Getting the Best Assassin Games

Assassin Video Game Popularity

Assassin games have been a hit in the video game world for as long as the graphics were decent enough to support them. Something about the allure of violence, strategy, awesome weaponry, and dangerous missions all coming together in the name of profit or political gain is just irresistible to most gamers. Maybe that's why these games have been so widely successful. 

If you think about great video game franchises, then Assassin's Creed is definitely on the list, with smash hits dating back to 2007 accompanied by worldwide fame. Other games like Hitman and Metal Gear Solid also rank up high in terms of assassin video games. All of these successful franchises have a few features in common: interesting maps for exploring, intricate weapons for hand-to-hand combat, and challenging missions. But what if you could enjoy all of those features without having to be stuck in your house?

Assassin Mobile Games

Even though assassin video games are fun, being confined to a TV and gaming console might not be. That's why assassin mobile games are the best of both worlds. You get the same entertainment, storyline, missions, and fighting you would in an assassin video game right from your phone. These apps, with high-definition graphics and carefully designed plots, characters, and combat, are the perfect combination of entertainment and convenience. 

When most people think about mobile app games, they probably think about empire building games that don't allow for personal combat. Or they may think about tower defense games where there are just a bunch of tiny figures running around large equipment. These are mostly strategy-based games. But assassin mobile games take these a step further with in-depth graphics, first and third-person layouts, and intense fighting challenges. 

Exciting Hand to Hand Combat

One of the main reasons that assassin mobile games are so popular is their up-close-and-personal graphic style. Learning different fighting moves, mastering different weapons, and challenging various opponents are some of the most exciting features of assassin mobile games. You might want to master your fighting skills with various types of swords or be a long-range assassin as an archer or sniper. 

As different taps, swipes, and gestures allow you to create new combat combinations, you'll fight your way up the ranks of assassins. Pretty soon, you'll be the most feared assassin in all the land. While the pride of that title is definitely a great incentive, that title also comes with (more importantly) the most lucrative assassination jobs. Fighting your way to the top of the pyramid can also get you well-paid, so make the most of every opportunity to hone your combat skills along the way. 

Thrilling Missions & Strategic Challenges

Also, if you're into more than just hand-to-hand combat, assassin mobile games have everything else that makes a thrilling mobile game experience. When you play games on your phone, you tend to play them a lot. So, to avoid getting bored, you want to change it up a little bit, which can be hard when you have a favorite game. That's why all of these mobile apps have built-in variations that keep players enthralled by the same game for months. 

With ever-increasing difficulty levels, new missions, robust gameplay layouts, and fast-paced mini-games, assassin mobile apps will throw you curveball after curveball each time you start to get comfortable. These apps, available for iPhone and Android alike, bridge the gap between combat games and strategy games, allowing users the luxury of no longer having to choose between the two. 

Group Missions & Adventures

While these are an enjoyable twist on the classic assassin video games, assassin mobile games can actually allow you to take the fun to new levels. The online features allow you to enjoy social interaction as you play, even if you're on the phone by yourself. When you join a group of your friends online playing the same assassin apps, you can enjoy the advantages of group missions and quests. Even at home alone on the couch, you can still enjoy a quest with your friends. 

Now, I realize it's a rare day when assassins join together. However, certain missions are just too difficult to go it alone.  Playing online with friends is an exciting new challenge and exercise in teamwork, communication, and social engagement. If you're someone who only wants to play by yourself (but still loves the bragging rights), you can join groups who post scores to online leaderboards or even share your successes on social media as well. 

Clandestine missions, challenging foes, and the coolest weapons in the mobile gaming world await as you embark on your journey to be the most feared (and profitable) assassin in the world.