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💸 Hack Tax Payments with The Best Apps for Tax Preparation

If you file taxes too early, some things might change which can result in extra paperwork and money loss. So make sure you have the information you need.

But paying taxes is like visiting distant family you have no emotional connection. You don’t feel like it, but you still have to see it through, because - family.

Ok, it isn’t exactly like that. By visiting family, you might at least have dinner and with taxes, you only get a receipt.

Nevertheless, paying taxes is mandatory (as you know) and we all have to do it. So here are four tips you can use to make it super easy. 

1. Know the Law Changes

There’s so much to think about each day that you don’t exactly feel like checking if there are new tax laws.

But if you don’t want to underpay, or god forbid, overpay, knowing the rules is crucial and with the new year, there are changes in motion.

We suggest TaxMode as people behind the app make sure the laws are constantly updated so you can check how it affects you.

2. Stay Informed & Don’t Overpay

Speaking of laws - quick quiz! Who do you think writes federal tax laws? Congress or IRS?

You’d be surprised how many people don’t know. They also don't know about deductions and other sweet stuff that is critical, so you don’t overpay.

So what to do? Befriend the “enemy”! IRS2Go is the official IRS app and they are friendly people who’ll quickly answer any question.

3. Be 100% You'll Get Tax Return

If paying taxes is like visiting distant family, then the tax return is that delicious dinner mentioned earlier handed on a silver plate.

Still, the dinner won’t cook itself and even worse, the time is limited. To get a tax return, it's crucial you do preparations correctly and quickly.

The suggested app is TurboTax because you can do all the work in a few seconds.

4. Self-Employed? Go Paperless

Let’s say you honed your valuable skills enough so you can work and earn money.

But hold up! Now that you have money you also need to master the art of tax calculation, receipt organization, and bookkeeping satisfaction.

So tax prep doesn't become your second job, use 1tap to automatically scan receipts and let the app do the calculation, organization and… satisfaction?!

Next time someone tells you taxes are impossible, the first thing you have to do is take out the cash you got from the tax return.

Then, dance around the poor fool and chant how easy the taxes were for you. Finally, return the cash in your wallet and wait for the next year.

Ok, don’t be a jerk. Instead, what you can do is recommend Best 10 Apps for Tax Preparation and tell them to pick one! 

This way, you can dance around another poor fool together.

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  • IRS2Go is the official app of the Internal Revenue Service.

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