How to Share Your Location on Your Smartphone

GPS & the Beginning of Location Sharing

The launch of satellites into space brought many significant innovations. The Global Positioning System (GPS) was one of them. The GPS technology utilized radio-navigation systems on the satellites to determine the position or location of objects on land.

The GPS grew from being a United Space Force operated facility to a utility on navigation systems of vehicles and now phones. Before you share your location, your device must have GPS. Fortunately, most of today’s smartphones have GPS. 

GPS-based gadgets aren’t exclusive to navigation. You can use them to locate things or people, for example. They’re also great tools for video chats and other social media activities. A GPS device helps you track location for social events and meet new people or locate other public places that are important to you. Your GPS-enabled smartphone can also help you find locations on the map.

There are multiple reasons to share GPS location with your friends and family member.

The Importance of Location Sharing Tools

One of the most significant benefits of using location sharing tools is that they are instrumental during emergencies. They make it easy for emergency responders to find you, especially when you save locations. The location map apps are more effective and faster than the analog methods of tracking locations during emergencies.

With these tools, you can quickly locate your new phone if stolen. A tool of this nature will expose the current location of your gadget. This feat is possible because your smartphone has the GPS receiver built-in.

Some location sharing tools help to track the location of your car. Should it be stolen, the chances of tracking your vehicle are high. All you need to do is to install the tool in your new vehicle. It will help you know your ETA when driving. Another benefit of using these types of tools in your car is that they can help you during an accident. Most of the new driving and navigation apps give direction prompts for your driving awareness and car safety.

Again, with children, one can never be too cautious. You can easily track your children with these GPS tools.

How to Share Your Location on Smartphone

Do you want to share location on your Android and iOS with a friend or others in your contact? The following steps will demonstrate how to share a live location with your contact.

If you use any of the location-sharing apps for iOS, these steps will be easy to apply:

● Step 1: To see your current location on your map, tap the "Location" icon on the screen of your map app screen. You will find your current location. A notification with your current address pops up.
● Step 2: Tap on the notification. Now pick the "Share" icon. You may want to share your location with phone book contacts or your friends on social media during a live video.
● Step 3: Select the option to share the location.
● Step 4: Send your location to the preferred contact.

Location Sharing & Their Relevance in Intelligence

Intelligence is a significant aspect of local and national security. But in this era, tech innovation is helping us personalize security and Intelligence. For business owners and managers, it’s imperative. For our safety as individuals, it’s essential.

What’s the real function of location data? They provide data about the movement of people. On a personal level, a location-sharing app can help you keep track of loved ones. If you want to be safe when there is an emergency, share your real-time location with some of your close contacts. Location-sharing apps are useful for emergency responders. It helps them collect relevant data crucial in the nearest future.

Today, apps for location sharing are essential tools for businesses and marketers. Ad agencies can use them to obtain data for targeted adverts. For a business to maintain a healthy competitive edge in the market today, location intelligence is essential.

Qualities of the Best Location Sharing Apps

There’s a good number of location sharing apps online today. However, you need to know the ones that meet your need(s). The best location-sharing apps are easy to use. This quality is paramount if you want to get the best out of the app you choose. Also, your device must meet the app requirements to function correctly.

Additionally, the app's design is key to your experience as a user. Most popular GPS apps for iOS and Android provide a user-friendly interface. You should be able to navigate and integrate with your social media accounts. This feature is useful if you love to hang out on social media networks.

Social sharing and Intelligence are just one of the many benefits of using location sharing tools. Now’s the time to put your smartphone to use. Check out our review of the Best Apps for Sharing Location to get started.

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