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15 Puzzle Mobile Games

Indeed, 15 puzzle games have been popular for centuries. Designed as a challenge for anyone who enjoys logic, math, and board games, the 15 puzzle quickly became a hit. The game was originally designed with square wooden tiles that slid on the inside of a larger wooden square. The tiles are numbered 1 through 15, and all of equal sizes. The larger wooden square is large enough to fit 16 tiles, which creates the challenge. The player is charged with the task of sliding the tiles to put the numbers in order, leaving the final space blank. 

Sounds like a fun game, right? It can be very entertaining, indeed. However,  it can be a little inconvenient. Think of 15 wooden slats sliding around a board. They're easy to lose, often get jammed and broken, and you really can only play on a flat surface. However, 15 puzzle mobile apps combine the enjoyment of the classic board game with the convenient world of mobile gaming. These apps include enjoyable tutorials, multiple difficulty levels, and even online capabilities that help turn a solo game into a group event. 

Learning to Play

One of the many opportunities provided by 15 puzzle mobile games are tutorials for players of all levels. This entertaining game can get very addicting if you learn how to play correctly. That's why most of these apps have tutorial modes, which can show you all of the strategies to solving any starting position of cubes. You see, this game involves thousands of permutations of the numbers 1-15, so the options of where to start. 

Much like sudoku games, there are different starting positions for the numbers on the board. Each different starting position has its own challenges, so you'll want to try out as many as possible. There is even an 8 puzzle for beginners, which is a 9-spaced board with 8 tiles. Fewer moves, but just as much fun. No matter where you're starting, these tutorial modes can take you to expert levels. 

Varying Levels of Difficulty

Then, once you've leveled past your tutorials, you're ready for all of the challenges that 15 puzzle apps have to throw at you. If you're an inexperienced player, or you're showing your kids these games, then you can start with some of the easy starting positions. As you progress through the levels, you'll learn to master even the toughest challenges. 

Also, there are a variety of game modes to go along with the various difficulty levels, which is one of the exciting parts of these mobile games. With physical board games, you can't really change up the experience. Have you ever been stuck playing the same game over and over again? If this were the case, you might get tired of it quickly. Yet, these apps provide different experiences from new animations, timed lightning rounds, and double bonus-style gameplay that will get your heart racing.  

Challenging Your Brain on the Go

Furthermore, these 15 puzzle apps are the perfect opportunity to make the most of your free time. Don't you wish there was a way to engage the developmental parts of your brain but also pass your free time enjoyably? If you're bored at work, stuck in the car, or sitting on the bus for hours, you can engage your brain with these logic and cognitive challenges. They'll even help sharpen features of your brain like decision making and memory. 

In these days, everyone is doing something to get ahead. They have two or three jobs and three or four unique hobbies. Sure, everyone has downtime. But what if you could use this relaxation time as a way to sharpen your brain and keep it functioning at full capacity for as long as possible? All of these opportunities are now available right from your phone. 

Share Your Results with Friends

While these 15 puzzle mobile games allow you to play on the go, that won't stop you from playing online. Using cellular data or WiFi connection, you can link up with friends on the same app for head-to-head challenges. These types of game modes include beginning with the same starting position as your opponent and seeing who can finish first. In the scoring variations, players can compete to see who can record the highest scoring rounds or play through multiple levels of challenges for an overall high score. 

While you play online, you'll also be able to post your high scores on social media and groups dedicated to the game. Instead of having to message your friend some screenshots after you beat their record, they'll be able to see it up on the leaderboard. What was once a single-player game is a group of mobile apps that provide enjoyable multiplayer game modes. 

With helpful tutorials, various difficulty levels, and multiplayer game modes all wrapped into one convenient mobile game, 15 puzzles have everything you need for the ultimate time-passing experience. 

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