How to Choose the Best Meditation Apps

Lots of references to make meditation easy to learn

There are a lot of meditation references available that will help you supplement your meditation practice in order to make it even better. If you want something a bit more formal and educational, then you might be interested in meditation books that walk you through the practice, or the history of meditation. Books on meditation are great for people who learn better by reading. There are also meditation apps that feature content from some of the most famous meditation authors, including meditation quotes.

However, if visual learning is more your style, then you might prefer meditation videos that will guide you through a meditation along with beautiful scenery to help relax you. Youtube videos can be found online, but there are meditation apps that feature full libraries with a wide-ranging selection of guided meditation videos.

Last but not least, meditation classes will help you learn how to meditate while filling your community with people just like you who want to perfect meditation; perfect for those who learn better with a group of other people. 

Scientific proof on benefits to trust meditation is good

Scientific evidence proves that the psychology of meditation helps in 2 major areas, your physical body and your emotional mind. Like eating healthy and working out, meditation will improve your health.

Statistics show that people who suffer from physical problems like high blood pressure, insomnia or even addiction will benefit from apps that have unique meditations for these symptoms, including sleep meditations and meditations directed specifically for people in recovery.

If your reason for meditation is because you have anxiety, stress, or you have trouble focusing you will look for meditation apps that concentrate on improving your emotional health and changing your brain patterns. There are meditation apps that even have quick meditations that you can refer to right away when you’re having a panic attack or feeling overwhelmed and are great for people who want instant relief.

Tips to ease the pressure for beginners

For beginners, meditation might seem overwhelming and difficult, especially if you are looking for a meditation app to reduce anxiety. This feeling is completely understandable but it’s also avoidable. If you want to skip over those beginner blues, you’re going to want to consider the type of meditation you actually want to try and what techniques work best for you.

Instead of wasting your time with the wrong type of meditation (like chakra meditation when you’d much prefer guided meditation), look into what kinds of meditation are available and what best suits your lifestyle and personality.

Remember, beginners tend to do well with guided meditations because they don’t have to think about what to do next, so there’s no pressure that they’re doing it wrong.

Beginners, don’t get overwhelmed by a long meditations! Meditation is a practice and it takes time to learn; sitting still and staying focused for long periods of time is difficult for most people.

Start off meditating for just 5 or 10 minutes a day. It’s a smart way to learn, you’ll quickly become more comfortable with the exercises. Meditation timer apps will keep you on track and it will be much easier to turn mediation into a daily habit.

It’s also important to find a good spot to meditate. You’re going to want to find a location that is quiet and peaceful; one where you won’t be distracted by anything. 

Locate classes near you so you can start immediately

Meditation classes, like the yoga classes, are a great way to establish your meditation practice. Luckily there are meditation apps that can help identify classes in right in your neighborhood, So when you’re wondering to yourself “what classes are near me”, you’ll have an answer in minutes.

Being able to practice meditation right in your area makes it possible to start your practice immediately. Don’t waste precious time, find a class nearby and start today! 

Various types of meditation to choose what’s right for you

3 types of meditation are the most popular and you’re going to want to decide which one most interests you in order to select an app that best fits your needs. The first is guided meditation, which is where a narrator leads you to a state of relaxation by talking you through a variety of exercises. Guided meditation is great for beginners who want to learn the basics of how to meditate without wondering how long to meditate.

Second, mindfulness meditation, like zen meditation is a mental practice that involves focusing your mind on the present. This type of meditation requires some practice and is better for those who have past experience meditating.

And finally, chakra meditation is a meditation that focuses on the 7 energy centers of the body and is a technique that will open up the flow of energy. Chakra meditation is for people who want to focus on the individual energy centers of the body.

Now you know everything about how to choose the best meditation app. Check out our Best 10 Apps for Meditation and make just the right choice or yourself!