How to Conquer Briscola Games

Learn The Rules

The first step towards conquering Briscola, especially if you’re a beginner, is to study the rules and guidelines. Briscola is a card game played by 2 to 6 players using a standard deck of 40 cards. People mostly play Briscola using Italian cards. They group the cards into four suits of swords, coins, cups, and batons. Removing cards eight to ten, and the joker will make it a standard 52-deck card to play with.

Cards in a Briscola deck are ranked with points value from Ace, Three, King, Queen, Jack with 11, 10, 4, 3, and 2 points, respectively. The combined value of all the cards in a Briscola deck is 120 points. The remaining cards in the deck are not assigned any value. The order of card ranking in Briscola may change depending on the Briscola variant, type of card used, and the inclination of the players. French-suited cards, for example, may switch the ranking positions of the Jack and Queen.

In a game, the first player or team to get up to 61 points in a Briscola game is the winner. The game is a tie if both players score 60 points apiece.

Any beginner interested in Briscola games can begin to get conversant with the rules by using a smartphone app. 

Start From the Easy Level

The simplest version of Briscola is a two-player game, and you can grasp it with modest effort. One player shuffles the deck and deals three cards. Then, a seventh card is dealt facing up, and this is taken as the Briscola. It’s the trump suit that takes every card in the game regardless of ranking. The undealt cards are placed facedown, and the game begins.

The non-dealing player is the first to play, meaning the dealer plays next. The winner of the trick is determined based on the following rules:

• If the dealer plays a card in the same suit as the one led by the non-dealer, the player with the higher card wins, collects the two cards, and piles them facing down.

• If the dealer plays a card from a different suit, the dealer wins and collects the two cards regardless of rank, provided that none of the played cards is a trump card.

• If a Briscola is played, whoever plays the Briscola wins the trick.

Each player draws a card from the pile of undealt cards at the end of each trick, first by the winner and then the loser. The winner of the last trick leads the following, and this goes on till the undealt cards are exhausted. The loser of the most recent trick at this stage gets to draw the trump card. The game continues, and no cards are drawn until every card is played.

Both players will count the points of their piles won in tricks, based on the chosen ranking system. The player with at least 61 points wins the game. The game is a draw if both players get 60 points each.

Mobile Briscola apps design allows increasing difficulty levels, so there's something for everyone, no matter their skill level. 

Study Your Achievements Before Moving Up

When you’ve understood the elements of the two-player Briscola, you may want to proceed to a four or six-player game. Multiple-player Briscola is slightly more complicated than the two-player game, though the rules are the same.

Two teams of two or three players each play against each other. When the cards are dealt, the opposing player to the dealer’s right leads first. The remaining players, in turn, play any cards. The winner of the trick is the person who plays the highest card of the led suit if no Briscola is played. The highest Briscola wins if more than one Briscola is played.

Like in the two-player game, the winner of the last trick draws from the undealt pile for the game to progress to the next trick. The next player draws the trump card after all the cards are used up, and the game is played with no cards drawn until every card is played.

The twos are taken off the deck in a six-player game to leave a 36-card deck. Multiplayer rules may or may not permit visual or verbal communication among team members.  

Sporadically Challenge AI in Harder Levels

One way to improve your ability to analyze and play Briscola games is to challenge the AI computer in harder levels of Briscola apps. Intermittently playing against a more difficult level of the AI helps build your confidence especially when you perform well. If you're no match for the AI level you choose to tackle, you can always come down a step or revert to your skill-appropriate level, till you become confident enough to tackle the AI level again. 

Challenge Other Players in Online Mode

The Internet has significantly impacted the way we do many things, including having fun. Competing against other players in online mode is probably the most fun way to learn and hone your Briscola skills. Briscola apps allow enthusiasts to test their skills against other participants in online multiplayer sessions.

Players can play private or public matches with participants from different parts of the world. In-game chat features allow players to communicate and discuss their achievements. World ranking leaderboard also lets you see how great a player you are compared to the world’s best. 

Mobile apps provide an easy way to access games and become adept at playing them. You can conquer and become a master of Briscola by downloading from our list of Best Briscola Game Apps