Habit Building Apps Help You Reach Your Goals

Goal Setting & To-Do Lists

If you're feeling stressed during the week, as though you never have enough hours in the day, and it's a constant race to the finish line, then maybe it's time to consider resources that can help you manage your time better. If you're jumping from one task to another, or one errand to the next, it's highly possible that you are not being as productive as you want to be. 

The key to getting things done and without stress is organization. The great news is you already have a perfect resource for staying organized. That beloved smartphone of yours, it is your lifeline to so many aspects of life, and it can also come to the rescue in this situation with the right app, of course. 

Since you always have your phone on you, it's a perfect place to have a to-do list, and with apps like Daily Planner - Habit Tracker, you can create your to-do list, as well as set goals for the day or week. 

So, set aside some time at the beginning of the week with your app of choice. Write down everything that needs to be done such as shopping, paying bills, cleaning the house, and other chores. Then, write down the things you want to do like see friends, get a workout in 3-4 times, and other fun activities. That way, you can map out your week with a combination of needs and wants, so every day you have something to look forward to.  

Being Productive & Positive

Not only can a habit tracking app help you feel less stressed, but it can also improve your lifestyle by helping you achieve goals and better daily habits. For instance, you are trying to cut out sweets, or not have too many cups of coffee in the morning, so you can add those small habit changes into your app and it can alert you at particular times of the day you choose; those times you normally think about grabbing that extra cup or a sweet from the cupboard. 

Also, apps can help you stay in a positive mood, which also helps you keep up the healthy habit and dismiss the bad. Furthermore, download a positive affirmation app, or meditation app, and set aside a few minutes in the morning for just you and the app. Ultimately, If you start your day in a better mental state, chances are you will be able to handle any situation that arises more positively and productively. 

Being your best self starts with giving yourself some time to be grateful for the things you have, and appreciate the things you like about yourself. So, make sure and take care of yourself by downloading an app that makes you genuinely feel good after a couple of minutes with it. 

Creating Healthy Habits One Day at a Time

As previously mentioned, creating new habits isn't always easy, even though you may really want to. For example, you have decided that a new goal for you is to focus on your fitness, lose a couple of pounds, and feel stronger. That is a great goal to have, but implementing into your already busy day can sometimes be difficult. So, setting an attainable goal is key to your success. With a habit tracking app like New Habit, you can decide you want to set aside 20-30 minutes, 5 days a week to do something fitness related. If you add this new goal into your app, you can get notifications to remind you to achieve that small goal every day, and even get inspiring quotes to give you that extra push you might need some days. 

Keep Improving & Setting More Goals

Another great feature of habit tracking apps is the ability to track your progress over time. You can see your calendar of habits being checked off in the past, giving you the motivation to continue in your successes. Once you see and feel the changes or habits improving, you'll probably start to notice that your productivity level is higher, and generally in a more positive mood. 

But don't stop there. Use these habit tracking apps to keep on improving. If you have achieved your goal of fitness during the week, why not add the goal of being outside more on the weekend? Instead of lounging and watching TV all day, set the app to remind you to get up and go for a walk. Hopefully, once you start relying on your habit tracker to help you make better decisions and create better habits, you'll start to see there's more you can easily achieve. 

Stay Motivated With Apps

No matter how many days you have accomplished your goals, there will always be that day when it's just not your day. Although that is completely normal, make sure you have an app that gives you the motivation you need to push through it. So another app option to download is HabitMinder. Simple in its design, this app focuses on keeping you healthy by reminding you to drink water more often, motivates you to take those extra steps, and even recommends you to sleep a little more every night.

Ultimately, every day is not going to be sunshine and easy, but if you have some handheld motivation, you can get past the sluggish times and feel better for checking off your mini-goals each day. 

Get Friends Involved for Extra Motivation

Lastly, sometimes there's no better motivation than accountability. So bring your friends into your new habit tracking and goal setting with an app like HabitShare. You never know, maybe you and your friends are wanting to achieve the same goals. This app is a perfect tool to keep you all in touch with daily victories toward your shared goal. You can help each other focus and stay motivated, which is a great way to be accountable, but also to be a good friend. 

If you think you're ready to start crushing goals, creating better habits, and being an all-around better version of you, then check out our top 10 habit tracker apps. In no time you will start feeling better and better about all the goals you achieve and the healthy habits you create.