How Simulators Can Help You Fly a Helicopter

Learning How to Fly a Helicopter Simulation

Helicopter simulations was once available only for the military but it has now come a long way over the past 35 years. The technological advances in these simulators have made it easier and more accessible for many people to experience it. A flight simulator gives aspiring pilots the chance to get a sense of what it feels to fly a helicopter in real life.

Depending on the ultimate objective of using a simulator, you can choose one that suits your needs. For example, if you want to get an understanding of the basic controls and learn them, you could download one of the many helicopter simulation apps such as HindAlternatively, if you are a more serious pilot and have the need to improve your skills in piloting, you could consider registering with a flight school that has an advanced simulation environment to flying a helicopter. 

Training Professionals Using Helicopter Simulators

Learning how to fly a helicopter is a special skill and requires intense training and knowledge that needs to be thoroughly tested. As a beginner pilot, it would not be possible to train yourself in a real helicopter as that would be too dangerous. As such, a majority of flying schools use helicopter simulators to help pilots across all experience levels. This forms a major part in developing a training procedure that replicates real-life scenarios in virtual environments.

This is especially important when you are trying to learn the emergency flight procedures that are mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Going through these procedures and familiarizing yourself with it is key to earning your pilot license. Most professional pilots will have been put through simulations that replicate various scenarios by incorporating variables such as wind speed, wind direction, weather conditions, light, etc. Furthermore, time spent on simulator hours can also be logged toward the flying hours that are required based on FAA guidelines to obtain your pilot license.

Equipment Needed for Helicopter Simulators

Unlike train simulators, helicopter simulators would have more variables to control, and as such, setting it would require a more robust bundle of equipment including hardware, software, and related accessories. It is especially important to ensure that the hardware that you purchase is fully compatible with the respective software and that it meets all the requirements including graphics, sounds, and processing memory.

The advancement in computer software and related technologies has allowed for more tools and equipment to emulate more realistic training and simulations than previously. The type of equipment you need to create a helicopter simulator would depend on how advanced you want to get with the simulation. Some airplane simulation apps are more robust and with the right hardware equipment, you can have an enhanced experience at a fraction of a cost. More professional helicopter simulators are designed to help you get a grasp of advanced controls which may require complex computing systems such as a cockpit visual panel.

DIY Helicopter Simulators for Beginners

However, as a starting point, most beginners can also set up their DIY helicopter simulation. Putting together an in-home flight simulator can definitely be an interesting experience. It requires you to have a good knowledge of the various hardware and software that are required to set them up in a correct manner. The scale of the setup would very much depend on your budget and requirements. Accordingly, you would source the right bundle pack that can help you set up the flight simulator.

Some of the best flight simulators consist of high-end feature-rich joystick, pedals, panels, gauges, and software that brings them all together. It is also important to note that though you may not have the budget to spend on more expensive equipment, these components can always be plugged in later on.

Virtual Environments for Better Experience

Most helicopter simulation apps are designed toward creating a real life experience that you can easily relate to. For example, if you are training to fly a helicopter for military purposes, you could consider choosing a flight simulation app that replicates this to some extent. Unlike, say,  taxi driving simulators, it is important that helicopter simulations have the right virtual environment that emulates multiple real life variables.

Helicopter simulators have definitely come a long way and with the advancements in technology, it has become more accessible. There are plenty of options available on your smartphone which provides robust software that can replicate various real-life scenarios of flying a helicopter. With the right extensions and hardware, you can now easily create an in-home simulation at a fraction of a cost too.