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Have Fun With Rubik's Cube Games on Apps

Rubik’s Cube Fun

Since the 1980s, the Rubik’s cube has been one of the most popular non-electronic games in the world. A challenging puzzle that can baffle and frustrate even the smartest minds, the Rubik's cube will provide hours of entertainment. And the best part is, even when you've completed it once, the fun doesn't stop. Many people attempt to beat their record time, or even align the sides and colors differently than intended as an extra challenge. Plus, you can start with the basics, like attempting to just complete one side first, or maybe even one row. 

While the Rubik's cube may be a challenging source of entertainment, I would hardly call it convenient. Sure, it can fit in your bag, but do you really want to carry it around everywhere? Do you really want to risk losing it and having to buy another one? What if there was a way for you to always have your Rubik's cube with you, stowed inside of something you already have in your pocket?

Convenient Entertainment

Enter: Rubik's cube mobile apps. If you want to challenge yourself on the go with Rubik's cube entertainment, now you can do it from your phone. Next time you're on the bus or have some downtime at work, look around you. Everyone's playing games on their phones anyway, so why not enjoy a Rubik's cube on your phone instead of some mindless form of entertainment. With your favorite Rubik's cube puzzle game right on your phone, you won't have to carry around your cube anymore and risk losing it. 

Furthermore, these apps can help you take your Rubik's cube mastery to the next level. Let's say you're a Rubik's cube novice. That's perfectly fine. There are plenty of apps that include tutorials, tips, and tricks for completing Rubik's cubes quickly so that you can impress your friends. You'll also get to enjoy different varieties of Rubik's cubes, along with challenging your friends online in head-to-head action. 

Variations on the Classic Game

Along with convenient forms of gameplay, Rubik's cube mobile app games allow you to venture beyond the physical realm of an actual Rubik's cube. While you can have hours of fun enjoying the classic game, you can also take it to the next level. Many of the Rubik's cube apps have dynamic scoring systems that include side, squares, and time bonuses. With a fun way to keep score, you now can say more than just "I completed the Rubik's cube". Instead, you'll get to compete against your own high scores. 

Also, these mobile games can include Rubik's cubes that aren't even cubes. Is 6 sides enough for you? Is it too easy matching up 54 squares? Push the limits with Rubik's puzzles that aren't constrained by the physical world. You can do a 16x16 Rubik's cube puzzle or even attempt to match up a shape with more than 6 sides if you want an intense challenge. 

Tutorials & Tips

Now, if you're not ready for all that, apps for Rubik's cubes can still help get you there one day. If you don't know how to do a Rubik's cube, then having one in real life doesn't do you much good. You'll simply be sitting there turning rows and frustrating yourself. However, these apps include helpful tutorials and tips that can take you from novice to master in no time. With helpful videos and step-by-step gameplay, you'll begin by having fun instead of struggling to get any progress at all. 

For instance, one of the best ways to learn how to do a Rubik's cube is to use a smaller version of one. Instead of 3 rows and 9 squares on each side, you may want to start with 2 rows and 6 squares on each side. This might prove a little less intimidating rather than getting overwhelmed with tons of unmatched squares. Start by mastering a smaller cube before moving on to the real deal. 

Challenge Others Online

Once you've gotten the hang of Rubik's cube mobile apps using these helpful tips and instructional game modes, you can pit your talents against other puzzle lovers. That's the great part about playing on your phone. If you had a real Rubik's cube in your hand, you'd have to find a friend to challenge who also happened to have a cube with them. Instead, you can connect to others on your phone and enjoy heart-pounding, head-to-head Rubik's cube action. 

No one really likes the person who whips out a Rubik's cube just to impress friends with how fast they can complete one. However, if you and your friends all enjoy Rubik's cube, then playing together online through mobile apps can be a less annoying way of impressing your friends with your Rubik's cube mastery. Plus, you can play against some of the best Rubik's cube geniuses in the world to see how you stack up with your block puzzle skills.

From all-new game modes to challenge friends online, Rubik's cube mobile apps have something enjoyable for everyone. Finally, there's a way to take Rubik's cubes too exciting new places.