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How to Get Ready for the IELTS

IELTS Prep Mobile Apps

Studying a language outside of your native tongue can be one of the most challenging exercises in the world. Fortunately, when you're getting prepared for your International English Language Testing System, you don't have to do it by yourself. What if there were a study tool available that you didn't have to be in front of a desk or computer to use? IELTS prep apps are a study buddy you can take with you wherever you go. 

Instead of setting aside hours to study at home, you can make the most of your free time even while you're out and about. When you study from your phone, those 15-30 minute chunks of time that you tend to waste throughout the day will become crucial stepping stones in your study time. Along with convenient study resources, these apps can help you with the writing challenges, provide audio tools to perfect your speech, and allow you to memorize vocabulary efficiently. 

Crush the Writing Challenges

What makes these IELTS study resources so handy is their wide range of subjects and topics. Since learning English grammar can be so challenging, many of the apps will focus specifically on grammar and spelling skills. With these study resources, you'll be well-equipped for any essay portions of the testing, and you'll be well-prepared for whatever occupation you're heading into. 

Really, having proper grammar will set you apart in many areas of life. In most occupations, written communication is essential, and people who can use proper grammar will stand out as being more professional overall. But, learning English grammar and spelling rules can be incredibly confusing. 

Many people even say that it's harder than the Romance languages because it simply doesn't make sense at times. Languages like Spanish have rules that apply across the whole grammar spectrum, but English has almost too many exceptions to its grammar rules to count. There's no shame in a little extra help to guide you in your preparation. 

Audio Tools to Improve Speech

Also, when studying for your IELTS, pronunciation and listening skills will be key. That's why IELTS prep apps can be so much more helpful than textbooks: their audio capabilities will allow you to work on hearing the grammar you've been practicing and even perfect your accent in speech. No matter what occupation you want to go into, learning a proper accent and being able to listen (and actually comprehend) is essential.

Passing the test is one thing, and it will open up a lot of doors. But, if you can't communicate verbally without stumbling over words, you might not get the same opportunities as someone with good English verbal skills. The more you listen to English being spoken, the more you'll be able to speak properly, making yourself appear much more educated than someone who can't communicate well. That's why the audio functions of these prep apps are so helpful. 

Memorize Vocab Conveniently

Along with audio capabilities, these IELTS prep apps can help you memorize vocabulary more effectively than any other tool. With flashcards readily available, you can practice your vocabulary on the go, wherever you are. Sitting in the car or stuck on a bus can usually be counted as wasted time scrolling social media. However, with these vocab resources, you can be studying during those spare moments of the day. 

Also, instead of having to look up the definition in the glossary of your study textbook, you can create a flashcard or look up the definition on the app very quickly. This is a great resource to have open as you're reading a book or an online article. If there's a word you don't understand, you can type it in or say it to your phone to get the definition without wasting time looking for it. 

Find Tutors and Study Groups

Finally, these IELTS prep mobile apps can provide some of the most effective study tools for difficult subjects: tutors, study groups, and online explanation videos. As you're preparing for your test, there's probably going to be a few certain areas that you just really struggle with. Yet, with online tutors and videos, you can find the extra help you need. 

Also, when practicing for speaking assessments, it can be really useful to speak in front of a group first. You can find these study groups on your phone, set up places to meet up, or even do a video chat to practice your speaking. There's nothing like the support of friends and fellow students to help you overcome the hurdles of IELTS, and these mobile apps are an effective resource to connect you with all of the study peers you'll need. Why go through this intimidating process alone when plenty of other students are dealing with the same issues?

From spelling, grammar, and audio tools, all the way to helpful online tutors and videos, these IELTS have all you need to proceed with confidence. Take your next steps successfully with a little help from your phone.