Great Ways to Pick the Best Point of Sale App

Great Ways to Pick the Best Point of Sale App

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In a small business, everything has to run smoothly. Point of sale is perhaps the most important piece of the puzzle and picking the right app for this function could make or break your enterprise. Take a look at some of our great advice on how to go about this and make sure that you succeed.

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  1. Focus on a Simple Interface to Get the Ball Rolling
  2. Determine Your Budget & Look for an Affordable Option
  3. Pick a Specialist App Tailor-Made for Your Line of Work
  4. Use a Flexible Platform With Multiple Ways To Pay
  5. Choose a Well-Integrated System for Smooth Functioning

Running your own business is never an easy task. There are so many things to consider, so many bits and pieces to juggle and keep in fine balance. The last thing you need in such a situation is glitchy software. This is particularly true of your point of sale system. If that segment doesn't work as it ought to, you may as well call the whole thing off. Finding the right piece of software to do this task properly is of paramount importance for the success of your enterprise. We are offering you a few ideas on how to go about this.

First and foremost, you always want to avoid an excessively complicated app. This rule will apply to most users but, in particular, to those who are just starting out. A young, inexperienced entrepreneur should always gravitate toward software that is easy to use and does not burden them with unnecessary information.

An app buried in visual clutter will be your worst enemy. Avoid it at all costs. Ideally, all the key features should be in plain sight. No part of the interface should look confusing to you and no important element should be difficult to find. A well-designed layout is something to look for. It will make the entire experience so much easier.

The money will, naturally, be the main focus of all your business-related considerations. Obtaining the right POS app will be no exception. It will be up to you to decide whether you want to pay for the privilege or perhaps rely on a free mobile app. Bear in mind, however, that the latter may come with limited functionality or a substantial amount of advertising material. This option is only advisable if you want to cut costs on all sides while you are still launching your business.

A premium option will offer you more options and potentially better customer support. You also won't have to put up with ads. This will be a more suitable option, especially for those running a larger enterprise and requiring smooth sailing at all times.

Recently, business magazines have started recommending a novel approach to paying for your software. It resembles a subscription service. Instead of paying a price upfront, you simply commit to a very small monthly fee. Both Android and iPhone users are offered this option which will, for many, be well worth considering.

Point of sale apps come in all shapes and sizes and their functionality can vary accordingly. Some of them are made for one type of business while others will focus on another sector altogether, rendering them useless in the former. Of course, no one better than you will know the ins and outs of your own enterprise. Doing a bit of research and reading the reviews will help you determine whether an app will be suitable for it.

Perhaps the easiest way to determine what sort of software you might need is to consider whether you are selling products or offering services. A small business producing and selling organic beauty products, a medium-sized restaurant or a large retail outlet will all fall into the former category and might benefit from the same sort of POS procedure.

A spa center, gym or even a marketing consultancy will, however, be classified as providing services. They won't necessarily have a cashier or a terminal but will still need to charge for the favors provided. An app tailor-made for this line of work will make running your establishment a breeze.

Different customers will come into your store, restaurant or office with vastly different approaches to paying. Trying to satisfy them all will sometimes feel like attempting to square a circle. Still, in today's economy, you cannot exactly expect them to adapt to your preferences. Instead, you will have to offer a wide selection of payment options in order to make the process as painless as possible. A POS app capable of supporting this will be your best bet.

PayPal and a credit card will, of course, be a must. These two are among the most widely used options in the world and will cover the wallets of most of your customers. A safe and secure way to pay will mean that you won't face any errors in the process and will be able to offer a reliable service to anyone who walks through your door.

Still, that is not where the story of invoicing ends. You may want to be a bit more inclusive and consider regular bank transfers, cheques, as well as services like MoneyGram or Payoneer for foreign buyers. Recently, some larger retailers have gone so far as to accept cryptocurrencies. Adopting this strategy could put your small business on the map as one of the great innovators in the field.

A good point of sale software will be only a small segment of your operations. Still, it will have to be well integrated into the other elements of your system. Otherwise, the whole thing might implode, leaving you with a substantial loss. Obviously, no one wants that. Thinking of integration well in advance could save you a lot of trouble. This will help with features ranging from project documentation and marketing strategies to inventory control.

Sometimes, the integration won't be possible for perfectly banal reasons. Certain pieces of software won't be able to run on both Android and iPhone platforms, creating a huge obstacle in the process. Always make sure that your preferred app is able to deal with both.

You might also want to consider cloud data storage, in case your system crashes and you have to make sure that all your information is safe. In fact, it is precisely safety that is the biggest cause for concern among business owners. Before you download any new app, you should always make sure that an anti-malware element is included in the package. You never know when you might need this added layer of protection.

Once you've carefully considered our Great Ways to Pick the Best Point of Sale App, you can scan our Best 10 Point of Sale Apps and make the best choice for your business.

  • This point of sale system provides you a great replacement of a cash register

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    • great app i ever met👍👌. Thanks all lovely humans bihind this simple but marvelous app. I just want to know how to back up. And normally where all these transactions saved in our phone. If i change my phone how to get the same items and old invoices to new one. Pls help. thanks.
      Suneth Yapa


  • Zobaze POS: Easy to use POS System, Inventory ,Online Order Management & more!

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    • Amazing app. The scanner was awesome. This is cool it really helps my business to keep track of my stocks sales and profit. I enjoy using it. Thanks!
      Jebsen Media


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    • Very user friendly. They considered all the needs of small businesses. Not forgetting awesome customer support!


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    • Very nice app. I hope I can add my existing stock by scanning the barcode then entering stock to be added.
      Jayson Lavado


  • It's simple, powerful and no monthly fee from the pos system.

    4.1 Ratings 431 Reviews 50K+ Downloads
    • Very helpful inmy Grocery Store. I like the security features which are not available in similar apps. POS is straight forward.
      Gik Escaro


  • RESTAUPOS is a affordable Point of Sale System instead of a cash register.

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    • One of the best (if not the best) POS app(s), thank you so much for this great effort, keep it up! There's only one issue but I can't stress on it. if the printed text could be in UTF-8, so I can print in Arabic. I tried and it printed garbage!
      Anas Almansuri


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    • Awesome appication..... It would be more Good If invoice receipt includes product images or thumbnail.......
      Mohan Choudhary


  • Accept Contactless and Remote Credit Card Payments with Square's Point of Sale

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    • I started using this app for side jobs and charging customers is easy and simple it the best and it’s fast but when it comes to getting your money that’s a different story coz they make it so hard and right away they deactivate your account just because they think that your transactions are high risk ok let say that the case then when that happens they put a 90 days HOLD ON YOUR MONEY and when it’s time to pay they don’t pay it and they don’t even reply to your emails not on Facebook or instagram or nothing soon as you email them they say how can we help and ask to provide your account info after that they don’t reply it’s been over 6 months that it’s says my balance is being transferred and nothing everything is wrong about this company and I’m going to sue you guys if I don’t get my money that you guys said you were going to transfer 6 months ago..I’ve been so patient with you guys but enough is enough you got one day to fix this or don’t even try after coz I’ll see you guys in court


  • Point of sale, inventory system and cash register.

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    • As a first time business owner I needed something for a direct point of sale. I looked into local banks and even Square but the rates were much higher. So did some online reacher and went with the reviews. I couldn't be happier! APP works great on my iPhone 5S. Clients like how fast it is and I love the itemization it gives you. All in all a great affordable system- won't be changing anytime soon.


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    • This is a great app!! No Ads No Annual Fees!! If I purchase 5 Licenses and lets say one of my tablets break and I have to replace it, would I need to buy a license for the replacement tablet again or not?
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