Golf Solitaire Games are a New Spin to an Old Classic

Mobile Solitaire Entertainment

The world of golf solitaire games combines two of the most popular topics in sports and entertainment: cards and golf. For golf and card lovers alike, these mobile apps are an entertaining way to pass the time when you don't have anyone to play with. After all, as the name hints, solitaire is the king of solo card games. And being able to play it from your phone brings about a convenience that you just can't get with regular cards. 

Think about sitting at your desk at work. You can't possibly have the attention span to work for 4 hours straight until lunch. However, whipping out an actual deck of cards on your desk might seem a little less than professional. And it's way too easy for a supervisor to see you playing solitaire on your computer if they walk by unexpectedly. That's why playing solitaire conspicuously on your phone is one of the most stress-free sources of entertainment wherever you might be. 

Golf Solitaire Mobile Apps

Unfortunately, regular solitaire can get a little boring sometimes. That's why mobile apps that combine enjoyable golf material with the classic fun of solitaire add a fresh and entertaining twist on an old favorite. Instead of simply playing solitaire, you can be transported to the enjoyable scenery of a golf course, traversing from hole to hole as you pass solitaire-based challenges in front of all your fans. If you stopped playing solitaire because it became a little boring, golf solitaire mobile apps might just bring about your old affinity for the game in new settings. 

One of the complaints about solitaire is that the end goal and end result is always the same. As long as you win, the cards zoom and bounce through the air, which everyone enjoys. But getting to advance your way through a golf course as you win solitaire games of varying levels of difficulty adds an all-new layer of fun. You can find mobile apps that feature all of these kinds of golf challenges and much more. 

Classic Playing Style

Inversely, if you're a fan of classic solitaire and don't want to reinvent the wheel, golf solitaire mobile apps also offer classic-play features that will satisfy even the most staunch traditionalist. Available on Android, iPhone, and more, some of the best solitaire mobile apps are featured in the golf category, even if you're searching for straight-up, classic solitaire. You can also find the original versions of classic golf solitaire with apps like Golf Solitaire Classic. 

Featuring varying playing styles, from 1 to 3-card draw and more, classic golf solitaire games stick with what works. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", right? Solitaire might not be a broken game, but golf solitaire adds some excitement and new challenges that are an entertaining way to spend free time on your phone. Whether you're stuck in the car on a long ride or chilling on the couch watching your spouse's favorite TV show, you can find a golf solitaire game that is right for you. 

Multiple Games in One

Now, if you're a fan of constantly changing it up, golf solitaire mobile apps also feature a variety of gameplay styles, other games, and varying challenges. There are even mobile apps that combine multiple games into one app, like the 150+ Card Games Solitaire Pack, which includes spins on the card game like golf solitaire, Klondike, Spider, Freecell, Pyramid, and more. Changing it up constantly is the best way to make sure you never get tired of the same game, and having all of the options on one app saves you a lot of storage space on your phone. 

You can also enjoy solitaire golf mini-games that feature different golf games all in one app. From driving balls into the fairway to thrilling putt-putt action, these free mobile apps have everything a golf lover will need to dive into solitaire-based play out on the links. New golf challenges can help you enjoy solo play on the golf course that combines multiple games in one round as well.  

Online Golf Solitaire Competition

Furthermore, for the solo player who enjoys some social interaction, there are also golf solitaire mobile apps that feature online play against others. Whether it's in a league where people play their own rounds and post their scores or a real-time, head-to-head competition, you can enjoy intense golf solitaire competition against both friends and strangers.  After you've played some solo games, you might want to take your talents online and take on various challenges. You can even join weekend tournaments in PGA Tour styled events, just with cards instead of clubs. 

If you're good at something, don't you want to show it off? Online golf solitaire apps allow you to post your scores, chat with competitors, and earn rankings as you pass through various courses and challenges. Take card playing to a whole new level with social interaction and competition through mobile apps. 

From classic styles to multiple games in one, and even online play, golf mobile apps have it all. So make sure your search leads you to the app that will help you enjoy the classic solo game with a fresh layer of fun.