Homework Planner

Homework Planners That Keep Your Young Student on Track.

For young students, going to all the different classes assigned to you, the subjects you study, and the homework you are assigned are new responsibilities to conquer. To build solid, organized, and productive study habits, a young student should download a basic homework planner app. For example, an app like Egenda is the perfect fit for young students just learning how to manage their time and organize their classes, exams, and homework. Not only is this app easy to use, but its also completely free and it was designed by students. 

Homework Planners For Teachers & Parents

A great way for parents and teachers alike to help students stay on top of their homework assignments is through an app. There are many apps out there that can be implemented to the whole class so a teacher can see how each individual student is progressing in their weekly homework assignments. For example, the app Show My Homework will show each parent the homework assignments their children have coming up. This planner can help parents come up with fun ways to help their kids complete their homework as well as help the parents prioritize their family activities. 

In addition, there are also parent-teacher apps out there that keep the communication going to make sure the student is doing well or give the parents insight in real-time if the student is struggling with a certain topic without having to plan a parent-teacher meeting. Apps can help keep parents and teachers on the same page about the progress of the student, So look for apps that feature a to-do list section for assignments, but also a messenger or communication feature to keep the dialogue between teachers, students, and parents going. 

Homework Planners for College Students

College can be a freeing time, but its also a time to learn about responsibility, especially if you're a college student going to school far away from family. Not only do you have to keep up with your studies, but chances are this is your first time living outside your parents' house so you also need to take over the responsibility of cleaning your room, feeding yourself, and doing other household chores. There are a couple of different methods of keeping yourself organized, for example, a separate calendar for chores and after school activities, and another for classes and homework. But to keep it simple and less time-consuming, I would suggest an all in one app that features a to-do list, calendar, and planner for upcoming events, exams, or other important dates.

Therefore, to make life less complicated, download an app like Chipper. With this app,  you can keep your responsibilities, inside and outside of class, organized together with notifications to remind you of the top priorities you have each day. It's like having a talking to-do list and calendar at your fingertips. And as busy as exam time can be in your first or even fourth year of university, every college student could use a little help keeping track of the details and deadlines. 

Homework Planners for Working & Attending Online Classes

In this day and age, many people are returning to school via online universities while working full time. So the balance of work and study is extremely important, and neither can falter or outweigh the other. When you have a busy work schedule by day, and a busy school schedule in the evening, the only chances of success are to be organized with a major focus on time management. Therefore, you should find an app that can act as your personal assistant. This app can remind you at optimal times of the day meetings you need to attend, school work that needs to be done, and even what bills need to be paid that month. 

If a personal assistant app sounds perfect for your busy lifestyle, then look into downloading Cortana or the newer Hound app. Both apps lead the way in voice recognition, and perfect for setting reminders for yourself. For example, you can tell the app to remind you on Monday to set aside an hour before going to work to study for the exam that evening. The app will remind you at the time you request so you never forget no matter how busy you are. 

Technology Can Keep You Organized

Never before has it been easier to stay organized. Gone are the days of writing notes in a homework planner book. Now you can have the best apps and software with you at all times. With cloud-based software like Google Drive, you can pull up documents, spreadsheets, and presentations anywhere you have an Internet connection. And, luckily, this valuable software has a mobile application. 

You can also use technology to help you and a group of your peers ace the team project in any class. There are apps that let you share information, assign responsibilities, and check off things completed. This way, everyone in the team can stay up to date on the progress of the project, regardless of whether they are across campus or even the country. 

With technology on your side, you can achieve success at school and your studies by staying organized. Apps can help you by being able to study no matter where you are, getting online advice or help online with different subjects, and keeping track of which homework assignment is due first. All these improvements will help you stay ahead of the curve and guarantee success in school. 

Now that you have read some tips on homework planner apps, check out our list of Top 10 Homework Planners to see if one of them fits the criteria to help you succeed in your studies.