Great Ways to Find the Best App for News in India

Choose Live News & Always Stay Up-To-Date

The population of India reached the 1 billion mark more than two decades ago. Today, it stands at 1.35 billion. That is more than the US, Europe and Russia combined. This huge chunk of the world is teeming with economic, political, cultural, and every other sort of activity. Every day, something fascinating happens - something you wouldn't want to miss. So, how can you best keep up with the latest news from India?

The answer is simple - with apps. However, this is not where the story ends. Selecting the right online source can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you're not familiar with the country's vast media scene. Perhaps the best way to start is by picking a platform that offers 24/7 updates in real-time. A good live app will deliver the news to your portable device, keeping you informed at all hours of the day.

This can be achieved in two ways. Some apps will be a self-contained whole which will operate like any other piece of software. Others will come with a small widget extension, allowing you to see a preview of your life feed even without opening the app. If the latter sounds like an excellent feature, make sure that you look for a program that has it.

Consider the Language You Prefer

Of course, most news will be delivered either in the form of written text or recorded speech. For either of those to be of any use to you, they will have to be in a language you can understand. It makes sense, doesn't it? If English is the idiom you express yourself in the best, you will be spoiled for choice. Most apps devoted to news in India will have it as an option, making the selection process very easy indeed.

The country is actually known for boasting no less than 22 official languages - ranging from the most widely-spoken Hindi through Urdu and Tamil in the south, Kashmiri in the north, and Bengali in the far east. Depending on which geographic region you find yourself in or wish to focus on, you will be able to find an app that will serve your needs well enough in the language you prefer.

Other idioms, however, may pose a bit of a challenge. Spanish, Russian and Chinese will be a breeze but finding a good source that will deliver information in Swedish or Swahili will perhaps give you a bit of a headache. This, of course, does not mean that you ought to give up. It should, instead, serve as a fair warning that your quest for the perfect Android or iPhone app will not be an easy one.

Focus on Politics to Better Understand the Situation

Politics tend to take up most of the average news source's space. This is no wonder, especially when we consider how far-reaching some of the decisions may be. Every policy introduced can affect the lives of the common people so it's good to keep up with them, especially if you're doing business and need to be familiar with the current trends. Finding a good source of political news in India won't take you more than a couple of minutes.

Of course, there will always be the question of one's political leanings. Some people will naturally gravitate toward a more conservative point of view while others will stick to a more liberal stance. When we mix up the economy, human rights, and an endless array of other topics, we can get a pretty complex picture. Finding an app that caters to your worldview could be a good way to start. Afterward, you can expand to other ideologies and learn more about the finer points of Indian society.

Ultimately, such a complex topic will take a long time to fully digest. To better understand certain trends in international and domestic politics, you might want to opt for an online source that offers careful analysis in the form of editorial columns.

Get Immersed in India's Rich Culture

Culture is another topic that will provoke endless discussions but also inspire the deepest fascination. India is particularly rich in this department, offering 5 millennia of history and heritage, as well as an immensely diverse array of events happening on any given day. In fact, most newcomers will be surprised by this incredible wealth.

Apps devoted to cultural news in India are perhaps a bit less numerous than they ought to be but you will still have enough to choose from. Finding one which will list the most important events will be particularly handy, especially if you love attending concerts or exhibitions, or even enjoying the nightlife.

Despite what many people today tend to say - scoffing at what the youth is after - the entertainment industry is very much an integral part of the cultural landscape. You cannot possibly be interested in India without taking a look at some of Bollywood's best blockbusters or giving Mumbai's thriving hip hop scene a listen. An app that will report on the news from the entertainment world will be a great way to understand the world of today.

Be Informed About the Latest Sports Events

Of course, no news from India would be complete without sports. The average fan would not be able to imagine their day without taking a look at the latest scores and following the adventures of their favorite team. If you're one such enthusiast, you should definitely look for an app that has a strong focus on all athletic disciplines.

A well-rounded source will be an excellent starting point but, eventually, you will want to switch to one which will cater to the disciplines closest to your heart. Universally loved sports such as football, soccer or basketball are very popular in India too so it won't be long before you bump into an app that will keep you well informed on them.

The country also has a few disciplines which are typical of the region and are perhaps not as well-known in the rest of the world as they should be. Cricket is the most obvious example but the list goes on to include badminton and polo. A reliable video stream from a major competition will potentially make you very interested in them. If you run into an app that offers this service, give it a go and discover something new.

With our Great Ways to Find the Best App for News in India, you may consider yourself ready to browse the Best 10 Apps for News in India and pick your new favorite in a matter of minutes.