Planning Now Will Make Your Wedding a Seriously Epic Party!

You’ve been dreaming of this for a long time. With all the right planning, your guests will have a blast, and at the end of the day, you will Mr. and Mrs!

1. Enjoy the Planning Journey

The flowers, the wedding venue, the cake, the wedding party, and - nightmare of nightmares - the dreaded wedding budget. Wedding planning can be a daunting task for even the most organized bride or groom. Modern technology can help take the stress away to let you just enjoy the journey!

Eliminate stress before it begins with a strict budget and a wedding planner, whether that's a person or a personalized resource. Decide on a budget with your partner and agree to stick to it, no matter what. Planners like The Knot offer checklists for 18-month, 12-month, and 6-month engagements, so you can keep your planning on track every step of the way.

All the fun of wedding planning with none of the stress! From flowers to dress up, these wedding games will charm and delight brides-to-be of any age.

Wedding Games

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You're never too old to play dress up! Practice your planning skills without the stress of real life with fun and fabulous Wedding Games. Create floral arrangements, choose that dream dress before you go shopping for it, and more - but most of all, remember to relax and spend some time on yourself!

Many venues reserve as far out as 12 or 18 months, so you'll need to book it right away, especially if your wedding is on a weekend. As soon as you've chosen a date, you and your partner should sit down, narrow your choices some budget planning, and then start scheduling tours. Make a date night or romantic weekend out of it; don't forget to have fun with this part of the planning!

2. Spread the Word!

So, you've chosen the date and time, booked your dream venue, and narrowed down your guest list - now what? What are the options for Save the Dates, RSVP cards, invitations? Do you have to have a wedding website? Will Grandma be horrified if you send out digital invites instead of paper? What exactly are the rules now?

Times have changed, as Millenials have upstaged the Baby Boomer generation. With the average modern wedding now costing a bank-breaking $30,000, today's bride and groom are much more budget-conscious as well as environmentally conscious - two factors which have come to play a much bigger part in the advent of digital communications. Companies like Punchbowl have capitalized on this trend with integrated branding for wedding websites, invitations, and matching Save the Dates that couples can now use to protect the environment while also protecting their budget, a totally acceptable choice. 

Another benefit of going digital is the ability to instantly brand your wedding! Choosing a particularly vibrant color palette or a theme that means something special to you and your partner will keep your wedding unique and one-of-a-kind, which can easily be reflected in the decor and invitations you choose. Whether it's sand and seashells or that Pantone color of the year, conscious branding will make your wedding a stand-out in your guests' minds for years to come. 

Social Media is your friend! Utilize your platforms to create excitement and build momentum for your big day with personalized content specific to your wedding brand. Today's couples are discarding traditional wedding reception games in favor of creating special Snapchat geofilters and personalized hashtags for guests to use at the reception. Make sure your guests tag you in each photo, so you can have an ongoing album of the day's events!

3. The Pursuit of Happiness - Easy Ways to Keep Guests Smiling

Let's face it - if your guests aren't happy, you won't be happy either! There are a few easy ways to show you care personally about your friends and family on your big day, things you can take care of well in advance that will take the stress out of the reception for everyone.

Smart seating is essential! Whether you plan to have a family-style dinner, buffet line, or plated meal, you'll save yourself and your guests any unnecessary stress by creating a well-planned seating chart. Try to group guests together with similar backgrounds and interests so they have common conversational topics; and of course, be conscious of any familial drama, for your sake and theirs. 

Keep your guests in mind when making your wedding registry, too. Yes, it's all about you - but the more options you give your guests, the more they'll give back to you in return! Sites like Honeyfund allow your guests to make an easy online donation to events or milestones of your choosing, like your Honeymoon or Down Payment on a new house. You can even create updates and thank yous to share on social media right from the app! 

Be sure to create at least one or two special cocktails for your reception that are as exciting and unique as you are! Not only does this make your budget sing if you decide against a full open bar, but it also makes your reception even more memorable. Having a signature drink will keep your guests dancing all night long with a delicious concoction made personally for them by the bride and groom. 

You want your guests to Snap, Story, Tweet, and Text your big day to their heart's content, so be sure to have some phone charging stations around the reception for your unofficial photographers! Sometimes your best photos will be the ones you didn't pay for, and you won't regret providing this extra little service for your guests. (Don't forget to leave a sign reminding them of your custom hashtag and geofilter!)

Dream about your special day, but don’t forget to plan too! 

A little prep work, a little partnership, and a lot of planning will eliminate stress and keep you smiling from She Said Yes to Happily Ever After!