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How to Boost Employee Productivity With Sticky Notes

Consider Going Digital

Sticky notes are a norm in every business; they're an effective way for managers to deliver messages, notes, and reminders to everyone on the team without doing it individually.

Displaying digital sticky notes on a virtual notice board is an innovative alternative to the traditional adhesive notes attached to a physical board. It also scores a plus mark for convenience since everyone today can access records either through a smartphone or personal computer.

The recommended way to create a virtual notice board is to find a reliable sticky note software, create an account for your business, then grant your employees access to the platform. That way, they'll receive an instant update on their device(s) whenever you add a new sticky note to the virtual notice board.

Besides Microsoft OneNote, some of the most reliable sticky notes platforms today include:


Notezilla is a digital sticky note software that lets you jot down notes and have access to them from multiple computers and operating systems.


Evernote lets you take 100s of typed notes (including recordings and pictures), save them on the cloud, and have access to them from several devices with one account.


With Simplenote's cloud-synchronization feature, you can quickly jot down your thoughts and have them appear on multiple computers and platforms.

Here are more sticky notes software options in case your staff consists of smartphone users with minimal access to a PC. 

Create a Simplified Task List

There's nothing worse than a cumbersome task list that requires intense mental effort to understand. It tires the reader and is often easy to forget.

To prevent this problem and increase the relevance of your sticky notes plus employee comprehension, we recommend that you keep the task list brief and as precise as possible.

How can you simplify a to-do list?

Prioritize Tasks

Using tags, indicators, or color codes to signify a task's priority is an effective way to boost employee productivity. Not only will they take the job seriously, but also the relevance of the sticky note.

Make It Informative

Keep the task brief but detailed enough to get the message across.

Set Deadlines

Including a realistic timeframe is an effective way for employees to limit irrelevant breaks, and significantly reduce procrastination.

However, if you're too busy to organize a task list yourself, consider choosing one of these apps to help you. 

Send Messages & Reminders

Digital sticky notes are an excellent way to get task updates and reminders across to employees and avoid the usual "I wasn't aware" excuse.

This method is most effective if your office successfully incorporates the use of digital sticky notes, and makes it an essential part of the employees' daily work life.

To ensure your sticky note messages and reminders never go unread, you must consider the factors below.


Every sticky note must include relevant information related to the day/week's tasks and activities. Any irrelevant update will result in the sticky note losing its value, thus, rendering it ineffective.


Similar to a well-organized to-do list, a brief but informative message on your sticky note is sufficient to get the update across. Long-winded texts are too much of a hassle to comprehend as they could be misremembered or forgotten.


Since sticky notes aim to inform all members of your organization, we recommended that you specify which team or individual you intend to address before updating your virtual notice board. Without this distinction, you will most likely end up with a misunderstood message or a confused audience. 

Inspire With Daily Motivational Quotes

Most managers often overlook the importance of motivational quotes in a corporate environment even though their relevance often rivals that of a cup of coffee. Therefore, updating your virtual notice board with a motivating sticky note is sufficient to improve an employee's productivity and sense of self.

Some reliable apps you can add to your bucket list of apps for daily motivational quotes include:

Inspirational Quotes

This app is stocked with more than 300 motivational quote pics and famous sayings to inspire you and your staff daily.

Self Motivation

Begin the business day with mobile motivation by kindling joy in the heart of your staff with this app's extensive collection of motivational messages and uplifting thoughts.

Bible Quotes

Brighten the spirit of your staff with inspiring quotes straight from God's holy book. This app functions the same way as other motivational software and delivers meaningful Bible quotes and messages for daily inspiration. 

Prioritize With Color Codes

Using color indicators on sticky notes to distinguish urgent tasks from non-urgent ones allows staff members to identify essential duties and attend to them accordingly.

We recommended that you explain the color codes and their meanings to your staff before incorporating this method.

Some popular color codes include:

Urgent Tasks

Most organizations use colors such as red, black, and brown for critical tasks and emergencies.

Daily Tasks

Color codes like blue and green often indicate the average regular job.


Color codes like yellow and white indicate messages and reminders.

That’s our top five tips on how to boost employee productivity with sticky notes. We hope incorporating these habits enables your organization to accomplish its milestones and objectives before set deadlines. Create a virtual notice board today for your company by making a pick from some of our best sticky note apps

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