Stop slogging through the endless results of a "hotels near me" internet search, and start browsing tons of cheap hotels you can find all in one convenient place! With hotel comparison apps, you can find all the best deals in one place so you can save time, money, and energy as you find your perfect work or holiday stay. From Priceline hotels to Expedia hotels and more, find everything you're looking for plus a little extra with deals you'll have to see to believe! brings innovation to your fingertips with more than one and a half million properties around the world that you can browse and book in just minutes. Search by destination, local activities and landmarks, and filter your results based on your perfect price so you're always left with the hotels that are just right for you. Regardless of your budget, find amazing deals for all of your dream destinations and experience hotel booking that's 100% your way!

Users have raved over the convenience of booking their ideal hotels; however, some have noted a bit of a snag in the modification process. Because is a third-party app, meaning they help you find the perfect deals but do not represent each and every hotel listed on their site, managing your reservation can be a tad tricky if you don't know where to start. Luckily, has an amazing 24/7 customer service line that's available in more than 40 languages so you can get help making all the changes you need to create the perfect stay.

Enjoy a luxury stay at a price that your wallet will thank you for! Whether you're traveling last minute or are booking in advance, find all the best deals and steals with Have an amenity you can't live without? Filter rooms by must-have features to narrow down the list of top contenders. Traveling with a family? Do your budget a favor and find rooms that fit all of you for less. Whatever it is you're looking for, find it and more at the perfect price!

Customers love the perk of earning a free night's stay by booking with, but some users have expressed their desire for the points to last longer than just one year. It can be tough traveling enough in one year to earn that extra stay, but with's amazing prices, you just might be able to make it work! Stay local and book a night at a hotel for a date with your spouse or take the kids to the pool. With such a great catalog of deals, you'll find yourself going back to it again and again.


There's nothing better than getting private deals for all of your favorite destination spots, and with Kayak hotels, you get just that! Search amazing prices you won't find anywhere else with the comparison app that brings all of your most relevant booking information to the palm of your hand. View a hotel's price history over the past 90 days and see price forecasts to determine the best time to book. Organize all of your travel data in one place so you don't have to scramble to find missing details. Relax with confidence knowing Kayak has you covered!

Slow loading speeds have been reported when browsing through hotel options. This appears to be an error with the app's most recent update, which, thankfully, is quite an easy fix. With new updates coming regularly in order to make the browsing and booking experience even easier for users, this should quickly solve this issue in the near future!


With nearly 2 million available properties around the world, you truly won't know where to begin! Find extra deals not available on the Agoda website for even more discounted options on great hotels around the world. Browse high-quality photos, maps, local activities, and so much more for a great way to plan the perfect trip! Whether you're traveling for work or for pleasure, enjoy a stress-free experience that will change the way you think about hotel booking.

Many users have complimented the wonderful efficiency of notifications and alerts, reminding them of their upcoming travels, new hotel deals, and more. However, receiving notifications when you no longer want or need them can be a bit of a pain. The solution is simple. No longer want to receive notifications? Just go into your settings and turn them off. Then, turn them back on when you want to be notified of price changes, new deals, and more. It's entirely up to you!

No matter your destination, find all the best hotel deals with these amazing, cost-effective hotel comparison apps! Want even more great ways to book hotels with confidence? Check out our list of the Best 10 Hotel Booking Apps and get started today! 

Booking the right hotel room will make your travel a success. Research room rates, view amenities, compare prices and find the best hotel deal for easily.

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