How to Find a Video Editing App That Works for You

Learn the Basics of Video Editing With a Free App

Video editing can be a fun and educational hobby that teaches you how computers, cameras, and people work. Learning video editing can help improve your camera skills as well because you will learn what can and cannot be done in post-production. However, video editing software can be crazy expensive and extremely discouraging to navigate when you are first starting. Starting out with professional-level video editing software can feel a bit like sitting in the cockpit of a fighter jet with thousands of buttons and lights flashing at you. 

So, to keep from getting discouraged or distracted by the sheer amount of tools available, it is better to start your video editing journey with a simple free software app. These free apps will usually provide you with a simple cropper, trimmer, and lighting tool. These tools are easy to learn how to use, yet allow you to do some pretty cool things to a raw video. A free video editing app doesn't just save you money, it makes it much easier to learn the basics. Due to the massive amount of free video editing software available today, you can usually find software that doesn't even put their watermark over your final product, so your final product will look professional without spending an insane amount of money. While free video editing apps definitely have their limits, they are an easy place to start.

Use Different Free Trials to See Which Editor You Like Best

Now that you have started to play around with different video editing software and have figured out it is something you enjoy, it's time to start considering downloading a more professional, unlimited video editing app for your iPhone or Android. However, before jumping into the deep end and shelling out large amounts of cash for the full version of an expensive video editing app, take advantage of the free trials available. First, you need to consider what type of features you want your editing software to have. If are you looking to create special effects or trying to post a clear and professional-looking video to YouTube or Vimeo, your choice will be different than someone looking to create short films for a film festival. Now that you've decided what type of video editing you want to do, start looking at program packages. Apps like Lightworks or Adobe Creative have a free trial available. Using these free trials allows you to get a feel for different types of software without fully committing to buying the final product.

Read Reviews to See Which Subscriptions Fit Your Style

Once you have a few different video editing apps you are considering, it's time to chose one. When it finally comes down to choosing the video editing software, don't be above reading the reviews. There are hundreds of different YouTube videos where the pros and cons of different editing apps are compared against one another. These videos can help make sure you end up picking the right editing package. The reviews are an important part of selecting the right editing software because even though a free trial is a good initial estimate that you may like a certain video editing app, it isn't enough time to really get to know a program. Those little annoyances, while they might not seem a big deal in the free trial, could be a deal-breaker after spending thousands of hours editing. Reviews are a great way to find out if those little annoyances are or aren't a big deal when you've paid for the subscription.

Create Awe-Inspiring Social Media Post

Now that you are comfortable using professional video editing apps, whether you decided to go with Adobe or Videopad, it's time to start creating amazing videos. If you are looking to become a paid video editor, it's important to start getting your work out to the public. In order to do this effectively, you need to have a good social media presence on the platforms of your choice whether that be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even LinkedIn. To help manage your online presence, there are hundreds of great apps designed to help you market yourself. However, the most important part about getting yourself out there is to produce work that you are proud to display to the world. If you are producing videos you are proud of, then the people and jobs will be sure to follow. If you are struggling to find your first video editing job, then look on websites like Upwork or Fiver. These websites are great for freelance video editors trying to land their first gigs.

Follow Tutorials and Take Lessons to Improve Your Editing

Whether you are trying to become a professional video editor, or it's just a fun hobby, continuing to improve your editing skills is an essential part of staying up to date with technology. Luckily, there are lots of educational resources available for video editors. Many editing apps and software companies put out their educational courses to encourage people to use their programs, and these courses are a great place to start. Another great educational resource is, of course, YouTube. YouTube has thousands of videos over just about every aspect of editing. Whether you are looking to improve your special effects skills or working to create the perfect lighting, there are tutorials available. 

If YouTube isn't your thing, other apps like Udemy offer step by step courses from video editing 101 to some very advanced techniques and it's definitely worth checking out. These educational apps have teachers that create a  course outline much more like a traditional college course and have a bit more structure than YouTube's tutorials.

Now your ready to go out and find that editing software you'll love.  Just remember these five tips and you can avoid getting frustrated by complicated and expensive software