Getting the Best Apps for Reversing Videos

Reversing Video on Phones

People rave about camera phones...wide lense this and HD that...but most camera apps are limited when it comes to reversing videos. With so much of the world happening on our phones now, why can't we have the same capabilities on our phones as we do on the computer? If you think about people who edit phone-filmed movies the most, you probably think about social media influencers and YouTubers. As they create professional videos, designed to be viewed on phones, they're mostly confined to editing on their computers. But what if you could enjoy the same capabilities, like reversing videos, right from your phone as you do on the most elite computer editing software?

Sure, most movies are designed to be played straight forward, and there isn't much use to playing them in reverse. However, is that just a lie that we tell ourselves because we know it's going to be hard to reverse the video on your phone? Would we find more uses for reversing video if it was more convenient?

Reversing Video Mobile Apps

Fortunately, we don't need to wonder about these questions anymore. With reversing video mobile appsthere are plenty of quick and convenient ways to play a video in reverse and even design a video to be filmed in reverse. Creating these videos right from your phone is a huge time-saver, and you can finally edit, finalize, and share everything right from your phone with the same quality software.

You see, if you had to go through this entire process on a computer, you'd need an Internet connection. If you were shooting video at a location without an Internet connection, you'd have to take everything back to your house or your office before getting to edit it on the computer or share it. But your phone has cellular Internet connectivity, so you'll be able to get videos out to the world a whole lot faster. These apps are not only convenient and time-saving, but they'll also allow you to analyze video in reverse, send hidden messages, and create amazing visual effects. 

Reverse Video Analysis

With reversing video mobile apps, playing videos in reverse is just as easy, and offers just as many features as playing them forward. A reverse movie maker can help you analyze video backward, which is a helpful tool in a variety of fields. For athletic coaches, being able to play video in reverse can be an effective teaching tool. There are so many players who only watch videos of baseball swings or football plays forward that they don't realize everything they can learn from watching the scene unfold backward. 

These apps will also let the creator add effects, shapes, lines, and helpful diagrams to these reverse videos so that viewers can visualize techniques just as well as they would in a forward video. For the educational industry, reversing video is a helpful tool as well, as students can watch a math problem being solved in reverse or study the eruption of a volcano from the end result. 

Hidden Messages

Along with helpful learning tools, mobile apps for reversing video can also help you create hidden messages in a video. You may not be in the business of high-level espionage, but it can still be a fun way to pass your free time.  If you've read old spy novels or seen the classic mystery movies, you might remember people using messages played backward as a form of code. If you play these videos forward, they might just look like pointless gibberish, but if you put them in reverse, a new meaning will come to light. Creating these messages is fun, especially with the ability to loop the video, just as you would on computer programs like iMovie. 

And what's the point of creating a hidden message if you can't share it with friends? The process of saving an edited video and then sending it to friends can be tedious if you try to do it through your regular photo app. However, these reversing video apps allow you to link up with text or email features and send the videos straight from the app. Eliminating the middle man will save a lot of time and headaches. 

Jaw-Dropping Effects

While hidden messages can be entertaining, reverse video apps also allow for some crazy visual effects. Have you seen the video of the group of friends pretending to be The Avengers? They all appear to explode out of a swimming pool and land dramatically in character. The entertainment and shock value is definitely there, which helped the video go viral. But how did they do it? A reverse video app allowed them to film a video just like they would on their iPhone or Android, except in reverse. So, all they had to do was start in their "superhero" stance, and jump into the pool. The app did the rest. 

By playing a video in reverse, amazing visual effects like this are easier to create than ever before. And instead of being confined to the regular camera/photo or social media apps on your phone (that allow you to reverse only), you can do all of the edits onto the video that's already been reversed. You can search for your favorite app today, or use them all. Once you try them out, you'll realize the world of capabilities and convenience you've been missing. 

Reverse video mobile apps can provide computer-quality edits and reversing capabilities in all the convenience of a smartphone app. Let the latest technology help you reach new heights of awesomeness.