How to Connect with Your Audience Better Using Live Video

Decide on the Purpose of the Live Session

Before jumping on a live broadcast, it's crucial to decide on its purpose. Having a clear-cut aim when going live will ensure your Livestream isn't painful to watch. Decide on the topic you want to talk about, and the benefits your viewers are going to gain from your live video. Another critical plan is how you intend to engage your audience during the broadcast: are they going to do anything? What kind of feedback should they provide?

Having a well laid-out plan doesn't necessarily mean you have to be rigid during your live broadcast. Instead, it gives you the freedom to be spontaneous while maintaining your focus on a particular goal. Another thing to consider is how you want your audience to feel during and after the session – inspired, excited, motivated, informed, or empathetic? Then you have to decide on the best streaming platform for your broadcast. If you intend to connect with art and music enthusiasts, for example, the YouNow: Live streaming app is a great fit.

Go Up & Personal

If you’re looking to gain genuine followers via your live streaming, you have to be as genuinely honest as possible. The audience should relate with you on a personal level, and an excellent way to start is to greet your viewers personally. Some live broadcasters mention by name every viewer that joins, even though this can be frustrating for other viewers already connected. However, a welcome shout-out can mean a lot to them.

Livestreaming is an opportunity to share who you are and what your story is to other people. Sharing your personal experience and anecdotes with the audience helps them invest in you emotionally. Many video streaming apps, like Yome Live, have the live chat feature that allows you to chat with your audience during the broadcast. The app also has a voice chat feature that lets you talk about life and share emotions with other people.

Interact with Your Audience

Livestreaming allows the viewer to share their opinions in real-time. It's essential to engage them by encouraging comments and thoughts. Your followers want to be noticed, so replying to their comments directly can go a long way.

During the live video, look out for relevant questions and feedback you can quickly respond to. Calling out a person's name or reading out their comments can show how much you value them. You might not be a top celebrity, but responding directly can mean so much to them. If you have passive viewers, you can get them involved by probing them with questions. With the Bigo Live streaming app, you can share your best moments with over 200 million users on the platform, make friends, and even make money. You also get to watch the live streams of other members and make a group video call with them.

Some live video chat platform, like Coconut.tv, lets you create and share short videos with people all over the world. Users can also send private video messages to friends and followers on the app, as well as go live with a friend.

Ensure Spontaneity

Unexpected scenarios are likely to happen during live streams, and embracing spontaneity will help control that. Being creative with interruptions or disturbances in the environment will make the live video fun. That includes sharing behind-the-scenes moments, like your office or home tours, random interviews with people around, and casual thoughts.

Being spontaneous not only makes your live video fun, but it also shows the very personal side of your business, allowing your audience to connect with you emotionally. Whether you offer live training sessions as a graphic designer, chef, or business coach, being rigid doesn’t quite cut it. An app that lets you broadcast your special moments with millions of people is Frill Live, which ranks as one of the most popular live video streaming social network. You can go live, chat with others in the multi-guest room, and build your brand.

Schedule Your Next Live Session

Scheduling the next live session helps build anticipation and excitement with your followers. At the end of a broadcast, hint to the audience on the subject of discussion during the next meeting, and state precisely the time and date you’ll be broadcasting. That way, you’ll have your audience already present before you even begin. Having a regular schedule, like going live every Friday or Monday, can also help, especially if you’ve built your video chats around a particular theme.

Use '"call to action" to get viewers connected before the next episode. You can drop your social media handles or website links where they can catch a recap of previous broadcasts and what to expect during the next session.

Videos make up a large percentage of Internet traffic globally, and this trend is expected to rise. We’ve discussed how you can effectively connect with your audience using live video. However, you need the right platform to even begin with. So we’ve put together a list of the Best Apps for Streaming Live Video to help guide your selection.