles arrange a group of numbers on the left and top sides of a grid. In a typical number puzzle game, numbers conceal a discrete form of binary images which when solved. When you fill or color these numbers in their prescribed sequence, the picture begins to take shape. For instance, a series of "5 7 3" indicates the cell pattern to complete. There'd be sets of five, seven, and three filled cells. Again, players may need to leave at least a blank cell between each number of cells (5 empty seven blank three) to get the full pattern.

For the sake of variation, top-rated Griddlers or playable picross games (to use its alias) come in diverse forms. Black and white cells indicate a binary image. However, colored griddlers like the name suggests, call for multicolored cell sets. In this case, the numbers represent the color of the cells. Two number sets colored differently may not need a blank cell between them, as stated earlier. For example, "5 7 3" may indicate five cells colored yellow, seven blue and three green.

Background story reveals a Japanese puzzler, Tetsuya Nishio created the puzzle. His invention happens to coincide with a 1987 event in which a graphics editor created grid designs by switching on and off skyscraper lights. 

You'd admit that life has gotten more colorful with tv, smartphone, and computer screens showing media in color. Expectedly, our brains find colorful items more appealing after this exposure. This pattern is also typical amongst players of colored griddlers. As stated in the earlier section, the colored griddlers are just excellent alternatives if you find binary or black and white picture puzzles boring.

Like regular griddlers, you play the colored griddlers in the standard "picross puzzle” manner. However, the only exception is that players now have multiple colors to fill the required number of cells in the grid. In this same vein, you may leave a blank cell between numbers of the same color. This space, however, would not be needed if you're filling different strings of colored numbers.

Here is a perfect example in a typical multicolor puzzle app using the same “5 7 3” series yellow blue and green: You color these cells according to their respective numbers without leaving blank cells. The difference in colors would create a new pattern. But sometimes, these colors are the same, possibly 5, 7, and 3 greens. You’d need a blank cell between each number set to make your pattern discernible.

This play on an 8-color combination produces a variety of pictures, animals by well thought out grid patterns.

Multi-griddlers assembles series of picross puzzles to form bigger pictures. They are popularly known as Jigsaw styled puzzles. The multi-griddlers set contains a series of smaller and larger pictures or diagrams. The smaller sets are separated into 2-4 sections, while the larger picture sets include an altered arrangement of over 100 segments for players to solve.

The depth of these picture puzzle games has inspired players to unravel or crack the riddle of highly-detailed puzzles. Multigriddlers make interesting brain tasks for young and old, primarily when it's focused on players using their active recall abilities to unravel famous painting puzzles and cartoon character puzzles.

Hopefully, the name gives a hint. Perhaps, the Triddler seems the most complex and genius puzzle game of all the Griddlers. It a very radical variation puzzle due to its attention to pattern, depth, and detail. The Triddler starts on a hexagonal puzzle demarcated into triangle-like grid sets. Players fill the triangles with the hints from the left (across), downward left and upward left.

These directions create a pattern of the three angles on a triangle.

With these directions, players tweak or crack the basic regular picross patterns to actualize 3-dimensional pictures and designs. The Triddler is an excellent example of detailed puzzle games that you can play on your smartphone to boost mental alertness and IQ. 

Finally, you've found the right games that can teach you how to confront problem-solving situations with detail, strategy, and logic. The next puzzle right now is what to look out for before downloading the right game app. You’d need to consider smartphone requirements before downloading the right iOS Griddler puzzle game apps for your iPhone or Android Griddler puzzle games if you use an Android.

Essentially, app access is vital, and the best gaming app platforms don't burden visitors with lengthy registration processes. The user interface of these games can motivate you with rewards and mentally-engaging puzzles that’d improve your IQ.

Therefore, you'd need a Griddler game that allows you to record your progress or even resume an exercise after work. Also, the top-rated games are famous for giving users basic access upon downloads and the advantage of unlocking more features on subscription.

One thing worth learning in this modern era is that little things can inspire us with life-changing solutions. You can boost your mental abilities and discover your path with the help of your smartphone. Check our review of the Best Griddler Puzzle Games to get started.

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