How to Pick the Best Survival Game

What is a Survival Game All About and Would You Like It?

A survival game is a video game that normally starts out with your character being stranded or separated in a dangerous and hostile open world. These stranded games only have one objective, to live or die and lose the game. Some of the best survival games are meant to be played alone. So, if you like the idea of playing an action game filled with danger where your main goal is to survive and find tools to help you survive, survival games might be your new hobby. Some survival games allow you to build and create small shelters and even large structures or cities for safety and growth needed to survive. Some games will let you scavenge and confiscate different tools you find to help you ward off zombies or keep dinosaurs away. If you like playing a game that allows you to discover new worlds and rely on your survival skills, then a survival game is right up your alley and finding your favorite game is the goal. 

Learning How to Play a Survival Game

If you want to learn how to play a survival game to see if you like action games based on hostile environments, then you should find a survival game that is pretty straightforward so you can learn simple then increase in difficulty.  Survival games can be difficult to play as there are many variables to watch out for in the hostile open-world each game is built in. Not only do you need to focus on crafting tools, but you need to think of strategy, act fast when something dangerous to your character comes along, or even architecture planning. Some of the best survival games iOS that are easy to learn but still fun are survival games where you can choose single-player mode. Similarly, there are survival games where you can either play against the environment or play against other players. To start off and get used to the new survival game style, you might want to look for a game that allows you to play single-player and against the environment. This way you can take your time learning about the world you're playing in, get used to some of the objectives, build tools, and get prepared for the bad things lurking around the corner. 

Finding Out All the Different Types of Worlds to Play In

Surely, with all the survival games of different worlds and genres, you will have no problem finding the best gaming world for you. There are survival games where you start out being flown into the wilderness and dropped off in the middle of a forest. You can play a survival game that shipwrecks you on an island that only has hostile natives inhabiting it, and you must figure out how to survive with them or build a boat to get away. The worlds of survival games are normally filled with excitement and danger at every turn, yet the world's themselves can be so diverse. You can be in the middle of a zombie apocalypse in a horror and action survival game where not only do you have to find safety and kill approaching zombies, but you also have to watch out for other players and decide whether they can be trusted. Another popular game lets you explore the oceans of an alien planet. You can discover animals you've never imagined and battle to stay alive in the depths of the sea. No matter what genre you are looking for, you can find an open world in a survival game that appeals to you. 

Objectives of Different games and finding the one you like

In the same way there are so many different worlds to choose from in survival games, there is equally a difference in the objective of each game. Most survival games also feature different playing modes so you can enjoy the same world but with different goals and objectives. Some of the hardest survival games are the ones where the isn't a defining objective but worlds to discover endlessly. Some games allow you to plunge into a fantasy world full of magic and spells, where you have to learn how to cast your own spells or break others. If you want to simply discover a new world and have no enemies, you can find a survival game that focuses on the player playing against the environment and learn how to survive its conditions. If discovering is your game and you don't want too many limitations on your character or too many goals to achieve, you can play a survival sandbox style game. This style of game lets the player pretty much do whatever they want from the start. It also is one big world to discover instead of having to improve to different levels or add on more areas as the game progresses. 

Learning to Play Multiplayer Survival Games

If you want to team up with friends or other survival game players to take on an open world, you can play a multiplayer survival game. There are many ways you can play with others in a multiplayer video game. You can play a survival game online in which you and others are on the same team and have to help each other. For example, you might need to combine your skills in order to build shelters and keep each other safe. Other multiplayer games have you playing against other players and trying to knock them out of the game, therefore, winning it yourself. Some survival games add a level of difficulty by adding strategy and having both enemies and allies. Because of this, you will have to decide who you can trust and who you can't. Multiplayer games can be a lot of fun and help you meet new friends online. 

In conclusion, there are so many types of survival games out there with loads of different objectives and worlds to enjoy. If you want to discover new worlds for hours and learn different survival skills, you can find a great survival game that you can enjoy alone or with friends online. Now that we have given you tips on how to find the perfect survival game for you, go back and check out the list of top survival game apps and see if there is one you want to test. 

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