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How to Create Beautiful Bokeh-Effects Photos on Your Smartphone

How to Create Beautiful Bokeh-Effects Photos on Your Smartphone

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What have cameras taught us? Probably that we may not be able to turn back the hands of time, but we can freeze our best and memorable times in photographs. Today, with social media, the urge to share our pictures has heightened. Although, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd with the tons of images taken and shared daily. The goal is to stand out.

Below, you’ll learn about the photo magic of bokeh effects and how millions of smartphone users are creating iconic images with it using apps.

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Table of Contents

  1. What's Special About the Bokeh Effect?
  2. How to Achieve Bokeh on Your Single-Lens Camera
  3. Bokeh on Dual Camera Phones
  4. The Easiest Way to Achieve Beautiful Bokeh Effects
  5. Bokeh Effects on iOS & Android

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What's Special About the Bokeh Effect?

The bokeh effect is a popular term among expert photographers and cinematographers. The word Bokeh is Japanese, which means "to blur.”

In photography, the Bokeh blurs out background objects in a haze-like effect, while creating “focal” emphasis on a subject. This technique helps photographers maximize viewers’ attention so that focus is on what’s essential. In filming, movie directors use the effect as a storytelling element to direct attention to specific characters or objects.

But this is photography. So why should you care about the bokeh effect as a smartphone user? Well, as smartphone or app users, we have been included in a new wave of digital photography by default. We may not have asked for it, but our smartphone cameras make us semi-pro photographers. This development also opens us to a vast collection of excellent photo editing apps that can give us pro-like photo results. So, this concerns you after all, especially if you love getting creative.

Moreover, we’re in a time when photos and videos are everywhere, probably shot in this same manner. But only the best pictures with a creative twist get the most attention. Hence, you’d be spicing your photo album with more creative shots when you become adventurous with your bokeh photography.

The good thing is you don't need to be a Hollywood director to achieve the Japanese bokeh blurry photo effect. Many users are already experimenting with the Bokeh on smartphones.

How to Achieve Bokeh on Your Single-Lens Camera

Today, smartphones with dual rear camera functionalities are the trend. The feature makes it easier for users to actualize bokeh effects on their photos. If you use a single-lens camera, your photos are likely to come out like every regular photo, with all elements sharpened.

Does this mean the end of the story for smartphone users with single-lens cameras? No. With the best filter effect apps, you can still achieve the same bokeh effects and even apply more professional-looking filters on photos.

Right before dual-camera phones were released, most phone users were already pulling Bokeh off with apps. Even if your smartphone doesn’t come with these apps by default, you can always download them. These photo editor apps allow you to edit the image on your smartphone and blur image background.

Bokeh on Dual Camera Phones

When it comes to default capacity, dual camera smartphones like the iPhone 7 come close in achieving bokeh photo effects. But it may not be as impeccable as that of mirrorless cameras or DSLR lens would. As simple as the bokeh effect might seem, it requires some level of sophistication on camera lenses, software, and artistry. So if you aren't impressed with the result on your dual-camera, you can easily simulate the bokeh effect with an app.

For convenience reasons, many smartphone users take photos and process them on apps. This move would save you time and rounds of multiple shots and deletion. In one touch, you can apply Bokeh on your image with the right tools. Another good reason is that you'd be able to explore other eye-catching photo effects that'd add a great touch to your photo before sharing.

The Easiest Way to Achieve Beautiful Bokeh Effects

Now you know the photo magic you can create with the bokeh effects, you don't need to search the phrase "how to edit image" anymore. The question would then be, "Which is the easiest way to achieve the bokeh effect?" All you need is the power of your smartphone to start. The number of creative photos we see on Instagram daily shows that it’s easier to achieve more than just blurring effect on camera apps. Now that there are free apps for bokeh effects, whether you own a single, or dual camera lens smartphone shouldn’t matter anymore.

Most smartphone users have gotten comfortable with taking photos and editing them on third party best photo editor apps. The beauty here is that these third party apps now come with multiple features that integrate with your phone’s default camera. Interestingly, right from the app, you can take great photos with your camera and apply numerous editing options and effects. 

Bokeh Effects on iOS & Android

The smartphone you use, whether it's an iPhone or Android, brings you closer to having the bokeh effect. The first thing you'd do is check out Bokeh on the default camera of your smartphone and weigh your options. Remember, your primary goal is to churn out excellent photos with more fascinating effects. Therefore, while your camera may handle basic photography, you'd need third party photo effect simulators or selfie camera apps to pull off bokeh effects and more stunts. The good thing is, iPhone users can explore an impressive collection of image editors for iOS. Likewise, Android users will find more than enough top photo editor apps for Android.

As demonstrated in this article, the right apps can help us save the best memories and achieve outstanding image results without professional assistance. You can start making more out of your smartphone photography today. Impress your families and friends with bokeh effects photos today. Check out our collection of the Best Bokeh Effect Apps for Photos to get started.  

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