Great Ways to Pick the Best Soundboard App

Find Funny Sound Effects for Outrageous Pranks

In the good old days of classic Hollywood, during the 1930s and 1940s, sound effects were something that required a good deal of skill in order to produce. More than a few decades later, we have everything we could possibly need at the palm of our hand. Our smartphones make us spoiled for choice. Sometimes, even picking the right app can seem impossible. With so many great options out there, it is only natural that you feel slightly confused - if not overwhelmed.

Today, a virtual soundboard platform is mainly used for gags and pranks. They can help you put others in hilarious situations and even sow a bit of discord among your friends. It's all harmless fun, really. An app suited for this sort of mischief will be a comparatively easy find.

Once you go online and attempt to download a new piece of software, you will soon realize that soundboards are not only devoted to funny effects, but their use actually stretches well beyond this domain, but more about that later. For now, you can give 100's of Buttons & Prank Sound Effects a try or perhaps pick another equally interesting pack.

Rely on Voice Recordings to Make Your Memes Pop

The idea of memes usually summons up an idea of static images enriched only by bits of humorous text. This, however, isn't all that this genre is about. In fact, today, there are plenty of animated memes and gags taking full advantage of the multimedia experience every smartphone or tablet has to offer.

Famous lines from major blockbusters and cult classics are often used for humorous effect. More than a couple of quotes by Arnold Schwarzenegger and other celebrity giants have taken on a life of their own in the depths of Tumblr and Reddit. If you're trying to incorporate the voice of your favorite actor or comedian into your next meme, simply look for an app with a large database of such clips.

This is where the wealth of options really comes into play. Pressing a few (virtual) buttons on the soundboard can lead you through an endless array of quotes, quips, and remarks. The more, the marrier. A massive online library will enable you to take your humor to the next level. This time around, quantity does actually matter.

Employ the Best Audio When Making a Movie or a Game

Now we need to return to the original, traditional purpose of the soundboard - namely its use in movies. Today's apps can serve the same purpose for animated features, short documentaries, as well as games. Whichever you are trying to create, you won't be able to achieve much with at least one good pack of effects. Even your podcasting can benefit greatly from this.

Let's remember that some of today's top stars (perhaps most notably Lana Del Rey) used nothing but a smartphone to shoot some of their most famous music videos. Believe it or not, this is perfectly possible. After you've finished filming and video editing, an app well suited for movie-makers will give you a good collection of effects such as car crashes, thunders, animal calls, etc. to choose from.

Using the same sort of system for games will be a perfectly reasonable option, although sometimes you may want to dig a bit deeper and find software made specifically for developers. Some of them will be better suited for platform games, WW2-inspired strategies, others for medieval RPG sagas. You will, after all, need a very specific sort of sound to bring your dragons to life.

Pick a Business Pack for Your Outbound Telemarketing

Surprisingly enough, soundboards also have more serious use. They are a very common occurrence in the world of business. Any call center you have ever dealt with almost certainly relied on at least a couple of effects to signal "please hold" or "you will be connected shortly". PowerPoint presentations also sometimes rely on such databases to heighten their dramatic effect.

Outbound telemarketing is perhaps the sector in which a soundboard will have its strongest presence. If you're looking to improve your company's image, you might want to focus on a pack that was made with the corporate world in mind. Just make sure to avoid gag effects at all costs. The rest will be a breeze and you will quickly figure out how to make the best of it.

Make a Smart Choice Based on Your Budget

In our day and age, it is perfectly ok to be budget-conscious. Splurging on every little thing can amount to massive expenses so opting for a free app is not a bad idea. A smaller collection hosted within a reliable system will cover most of your needs. The Meme Soundboard is one of the best choices, but there are plenty of others that could pique your interest.

Of course, there is no need to limit yourself too much by focusing on freeware alone. In fact, most apps belonging to this category won't set you back more than a couple of bucks so a premium version could still be a potential answer to all your needs. Depending on whether you intend to use a soundboard for business purposes, creative endeavors, or simple pranks - you will be able to determine whether this is an investment worth making.

Whichever path you choose to take, make sure that you check the copyright segment of the app. It will help you greatly if you intend to post any material containing special effects from that particular pack. You obviously wouldn't want to reach 2,000,000 views on YouTube, only to have your clip demonetized or deleted for a minor infringement.

With all the Great Ways to Pick the Best Soundboard App listed above, you can rest assured that you will be able to find exactly what you need among the world's Best 10 Apps for Soundboards.