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Getting the Best of Hiking & Walking Exercises

Checklist Before Your Exercise

Before embarking on a hiking and walking exercise, you need to have the various necessities on you. Here's a checklist to help prepare for your next hike and walk.


You must have footwear designed for hiking and walking. Wearing one that isn't will leave you uncomfortable and with a sore foot. Using footwear that isn't the right fit for you can also produce such an unpleasant effect. The terrain for your hike also plays a role in your choice of footwear. Consider putting on boots for rocky and rugged trails while hiking shoes will do for smooth ones.


Your choice of clothing depends on the time of your hike and the weather forecast for that day. You'll need heavy clothing if you expect cold weather and light clothing for humid temperatures.

Remember to pack up extra clothing in your backpack, in case the weather fluctuates or you have to camp out. Having a top camping app can also help you get the best out of the later.

Hiking & Walking Apps

These apps are crucial to your training. Hiking and walking apps help improve your routine. They ensure you don't get lost, help you find the best trail, and help you monitor your progress. These apps also provide you with helpful tips on how to go about your fitness journey.


Have a tough and rugged backpack to house your gear and clothes. It should contain items such as food, drinks, first aid kits, clothing, a knife, and more. 

Having the Best Trainer on Your Device

The best trainer isn't just one who provides directions through a hiking trail but also ensures you achieve your goal, which is what smartphone users get with having hiking and walking apps.

These apps guide you through your fitness journey and provide you with the best route for your hikes and walks. It provides you with information such as the best time to go on one and a detailed map of the area. Having such data at your disposal means you never get lost.

In the past, going on hikes and walks used to be a hassle, as you'll need to strap yourself with multiple gadgets for your program. Thanks to top apps, your smartphone is all the gadget you'll ever need for the best hiking and walking experience. Visit your app store, download any of the top apps, and navigate your way through the best national parks. Exploring your surroundings has never been easier. 

More Than Just a Partner for the Road

Hiking and walking apps aren't just navigational tools. These applications help you achieve your goals and more. You don't have to worry about not having internet access as the top apps also provide offline access alongside their online features.

The best hiking and walking apps help you monitor heart rate and miles, provide detailed trail maps, offer voice navigation system, and lots of other benefits. If you're in uncharted territory, you can use a food app to help you find the best restaurant in your proximity. 

The Best Hiking & Walking Apps This Year

There are hundreds of hiking and walking apps on major app stores. Names such as Gaia GPS: Hiking, Hunting Maps, and ViewRanger: Trail Maps for Hiking, Biking, Skiing often pop up on many lists as some of the best for the year. 

Features of The Best Hiking & Walking Apps

Here's a list of features top hiking and walking apps offer smartphone users.

Detailed Map System

Top apps offer users detailed mapping that users can download for use offline. These maps identify terrains, landmarks, and trails. They also include aerial views alongside street mappings.

Great Navigational System

Top apps direct you through a trail with both voice and augmented-reality software. It also records your pathway so you can review them later. You'll get real-time information on your location, speed, distance traveled, altitude, compass bearings, and many other stats on your smartphone.

Also, you get to join in on an online community. Here, you can share your routes with other hiking enthusiasts or view theirs. This function leads to improved user experience.

Integration with Smart Wear

The best hiking and walking apps offer users the option to integrate the app with their smart wear. Doing this unlocks more opportunities and stats, adding to the impressive overhaul the app provided initially. You can use your smartwatch as a navigational tool, and also have your stats and records pop up on its display. 

Top hiking and walking apps aren't just for hikes and walks. You can also use them for biking trips, backcountry skiing, hunting, camping, mountaineering, learning, and more. Professionals and emergency response teams such as rescue teams and firefighters also make use of these apps.

Are you looking to improve your hiking and walking experience? Here's our list of the best apps to assist you on your fitness journey.