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Health Intelligence & Clinical Decision Making Apps

Clinical decision-making applications aren't strange in healthcare. Some medical calculator tools have been present for over 2 decades. The idea behind medical calculators started on the premise of "convenience and efficiency." Medical experts didn't have to spend precious time memorizing unending lists of clinical scores.

The clinical scoring systems provide a set of scores that doctors use in making physician judgment in treatment alternatives and health management. The question all tech tools raise remains, "Can human processes be truly free of error and human oversight?" Questions also tend to emerge from the ability of clinical decision-making apps to replace human expertise.

The possibility of this occurrence is zero. However, health intelligence is bound to improve when we combine human medical expertise with the smart scoring systems of these decision making apps.

Today, healthcare doesn't have to be limited by human memory or capacity. The use of BMI calculators that determine body mass index can give doctors insight on patients' health. Additionally, healthcare providers can use calculators to determine medication like anesthesia based on patient weight. This leap is achievable by using calculator apps to determine drug dose.

What Are Medical Calculators?

Medical calculators give health professionals insights on how to calculate health status and conditions by providing various clinical scores and indices. The principal purpose of these tools is to improve medical workflow and physician's efficiency. Before the smartphone era, there was already computer software for documenting information and medical records. Likewise, the clinical decision-making tools at that time were computer-based.

Undoubtedly, the introduction of mobile devices has improved the efficiency of healthcare services. Communication is critical and mobile phones have facilitated them seamlessly. Experts could access medical information systems and resources from anywhere with their phones. Currently, apps for healthcare providers have become a thing in medicine.

This development means more clinical apps that inform diagnosis and medical decisions will be within their reach. Perhaps, we owe the rapid acceptance of these clinical calculators to the popularity of smartphones and mobile apps.

Who Would Benefit From Medical Calculator Apps?

Medical calculators have made an impact on the profession of many healthcare providers. A flexible and accessible format means more medical professionals with mobile phones would explore it. Likewise, experts in traditional specialties would be willing to see how it improves their efficiency and patient health. Also, medical research professionals and journals whose research revolve around clinical scores and algorithms would benefit immensely.

The benefits do not elude the payers and patients who foot the medical bills. Medical calculator apps for nurses and doctors would be great for tracking recurring treatment plans and payments. Health institutions can also leverage their systems to measure the efficiency of their healthcare systems.

The benefits seem to be far-reaching, too. The explosion of tech-based tools grants easy access to medical calculator apps. As with many mobile apps, medical calculators will attract both professional and amateur users. Hence, the benefits would impact more than medical professionals. Patients and health-conscious individuals can use them to track health status and calculate numerous health conditions.

How Calculator Apps Help Evidence-Based Medicine

Evidence-based medicine relies on current medical health evidence and information to make decisions on patient care. It aggregates the physician's judgment, patient info, and scientific data to guide clinical decision-making processes.

EBM is a testament that improved health intelligence can aid better medical health decisions. Despite its fairly new presence in medical practice, more practitioners are embracing its methods. The emergence of clinical decision support tools is making its adoption easier.

Medical calculators are examples of tools for evidence-based medicine. They provide immediate evaluation for disease treatment, diagnosis, and patient health. Essentially, they're not rules but clinical support tools requiring supervision. With ready and accessible information on medical calculators for professionals, healthcare can be more efficient. This luxury means healthcare providers can direct time and attention to effective patient care.

What Makes the Best Medical Calculator Apps for Clinicians?

As stated earlier, medical calculators are tools. A final medical decision requires the expert's clinical judgment. They aren't replacements. Therefore, the best medical calculators thrive on validated statistics sets. Their clinical scores are an aggregation of data sets and analyses from different patient populations.

Similarly, researchers play a significant role in the validation of their data sets. As a result, not all medical calculators would make it into the list of apps for medical consultation. More importantly, app documentation is essential in helping healthcare providers become familiar with their usage.

Yet again, their app formats make them more accessible to both healthcare and non-healthcare populations. Therefore, medical calculators for Android and iOS are taking center stage of clinical decision-making tools.

Healthcare requires conscious efforts from both individuals and professionals. Increase your health intelligence today. Check out our review of the Best Medical Calculator Apps to get started. 

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