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How to Find the Best Apps for Kids' Entertainment

How to Find the Best Apps for Kids' Entertainment

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Your child deserves the best. This goes for education, little treats, as well as play. If you're having trouble finding the most amazing apps for your kids' entertainment, we'll share a few secrets with you on how to make the right selection.

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Table of Contents

  1. Consider the Age Group of Your Little One
  2. Opt for Free Apps If You Are Looking to Save
  3. Focus on Learning Games to Boost Their Grey Cells
  4. Play Cartoons & Films for Endless Fun
  5. Include Some Ideas for Outdoor Exercise

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Consider the Age Group of Your Little One

Parents will know that most children seem to possess an endless source of energy. Wide awake at the crack of dawn, they constantly seek ways to amuse themselves. If you have to get something done and simply cannot give them your undivided attention, you have to use everything at your disposal to keep them amused. Apps can be of great help, but you have to know which ones to turn to.

The first variable you ought to consider is your young one's age. Toddlers of 2 and schoolchildren of 7 will have vastly different needs. In fact, their ideas of what is entertaining will change with every passing year. This is why you should pick their games accordingly.

While choosing any form of kids' entertainment, you will have to take into consideration the child's movement coordination, dexterity, and ability to connect abstract ideas into a coherent whole. As a parent, grandparent, or guardian, you shouldn't have too much trouble assessing the situation. Then, selecting the right sort of software when building your little home entertainment center will be a breeze.

Opt for Free Apps If You Are Looking to Save

Today, toys and gadgets can blow an enormous hole in your budget. Add piano lessons or soccer practice to the mix, and you will realize you are investing more in your child than you will ever be able to afford spending on yourself. This is, of course, perfectly ok for most loving parents, but looking to make ends meet will also be an important concern. Luckily, plenty of apps come free of charge so you won't have to waste a single dime on this sort of kids' entertainment. Just make sure that any app you choose will work equally well on an Android and an iPad and you should be good to go.

Of course, your choice will ultimately depend on more than just your wallet. If you want a top-quality product - the best of the best - you may have to pay a few bucks for the privilege. This will be particularly true of software attached to the most popular franchises and blockbuster cartoons. Still, your child will get more for the price - a larger number of levels or access to a greater selection of special features.

Focus on Learning Games to Boost Their Grey Cells

Many parents will see gaming as a mindless, useless activity that doesn't contribute much to their child's development. This, however, couldn't be farther from the truth. In fact, many games have strong educational value and a bit of research will convince you that this form of kids' entertainment can indeed be beneficial for your young one.

Obviously, you will know their likes and dislikes, as well as the subjects they may struggle with at school. A good, thoroughly entertaining app focusing on their little weakness could help them master it and build a strong foundation for further learning. ABCs, spelling, words, grammar, and languages, in general, are more than well represented in the world of apps.

Learning through play is also suitable for more complex topics such as math and science. There is no concept or idea that cannot be explained with the help of colorful characters, intricate puzzles, and interesting challenges. Plants and animals will prove fun for younger children, while those over the age of 6 will even be able to manage some very basic physics.

Play Cartoons & Films for Endless Fun

Needless to say, it is impossible to imagine kids' entertainment without cartoons. They have been an indispensable part of everyone's childhood for almost a century. Today, it is very easy to have them on your tablet. They can be played in the car, while you're driving, to keep the little ones out of trouble. When choosing the app for the job, make sure the service is able to provide a range of options, from old Disney and Hanna-Barbera classics to more recent additions to the genre.

The same goes for movies. A streaming platform with a great selection of age-appropriate videos shouldn't cost you more than a few dollars a month but could help your preschool child have endless hours of fun.

This is where things get a bit technical. Squinting over a tablet is not the best option if you can afford to arrange things differently. A projector or a large TV are better alternatives that won't potentially damage the little one's eyes. Finding an app that will be able to connect to any such device will be an excellent move to make. Picking one that works both on and offline will be an even better option.

Include Some Ideas for Outdoor Exercise

All this talk about apps and screentime is probably pushing the average parent towards an anxiety attack - and for a reason. Spending too much time on different gadgets is not good for the developing body and mind. An hour or two per day is fine but, beyond that, it is better to go outside and play the old fashioned way. It will help your offspring grown into healthy, strong individuals.

Paradoxically enough, our smartphones can help us in this endeavor. Moving beyond the realm of indoor kids' entertainment, more than a few apps can suggest an endless array of activities that can be pursued in the great outdoors. Your child will get plenty of exercises, and can even learn some new sports through video tutorials. They will be able to enjoy their newfound skills with their little friends, bringing an extra dose of fun into their playtime.

Exploring nature is another great way to get out of the house and learn something new. Apps that help identify plants and animals are a more recent addition to the offer but are well worth looking into. You just have to find a playground, a park, or a national park near you and let the fun begin.

Now that you have learned How to Find the Best Apps for Kids' Entertainment, you can take your little one to the Best 10 Apps for Kids Entertainment and pick something you will both enjoy.


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