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How to Celebrate Mom – From a Distance – This Mother’s Day

Consider these apps and virtual experiences to honor mom

Tracy Block Staff Reporter
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Apps for Mother's Day - *INCREDIBLE Mother's Day Ideas!*

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I have been to plenty of events where half of the table is more concerned with texting or snapping pictures than communicating, and in 7 weeks of virtual experiences, I have found that on these webcam social platforms, everyone is looking front and center and enjoying the opportunity to be in their chosen company.
- Belinda Chang, Chicago-based virtual experience expert and sommelier

As Mother’s Day 2020 approaches, the typical all-you-can-eat, bottomless mimosa-infused brunch gathering of years’ past is unfortunately not an option this time around. According to an annual survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, 78% of Americans say that celebrating Mother’s Day is still important to them, despite the coronavirus impact. In fact, consumers are interested in spending a little more – approximately $8 more – for an average of $205 on Mother’s Day gifts and celebrations this year.

Consequently, due to the pandemic, families across the US are left wondering how to celebrate mom – at a distance. Thanks to various apps and virtual event options, there are still plenty of unique ways to honor mom from afar.

An App That Delivers Mom’s Favorite Treats

An app and online marketplace that delivers regional and gourmet foods straight to mom’s door, Goldbelly offers a way to send the celebration home. From bagel bundles and mom-entous dinners to festive donuts and stunning cakes, there’s a treat for every taste bud on this gluttonous portal.

“My husband and I are no strangers to Goldbelly,” says 36-year-old Megan Burak of South Hamilton, Massachusetts. “We both come from food-loving families and have turned to Goldbelly for gifts in the past, so we frequently receive their emails and advertisements,” she explains. 

Unfortunately, Burak’s mother lives in South Florida, and due to the crisis, cannot travel to join her family up north for this year’s festivities. So, through Goldbelly, Burak ordered an array of lobster rolls and whoopie pies from Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co., a famous vendor in Maine. “I wanted something that brought a little piece of New England her way,” Burak shares. “I figured this was the next best thing.”

Coordinate a Virtual Mother’s Day Toast

While you would think a virtual event is somewhat a downgrade from the real thing, that's not necessarily true. “A well-produced virtual event is, in some cases, even better than an in-real-life Mother’s Day – or any celebration,” offers Chicago-based virtual experience expert and sommelier Belinda Chang

As a matter of fact, Chang has produced and hosted in-person events for more than 20 years but is now confidently embracing the shift into virtual experiences. Also, virtual events are not new to Chang, who has hosted “Champagne 101” and “Champagne and Food Pairing” classes via Skype for magazine editorial teams. “I had no idea I would be able to use these experiences to pivot my entire business model,” she says.

In terms of a virtual Mother’s Day gathering, Chang says this enables guests from all over the globe to easily attend the celebration. “It allows you to look every guest in the eye when you use a platform like Zoom, and the engagement and connection can be even higher than in a restaurant or another venue,” she admits. “I have been to plenty of events where half of the table is more concerned with texting or snapping pictures than communicating, and in 7 weeks of virtual experiences, I have found that on these webcam social platforms, everyone is looking front and center and enjoying the opportunity to be in their chosen company.” With a bit of planning, Chang adds, these virtual events are so much fun.

To plan a virtual Mother’s Day toast, Chang suggests having Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype, and a group of friends and/or family willing to sign up and learn how to use the app of choice. Next, send an invitation including the specifics, like date, time, platform (with basic instructions, if newbies are joining) and a dress code, which, according to Chang, “makes it so much more fun, special and aesthetically pleasing, in case you decide to hit record.” Then, craft a menu with a cocktail that everyone can make and drink together. “Specifying all these things and sitting down to drink and eat them together makes the experience close to being together in real life,” Chang says. “You can even send out kits to mom and all of the attendees.” Chang recommends a Kir Royale-type cocktail, or any wine – sparkling or still – with a splash of liqueur, like Grand Marnier, Chambord or Crème de cassis. In addition, fruit juice infusions and frosé are fun and easy options. For fare to pair, contact your favorite restaurant to see if they are offering meal kits.

To complement the experience, you can choose a pretty background to show off, like floral arrangements or even a virtual photo collage. Finally, select a host. “I’ve found that someone who has the power to mute and unmute, spotlight, and move the conversation along is key, particularly if the group is a larger one,” Chang suggests. “People talking over each other, feedback, awkward silences – all of this can be avoided with a designated host controlling the ‘booth.’”

When it comes to activities, Chang recommends virtual Bingo, cookie or cake decorating, and even wine tasting. “You are only limited by your creativity,” Chang says.

Make a Virtual Bouquet With Mom

If Mother’s Day had a mascot, it would undoubtedly be a floral bouquet. While you can send flowers to mom any time of year, why not go the extra mile to join her in a virtual floral arrangement class? Kristine Ortiz, owner of KLO Events in Easton, Pennsylvania, is now offering this brand of “hybrid” event. “Everyone is looking for a way to connect with each other,” says Ortiz. “This provides a fun, interactive activity that people can do together. Floral arranging is a double-win; you get to learn something new and you have a beautiful arrangement to brighten up your space and remind you of the event (or person) you are celebrating.”

Those interested in participating can sign up online and supplies – from local florists – will be delivered safely to your door (curbside pickup is an option, too). However, this is a regional event, where deliveries are limited to a 20-mile radius. On event day, participants can choose to Zoom altogether, or opt for a smaller, private group. “This allows people to feel they are having their own, private class,” Ortiz explains.

Pro Tip: If you do not live within 20 miles of Easton, fret not. You can work on gathering supplies through a local florist in your town and set up a Zoom session on your own.

“Following Mother’s Day, I think this can be for birthdays, graduation celebrations, and holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah,” Ortiz says. “I do think virtual events are here to stay – in some way, shape or form. We all have to adapt, learn, and grow. Human connection is so imperative and these types of events allow that connection to continue within a virtual space.”

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