Games & Life: Why Today's Kids Need to Play Connect 4 Games

How to Play Connect Four

Released in the Seventies, the connect four game has evolved. The classic game requires a connect four-player to create similar patterns by connecting four discs with the same color in a row. This description gives a better suggestion as to why the game is called "Connect Four." Players must connect four in a row to win. Connected fours in rows could be in vertical diagonal or horizontal arrangements. The game has garnered impressive popularity for its thought-provoking moves and demand for strategic planning. It’s alright to pay a momentary tribute to the young times if you can remember playing it as a child.

Connect four games offer you the opportunity to introduce an engaging experience that challenges your kids' sense of reasoning and approach to problems. Again, its reputation as one of the most inclusive strategy games makes it an all age game like chess.

Thankfully, you can relive your childhood experience with your kids by playing connect four games on a smartphone with them. It’s even easier to spice up the experience during a family time when you play with them. Likewise, kids can play connect four with an opponent on their smart pads and phones. So, you’d never have to worry if you enjoy playing it with the kids. Your presence can help them guide the game and watch how their thought process improves with each game round.

Advancing Visual Perception With Connect Four

Undoubtedly, most of the world’s famous inventions have come from the minds of persons who viewed the world differently. Archimedes, Galileo, and Newton all share a remarkable attribute in this regard. When kids can discern possible patterns and create them using chips of the same color on a smartphone game, their visual perception begins to broaden.

Mostly, you'd be doing a lot of good as a parent by nurturing kids who want to try and solve a problem or create paths in difficulties rather than whine about it. Sharpening minds is one valuable advantage to connect four. Just like other games that require planning, connect four players must arrange four chips of similar color in a row (could be diagonal, horizontal, or vertical).

This experience, however, isn't going to be a smooth ride as both players must try to outwit each other in becoming the first to connect four.

To further advance their visual perception, connect four can adopt the approach of pattern games like checkers. In this sense, you can teach your child to create a specific pattern using a particular number of color chips. You can also readopt connect four into fun kid games that younger kids can relate with. For example, they can actualize numeric figures or alphabets by creating like patterns.

Moreover, if you desire more fun games for older kids, the task could involve specific colors or picture patterns. Herein, they’d recreate the color pattern or picture.

Problem Solving in Connect Four

Today’s hiring experts are likely to throw around words like “critical thinking,” “thinking on the spot”, and “creativity.”

Hence, installing games that build critical thinking on your kids’ smart devices prepares them for tomorrow.

No matter the passion or career they want to pursue, it’s ideal that you nurture them with the life skills to excel.

For example, connect four helps players plan by putting them up to discover opportunities on how to connect fours in the fastest way possible. Smart games for the mind help players see solutions in these challenging scenarios. Just like most smartphone mathematical games, you and your kids can discover alternative ways to arrive at a solution or possible answer. This outcome is also a possible effect of visual perception as there’s no absolute reality when it comes to perspective.

Therefore, there’s a lot of intellectual growth going on in their lives when you install connect four on kids’ smartphones. 

Educational Benefits of Connect Four

The educational benefits of connect four are already evident in the game structure. Kids can understand the essence of patterns in life and their results on personality and society when they access games that build thought process. More importantly, they can learn from them. Knowing the number of same color chips needed to connect a row (increase color pattern) or predict and block (decrease color pattern) an opponent's move is basic math.

The rules of connect four are “self-teaching.” Kid players are likely to learn from experience when they get into a position that made them lose. Likewise, they may never forget positions that made them connect “two” fours in one move. So if you want to nurture the genius in your child, endeavor to acquaint them with games for smart kids.

Qualities of Best Connect Four Games

You can experience the best connect four games on secure app vendor platforms. They're mostly flexible and compatible with many smart devices. Do you want to play connect four on Android or iOS? You’d need the right app vendor to safely access complete connect four games for Android OS and iOS without malware threats.

Learning is a never-ending experience. But it’s more reassuring knowing your kids spend their time on smart devices learning something valuable. Luckily, you can show them how. Check our review of the Best Games for Playing Connect Four and Four in a Row to get started.

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