Fun Types of Wedding Games for All Ages

Get Ready for Your Wedding

This section should make little girls happy. This section is all about dress up games. These games let the player apply makeup, do the brides and bridesmaids hair, and make them look beautiful.

Just imagine choosing from lots of pretty dresses in different colors for the attendants and for the bride. Also, there are even games that let you choose dresses for flower girls.

One thing that parents are going to love about these types of games is that while playing this game, there's no worry about having a huge mess because your little girl got into the makeup. Not only that, but makeup is expensive. When they play on the app, it's not nearly as expensive.

Of course, these apps aren't just for kids. Adults will enjoy playing them too, especially if they are interested in becoming a hairdresser or a cosmetologist.

Be a Wedding Planner

Now, what do all brides and grooms have in common? They can use all the help they can get, right? Of course, this is particularly true for the ladies, but even the guys need some help. So, why not help all those couples who are getting married by being a wedding planner? 

You can help them find the perfect look in your wedding salon and plan their day. You can find out what they are looking for and then follow their wishes. The better you follow what they want, the higher their satisfaction, and the better tip you're going to get.

You'll find lots of fun apps to help you be a virtual wedding planner in a game and find the perfect dresses, suits, and jewelry for the wedding party.

Serve Food at Wedding Receptions

Finally, what does just about any wedding have? A reception, of course, with a wedding cake and delicious food. So, we're going to look at these games where you're serving the bridal party and their guests at their wedding reception.

These fun games are usually time management and dash games, and they come in many different levels. In fact, there is at least one wedding themed Diner Dash game. 

If you are a fan of time management games, then you're going to love these kinds of wedding games. There's lots of craziness and fun in store. So, get ready for the insanity. 

Find Clues in Crime Games

This might come as a surprise to you, but one thing about crime games is that there are a lot of scenarios in them. Weddings bring out the best in people, but they also can bring out the worst in people as well. You get a crazy jealous ex or people who aren't happy about the person the bride or groom is marrying, and you end up with a crime of passion.

Check out the different crime games and you're going to find many scenarios, from bachelor parties to wedding showers to weddings themselves. The advantage of these games is that they have many other types of crime scenes, so even if you're not a fan of weddings, there are many causes of death and crime scenes to explore.

Download a couple of these apps, and put your detective cap on. Check the fingerprints, look for clues, and solve the cases.

Get Married to Your Sweetheart & Choose Your Own Adventures

Being a detective not your thing? Don't worry, we have your back. Do you remember those awesome choose your own adventure books that were popular back in the 80s and 90s? Luckily, now that you are all grown up, there's an app for that. Not surprising right, but actually, there are a few apps like that with lots of romance and passion included.

The Choices app and the Chapters app are both great choices for people who loved the books from a few decades ago. One of the best wedding based stories in Choices is where your character is a waitress, and a prince comes for a bachelor party. You find out that it's kind of like the Bachelor television show where a bunch of women are vying to become his queen. But, before that all happens, there's a scandal, backbiting, and lots of cattiness.

One disadvantage of these apps is that they tend to be a bit more adult-themed. So, they aren't exactly for kids. However, don't worry, because there are plenty of wedding-themed apps that are appropriate for young players.

You don't have to be in love to love a wedding. Little girls will love the dress up games, and older players will love the games where you choose your own path. Search through the many types of wedding game apps that are on your chosen operating system, and you'll find a plethora of ones to down download. Crazy brides, tearful mothers-in-law, catty ladies, and doom and gloom await you. It sounds like another day in the world of weddings, right? Find an app to love and start your own love story on your phone. There are hard and easy options and lots of fun for players of all ages.