Great Ways to Find the Best Catholic Bible App

Pick a Light App for Any Device

The Bible is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most famous book in the world. Read by literally billions of people, it remains a source of comfort, solace, and inspiration. Almost 2000 years after its appearance, it keeps adapting to new media and, today, it is even possible to access it through your smartphone. In fact, there are so many different apps out there devoted to the Holy Book that the choice won't always be an easy one. Let's start at the beginning.

For most readers, a simple, clean layout will suffice. The Catholic Bible has gone on for centuries without any major embellishments, so it can very well serve its purpose today without the use of complicated code. If you are simply looking for software that will allow you to read the verses - don't be afraid for opting for the lightest, most compact version. It will be less prone to glitches anyway.

Today, almost everyone spreads their work as well as entertainment over more than a couple of devices. If you wish to have access to both the Old and the New Testament wherever you are, you might want to consider a piece of software that will function equally well on an iPhone, a tablet running on Android, as well as your home computer.

Choose a Free One & Donate to Charity Instead

The Lord's word is something that the Catholic Church believes ought to be available and accessible to everyone - regardless of their economic circumstances. It is easy to run into an extremely affordable printed version of the Bible, but you should also be able to find free apps devoted to the teachings of Christ. If being frugal is a virtue you wish to cultivate, by all means, give the freeware version a try.

Saving money is a great way to make your plans and goals a lot easier to accomplish, but could also give you a chance to come to the aid of those that are less fortunate in life. In fact, some Catholic Bible apps may even go so far as to help you get in touch with the nearest charities or religious orders, and give to those that need assistance the most.

Of course, there is something to be said about premium software, especially if you are studying theology or wish for an in-depth analysis of this millennia-old tome. Some of the best apps out there will offer so much more than the core text, giving you an opportunity to read the thoughts of experts throughout the ages and get a better understanding of the topic.

Read in Your Language for Better Understanding

Most versions of the Catholic Bible on the Internet are in English. This is, of course, perfectly fine if this is your mother tongue. If, however, you speak a completely different idiom, you might want to consider looking for an app that covers it. The Holy Book can sometimes be so densely written and require so much of your attention, it is good to read it in the language you know best - be it Spanish, Chinese or German.

Still, that is not where the story ends. Many languages - especially those spread across a wide geographic plane - will have regional variants. Latin America and Spain will differ greatly, as will British and American spelling and phraseology. This might prompt you to look for an app that caters to your particular country or state.

It is also important to note that all versions of the Bible in circulation need to be approved by the Holy See of the Roman Catholic Church in Rome to be considered legitimate, and useful for those following the word of Christ. Once you start looking for an app, this is something you might want to consider. Simply check whether the text used is among those approved, and you should be good to go.

Play an Audiobook to Listen on the Road

The Bible has been available in hand-written as well as printed form for many centuries. The more recent advent of the audiobook means that you can now listen to the verses of the New and the Old Testament while doing practically anything. If you love to hear uplifting words and deep spiritual messages while driving to work, you might want to consider an app that allows for this.

Things can get somewhat complicated once you get into the finer details of these Bible apps. Some will have additional options that are well worth looking into. For example, more than a few programs will allow you to adjust the speed of the reading, making it suitable for your preferred style. The verses can sound meditative or have the urgency of impending salvation. The choice is yours.

In addition, some Catholic Bible software available online will go so far as to allow a hands-free approach and in-program navigation using voice commands alone. This will be particularly useful while driving and will minimize the risk of accidents.

Find a Fun App for the Kids

The Bible is not a grim tome only made for high-minded adults. It is for everyone. The whole family can benefit from its teachings and young children, in particular, can learn quite a few valuable lessons. Still, presenting them with a rather dry text is not always the best route to take. Instead, you might want to consider downloading an app suitable for kids.

Some platforms will take a very creative approach, telling stories in the form of animated videos. This could be particularly well suited for toddlers and pre-school children, giving them an excellent source of entertainment as well as a few interesting spiritual ideas. Of course, they will also be free from some of the more violent aspects of the story, presenting a cleaner version suitable for their young minds.

Games based on the Bible also exist and could be a good learning tool. After all, nothing grabs the attention of kids and teens alike better than a good video game or an exciting quiz. The only thing you might want to pay attention to here is whether the app in question was made based on the King James Bible or the Roman Catholic version.

Once you've carefully considered some of the Great Ways to Find the Best Catholic Bible App, you are very likely ready to proceed to the Best 10 Catholic Bible Apps and start reading now.