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Guitar Legend Games Apps Bring Hours of Fun

Guitar games are a great way to kill free time

The facts are everyone at one point in their life has wanted to be a rockstar with the band on the front cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Whether or not those dreams were ever pursued, that’s a whole other story. Luckily, with guitar game apps, it doesn’t matter if you spent hours practicing or have never held a guitar in your life, guitar games are a great way to kill a little bit of free time. Since  PCs and mobile phones were invented, there are thousands of different guitar games to play. If you are looking for a game to get you through the morning commute, search for a guitar game that lets you casually pick it up and play whenever. If you have a lot of free time on your hands, keep your eye out for a fully immersive guitar app, and find an app that lets you devolve your virtual guitarist from the garage to playing in front of thousands at a world-famous venue like red rocks. 

Play all types of guitar games to find the perfect match

Now that your interest in guitar games has peaked, it’s time to dive in fully. There are 100s of different types of guitar apps from live simulators to guitar hero like games, and just about everything in between. All of these options mean you can spend hours just downloading new games and playing for minutes, so to quickly find a guitar game you like, it helps to know what game you are looking for before you start your search. If you are looking to learn guitar while playing a game, look for simulator apps, which will be discussed more in a later section. Some apps allow you to follow a concert campaign of sorts, with each venue featuring harder songs and tougher crowds. These games are great for people who are looking to invest hours into a single game. If you are looking to get into a little friendly competition, then check out some of the online versions of the game because beating a computer is great, but winning against another person is always a fun time. For those people who prefer the classical guitar type, look for games centered on acoustic guitars instead of electric. Acoustic games will feature different music than those featuring electric guitars, which can be a bit more relaxing and a refreshing change from the hard rock lifestyle. 

Explore different music games to keep from getting bored

However, once you’ve started to invest a bit of time into different guitar games, you might find them getting a bit monotonous. Not to worry, there are many different types of games centered around music that can be just as entertaining. If you don’t trust a website like Y8 due to many complications, check out the app store where there are thousands of different games published by verified developers. There are endless options with games featuring keyboard, drums, and even singing. So, if you want to be the complete maniac rock star and master several different types of instruments, the possibility is there. When looking to play different kinds of music games, see if any are compatible with one another, so any purchases you make on one will transfer to the other. This way, you can rock out with a piano or guitar on your smartphone and save money at the same time. 

Play with friends to have even more fun

Now, if you and your friends are all interested in guitar games, then search for an app that has a 2 player feature. From interactive lessons to crazy hard rock and roll sessions, playing with a friend makes the experience that much more enjoyable. There are plenty of apps that let you add a friend in your virtual jam session via Bluetooth or wifi, so no matter if your friend is next to you on the couch or halfway across the world, you can still spend quality time with your buddies. If you don’t have a friend who wants to shred with you, then look for apps that can pair you up with other people from around the world. Therefore, by paring up with random strangers, you are sure to find a few people that you enjoy playing with, and this is where having a friend feature is super important. After a few games, you can start building up your friends list, so no matter when you’re online, there will be a few people online you can play with. 

Use simulators to start learning real guitar techniques

If playing all of these guitar games has made you want to start learning how to play a real guitar, you don’t have to put down the smartphone quite yet. There are plenty of apps that can help you learn to play a real instrument. Through integrative and engaging lessons, several different apps can help you speedily progress through chords and picking patterns. Other apps can help you quickly tune your guitar, which can be a long process when you’re just starting. After you have mastered tuning your guitar, there are plenty of other apps available to help with just about everything else related to playing guitar. Whether you are looking for popular sheet music, transposing, or even composing your songs, there are apps to help.

Now that you are ready to start your search for your new favorite guitar legend apps, keep these five tips in mind and you'll be rocking out in no time.