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How to Pick the Best Baby & Toddler Learning Game Apps

How to Pick the Best Baby & Toddler Learning Game Apps

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Educational games for babies and toddlers are excellent learning tools that will give the young ones a strong foundation for future pursuits. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of apps available, you can always follow our advice and make your task as a parent a lot easier.

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Table of Contents

  1. Consider the Child's Age for the Best Match
  2. Find a Specialized App for Colors & Shapes
  3. Focus on Plants & Animals to Make Things Extra Fun
  4. Teach Them Letters & Prepare Them for Preschool
  5. Experiment With Coordination & Motor Skills

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Consider the Child's Age for the Best Match

Every parent knows the importance of constant involvement in the education and formation of their young child. Experts have confirmed time and again that babies and toddlers who get more attention in their early years perform a lot better throughout their lives. Today, even games and apps can help in this process. You, as a parent, just need to know which ones to pick.

Learning games aimed at babies and toddlers are pretty numerous and cover many different topics. Still, the most important element you ought to consider before going into further details is the kid's age. Very small children develop at the speed of lightning, and a 2-year-old child will be an entire universe apart from their 4-year-old sibling. A baby will have its unique needs, and you will not be able to impose extremely high expectations on them. Give them time to adapt to this new world.

As they move into the toddler realm, they will start progressing a lot faster and learning many new concepts and ideas through play. They will also improve their motoric skills and abstract thinking. Ultimately, every app and game you consider for your young one should be clearly marked, denoting the appropriate age, so that you know exactly what you're dealing with.

Find a Specialized App for Colors & Shapes

There are many things to consider when it comes to children's early development. They do, after all, learn best through play but it is still a process that has to be monitored by a responsible adult. It is up to you to pick the right games for your offspring's intellectual progress. Ask yourself first - what does your little one has the most trouble with?

Depending on their age, they may need to learn more about shapes and colors. This is one of the first ideas babies and toddlers encounter as they start to wrestle with sensory stimuli and information. Knowing that something is red, yellow, round, or triangular could help them express their thoughts better. This is why an app devoted to shapes and colors could be of great help here.

As they mature, they will also need to learn the names of household items and other objects they encounter in everyday life. A piece of software that can teach them this should be comparatively easy to find online - even for free. You don't need to spend a fortune on such platforms. Most games aimed at kids won't cost you much, if at all.

Focus on Plants & Animals to Make Things Extra Fun

Out of everything they may encounter, perhaps the most interesting thing for a young child are the things belonging to the natural world. We must remember that toddlers are full of energy and eager to explore. The great outdoors can ignite their imagination like nothing else. What is that tree? What about that animal? Is that a horse or a mare? Sometimes you, as a parent, won't be sure. Luckily, there's a way to learn all of this and more.

Apps for toddlers that focus on plants are particularly useful for parents who can't tell a birch from a pine tree. Use an Android or iOS program to help your young one master this skill and expand their vocabulary but also help yourself figure things out along the way. Your child will teach you just as much as you teach them, plus, their love of nature will only grow stronger. It's a win-win situation.

Animals are even more interesting, especially for kids about to start preschool. A specialist app could be a good way to start with animals living in your area. Info about creatures your young ones can see out and about - on the farm our out in the street - will provide them with a solid foundation. Later, they can move onto more exotic creatures from the tropical forest or the icy-cold mountains.

Teach Them Letters & Prepare Them for Preschool

As the kids grow older, they should start getting prepared for preschool or kindergarten. If your young one is nearing 4, you might want to consider teaching them the ABCs. Mastering letters one by one is a process that can be aided by specialist software. Audio and video content can be particularly useful here.

The same rules apply to numbers. Using an interactive platform that will help your toddler understand the basics will be excellent preparation for their entrance into the world of official education. This will give them a good head start and provide them with a key advantage over their peers.

Another thing you might want to have on your phone or tablet - especially if your toddler is very gifted - is a simple app that could teach them the spelling of some basic words. There's no denying that English can be tricky due to its slightly disjointed orthography. It's never too early to start. Still, remember never to force your offspring beyond their current limits. Take things easy.

Experiment With Coordination & Motor Skills

Developing your child's intellectual potential is, naturally, extremely important. But what about the purely physical side of things? Babies and toddlers can benefit greatly from this. Their coordination and motoric skills are, after all, still in their early stages and could use a good nudge in the right direction. For very small kids, an app that allows them to practice precision on a tablet screen could be a great answer. Games based on the premises of Tetris or whack-a-mole are a good start for boys and girls alike.

Of course, sitting in front of the screen all day will be a massive "no-no" for young and old alike. A platform with instructional videos built-in could help you pick the right sort of exercise for your toddler, get their movement coordination in check, and help them develop a love for the outdoors. Keep in mind that both their intellect and their bodies are developing at great speed. Taking care of both should always be a priority.

Once you've considered How to Pick the Best Baby & Toddler Learning Game Apps, you should be ready to take a peek into the Best 10 Baby & Toddler Learning Games and pick something amazing.


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